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Economy on the Brink of Double Dip Recession

It’s worse than anyone thought.

Economic growth in second quarter of 2011 is just 1.3 percent – a half percent less than expected – and the estimate for the first quarter of 2011 was revised downward from 1.9 percent to 0.4 percent – essentially no growth.

Technically, a recession is two quarters in a row of negative growth. You don’t have to be a mathematician to see that we are basically in a mild recession, since the economy has ceased to grow. With unemployment at 9.2 percent and growing, I’d say it feels like a recession to me.

Here’s what President Obama should do:

1. Fire his economic team. No letters of resignation. Fire them. They can all go to Harvard to teach.

2. Stop fundraising and campaigning for reelection.

3. Accept a temporary increase in the debt ceiling that Speaker Boehner is offering him.

4. Spend the next several months making drastic reforms to government that slash spending by trillions of dollars so that the deficit is under control and our economy has a fighting chance.


What happened to all the nonsense about how you’d be a one-term president if you could just do some good in the world? Please, you’re just another politician, grasping at power like an alcoholic straining for a quart of bourbon.


You have ignored the greatest peril to the economy – the deficit – while going about your merry way creating new regulations, changing the health care system at a cost of nearly $1 trillion and counting, and trying to boost the economy with a poorly crafted $800 billion stimulus.


Instead of shifting course, the president today spent a few minutes propagandizing on the debt ceiling. I won’t bore you with quotes. You’ve heard it before.

Here’s how Council of Economic Advisers Chairman Austan Goolsbee began his statement on the latest economic figures:

Today’s report shows that the economy posted the eighth straight quarter of positive growth . . .

This competes with “Other than that, Mrs Lincoln, how was the show?” for the prize for delusional avoidance of uncomfortable facts.

These people are are divorced from reality. Goolsbee is actually leaving the White House soon to go back to academia, where he can get some more experience living in fantasyland. Good riddance.

Mr. President, I’m rooting for you to change policies and succeed. Because I’m rooting for the country.

But I just know you won’t.

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  1. 1. Fire his economic team. No letters of resignation. Fire them. They can all go to Harvard to teach.

    Therein lies one of the major problems facing us today. Almost everyone in government goes to these supposedly elite schools where people who failed in real life teach that what they did was the right way to go about things. They divorce themselves from reality and are totally naive about human nature. Then their students get a high level job based mainly on the degree from this “presigious” university and implement ideas that fail in the real world. Abraham Lincoln had only 18 months of formal education, but was smarter and wiser than any political opponent he faced despite their high level of academic instruction, and by the end of the Civil War knew more about warfare than all but a handful of his generals despite their education at West Point. Today, he wouldn’t even be considered because he wouldn’t have a piece of paper with the words Harvard, Yale, Brown, or any other of these so-called elite schools.

    1. We can look at Goolsbee, Somers, Romer, and Bernstein. They failed and they failed miserably. So what happens? They go back to teaching these failed policies. There is no penalty for failure. There is only the probability of more of the same. Really, how many business would rehire someone who left and then failed spectacularly. But, no one seems to bat an eye at these people going back to doing what they were doing before.

    2. Well said. I might add, that we should be suspicious of candidates who are lawyers … having retired from the legal field (as a paralegal), I saw first hand how, with notable exceptions, that lawyers, by virtue of their training at an impressionable age, think and reason differently then the rest of us – and not for the better.

  2. “He’s getting absolutely no sleep. He’s working tirelessly, meeting with his economic team, doing a lot of outreach, exploring all kinds of possibilities for compromise”
    This was part of a quote from Valerie Jarrett about Obama being not involved. Best laugh I’ve had all day! It was in Washington Examiner.

    1. He’s getting no sleep because he knows the “fast and furious” investigation is catching up to him. He couldn’t give a rat’s petoot about the deficit–he’s responsible for it. In fact, it’s all part of his Alinskyite plan. Obama has engineered this scenario (or his handlers have, I doubt Obama is bright enough to have done it on his own).

    2. I actually think Jarret is more full of it than Obama. No mean feat.

      “Please, you’re just another politician, grasping at power like an alcoholic straining for a quart of bourbon.”

      Thank you for saying it!

  3. Keith, that was awesome! Thank you for consolidating my thoughts on this. The very sad reality is your last line “But I just know you won’t.” I hope the Republic survives this catastrophe!

  4. Calling our current economic status a “recession” is on the same level as calling our bombing of Libya a KMA. We all know that bombing another country is an Act of War and no fancy words can change that fact.
    20M unemployed, 50M collecting food stamps, 1M foreclosed homes and a close to negative economic growth is a “depression”.

