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Biden Forgets to Practice Civility.

updated August 2 at 7:22 am

Oh no, what happened to the civility?

In yet another sign of how often Washington can be counted on to serve up heaping plates of steaming . . . nonsense, Vice President Biden today called Republicans “terrorists” and said Democratic leaders had experienced GOP “guns to their heads” as they tried to negotiate a debt ceiling deal.

I gather President Obama will call Biden over to the woodshed for a discussion of civil practices of discourse and a reminder of how wrong it is to use violent metaphors, since this can induce violence.

Spare me.

Some wondered at the time if the blame cast at Sarah Palin and others for instigating the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords D-Ariz.) by using gun-related metaphors was actually a heaping plate of steaming . . . subterfuge designed more to silence conservatives more than it was a call change to tone of the debate.

Those people need wonder no more.

What happened to Obama’s sermons at the time to change the tone and respect each other and OMG IT’S AUGUST GET ME THE HELL OUT OF WASHINGTON ALREADY thank you.

Update: Biden denies it.

13 Responses to Biden Forgets to Practice Civility.

  1. I am amazed at just how many gaffes have been concentrated into one single human being. It seems that he is utterly incapable of controlling this compulsion. All kidding aside, and not wanting to be insensitive, it is almost like a developmental disorder.

  2. This just never ends. The name calling, the ridicule and the unrelenting ugliness coming from the Left by our elected leaders, the MSM and anyone who feels their lives would be threatened by a change in how our government works.
    Smaller government supporters are “terrorists, un-American, Taliban-like, Hitler-ish and any other nasty descriptive the big spenders can muster.
    Racist, anti-everything, fat cats, rednecks, stupid, enemies, and the latest from our friends at the WSJ, Hobbits.
    It’s unproductive, doesn’t change any minds, and sets a mean tone to our national problems.

      • This is one of the inevitable result of 30+ years in Congress. The man has never had a ‘real’ job. Can anyone spell T E R M L I M I T S?

  3. Oh my gosh – thank you for saying this out loud. I’m a bit surprised that, with all the tearful pleas for civility and non-violent rhetoric back during the Gifford incident, someone would call these guys out over this. But so far nothing, nada.

    Such hypocrites.

  4. In addition to Biden I’ve now heard at least 4 other liberal mouthpeices (Paul Krugman is the only one I recall by name) use term like “terrorist” and “Strapped explosives to themselves” to describe the conservative representatives. How genteel of them.