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The Obama Morning News || August 1, 2011

President Obama and congressional leaders sealed a debt increase deal that includes sharp spending cuts of about $2.4 trillion but no new taxes.

Republicans appeared to be rallying around Speaker John Boehner. But some Republicans are still grumbling, as are liberals.

Final votes on the debt ceiling could come as early as today. But the deal, of course, could still fall apart.

Chris Cilizza of the Washington Post picks the political winners and losers. But USA Today argues that everyone is taking a political hit. And POLITICO notes Obama’s problems with his liberal base are likely to worsen.

With the new agreement, Obama has flipped from spending to cuts in a weak economy.

Michele Bachmann panned the deal, but Jon Huntsman is in.

Weekly Standard Editor Bill Kristol wants a Ryan-Rubio ticket for 2012.

Hollywood steps up for Obama as movie mogul Jeffrey Katzenberg donates $2 million to a pro-Obama group.

Joe Biden is charging the Secret Service to protect him, forcing the agency to pay rent on a cottage near his home near Wilmington, Del.

And coming this fall to a TV near you: Michelle Obama will guest star on ABC’s “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.”

21 Responses to The Obama Morning News || August 1, 2011

  1. Chris Cilizza of the Washington Post picked the political winners and losers. I respectfully have to disagree with Mr. Cilizza. Clearly, Pres Obama was a huge loser in this debate. His failure to be able to broker a deal forcing Congress to lead was evident for all to see. As Steve McCann put it in his article on AT, “his incompetence, inability to lead, prevarications, petulance and immaturity in the debt ceiling crisis have indelibly created an image of abject failure in the minds of a critical mass of people in the United States and around the globe. He will never be able to overcome the portrait that has been etched in too many minds.”

    • The NYT, in a desparate attempt to spin the results of this “historic” deal, frames the result; “The Democrats WON (my caps) almost nothing…”.

      In the win/lose section; when the Prez asked his followers to help him convince Congress to go his way, he became the loser on the playground who wants the teacher to tell the other kids to play-nice.
      MsNoonan was right; MrO the loser, that nobody likes.

  2. There are no winners. We’ve all lost. There won’t be any actual cuts and the nation is going to spiral deeper into debt until the dollar collapses.

  3. The $2,200 monthly rent the SecretService pays to their landlord (VPBiden) shouldn’t be an issue that would reflect on the Bidens. The story claims that the rent is the same paid by the previous tenant and the Service pays for lodging everywhere their “client” travel.

    MrsO, and her new-found love of all things military, doesn’t fool us or the members of our military. Her appearances on cable programs won’t earn a single vote for her husband. In fact, both of the O’s have lost their new&historic appeal and are over-exposed. They’ve become typical DC politicos and we’ve turned off the TV.

    • I respectfully disagree. While charging the Secret Service rent may make sense in an abstract accounting sense, I think Biden’s “lemme get all I can get from the people” approach to the matter speaks volumes about his character, or lack thereof. The guy lives a charmed life with every need taken care of, with us footing the bill. Seems like he could forego a relatively modest amount on rent to house the people that have sworn to lay their lives on the line for his.

      • The SecretService pays for the agent’s travel and lodging wherever their ‘clients’ wander. VPBiden could have kept a tenant in his rental and the agents would have had to rent something elsewhere.
        I’m not objecting to any monies spent to protect our leaders, but wish that they would be more selective about their travels and their destinations.
        The irony of MrO’s attempt at class warfare of rich vs poor is that he seems to be the epitome of the elite, priviledged rich. Watching the O’s fly hither and yon for mostly personal reasons is making all of us grumpy

  4. Why doesn’t Michelle Obama stay in the White House as a politician’s wife should and keep herself busy with some charities that can be handled inexpensively over the phone? She is as embarrassing as a new reality star who seeks to consolidate a full fifteen minutes of fame by appearing everywhere and on every show.

    Sure she cares about the military — laugh out loud!

  5. Never will i vote another democrat . They are weak beyond words . They can take their debt plan and @##$#@#$#$##@#$$#$#@@@@ with it .

  6. Guess this means the birthday bash is still on. Wonder how much flying all the O’s, friends and family to Chicage will cost us. Do you suppose Bo will have his own plane again?

  7. She’s on Extreme Makeover Home edition–how about What Not to Wear?
    Yes, our dear little solons had to work all weekend and looked plenty ticked about it. Maybe–maybe!–this slowed some growth and changed the focus a little. Several things stuck out in the coverage: (1) Even though they would not have defaulted on interest–this because default, default, default. (2) Those evil rich people–they sure get to skate. (3) Those oil cos–same. Everything was so oversimplified it was like Ding Dong School. (Dating myself there.) And who said this was a Sugar Coated Satan Sandwich–I had to laff at that one.

    • The creator of the satan sandwich comparison was Chairman of the CBC, Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO). That’s okay because he is also a pastor so he can say that kind of stuff.

      Thought of you on Saturday while watching the Boehner/McConnell press conference. Boehner accused Obama of “driving us into a cul-de-sac” three times in that interview. At least he didn’t say he was kicking the can down the road ;-)