    While your suggestion of firing MrO’s economic team wouldn’t hurt, it won’t do much to reassure our business community that the Federal govenment is going to release them from pie-in-the-sky regulations and profit-crushing taxes. The sword hanging over the head of all business, large and small, is the cost of Obamacare, the tax the rich schemes and the knowledge that some anonymous Federal drone is concocting another regulation that will make life “fair” and “save the planet”.

    MrO doesn’t have the ability or fortitude to stand before the public and admit that he’s been wrong, that his advisors weren’t competent in their fields, or that we have to go another direction because his way isn’t working .

    In all fairness, MrO didn’t do this alone; the Repubs and Dems in Congress, past and present, are just as responsible for our current crisis. They all owe us a mea culpa and should do everything possible to end this crisis.

    1. Good pt, SRDEM. Of course, both parties are at fault…we should not be “hurtling toward” abysses–EVER! This is their Number One job–Abyss Avoidance.

    2. Don’t forget the criminal Federal Reserve who prints money without blinking! The FED, in addition to their bought and paid for politicians, is the corrupting influence of our monetary policy and thus a large factor in the armageddon to come!

      I think we conservatives forget to wake people up about the FED, which is neither federal, and doesn’t hold reserves!

  5. They can all go to Harvard to teach………………………BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA. Oh man, that is the best line I’ve read yet.

  6. Article was spot on but Obama won’t listen never in my 60 years have I
    seen anything like this empty suit playing very dangerous games with my
    beloved America. We are strong and will survive this experiment but it is still
    fraught with danger from this clueless community organizer beginning to wonder if was even capable of that?

    1. Really? The Murmuring Matron said that? I actually had to let the WSJ go and am missing it amazingly little–but that sounds like a good one.

  7. Keith…well said. You are an American hero for standing up to the media machine and tell the truth. You have much to lose with a job like yours but show courage none the less. Your last line was perfect…we want obama to change course because we want our beloved country to succeed. Sadly, this is the first American president who may not want the same.

  8. Keith–let it all hang out! Perfect! Yes, by all means, give these pontificating time servers good jobs at Harvard, full benefits for all! Yay! And yes, he should be constantly confronting this spending–no 18-mo reprieve! And if you think this economy is bad now–try not sending SS. People spend that money!

    Austan has another job? My work is never done.

  9. “Please, you’re just another politician, grasping at power like an alcoholic straining for a quart of bourbon.”
    And just like an alcoholic wanting to sober up, the President has to do the following:
    1) Recognize that he has a problem.
    2) Care enough to get help.
    3) Get the help he needs.
    4) Discipline himself to stay sober.
    Sadly, we all know that BOgus cares about nothing but his own hide and staying in The People’s House – preferably for life.

  10. With GDP growth so close to zero and considering the degree of accuracy that these numbers are calculated it seems that we could just as easily be in the red.

  11. “You have ignored the greatest peril to the economy – the deficit –”

    Keith, I think you are being overly kind and giving BHO the benefit of the doubt and assuming that this mess we’re in is due to the incompetence of his advisors, or his being distracted or simply political gamesmanship. Sad to say that I have this gnawing in my gut that the reason he would never consider your recommended course of action is that BHO is accomplishing that which his mentors and ideological heros were not able to accomplish in their ways and in their times. Bill Ayers and Saul Alinski and even his good-for-nothing marxist father must be smiling at the mayhem that their literal and/or spiritual progeny is wreaking on this country.

      1. D.R. No, I have not read Alinksy and have no intention of doing so. Nor do I plan on investing a half hour of my Friday evening watching the video you linked to, although I thank you for making the effort to offer it to me. I know that Alinsky is essentially the “father” of community organizing and he became the darling of many 1960’s activists, many if not most of whom turned out to be decidedly left of center, politically. I am not familiar with any of his devotees who have come out right of center, although I am certain you will find some obscure example to provide evidence to the contrary.

        In my comment above, I made no judgment as to Alinsky’s political leanings, only referencing him as one who would be delighted at the extent to which one of his “students”, the Community Organizer-in-Chief has brought change to the United States. It just so happens that the change has been at the cost of trillions of dollars that we do not have and likely never will and each of his major initiatives are best characterized as marxist in their character.

        Surely you are not denying that Obama was influenced by Alinsky? Even this hard-right-leaning news organization suggests otherwise.

        1. I’m sorry but… why did you even bother responding? You referenced Alinsky. You ALL reference Alinsky. But you won’t even listen to 30 seconds of the man in his own words if it means that you might somehow gain an informed opinion.

          Shoo. Go back to watching Glenn Beck.

          1. I am gaining an informed opinion about you from this exchange. The video you linked to is nearly 30 minutes in length. I am not sure why you are suggesting it is only 30 seconds. Furthermore, I can find 30 seconds of unobjectionable content from virtually anyone.

            I am coming to the conclusion from our brief exchange that you are a shill for Alinsky, so why would I trust that your hand-picked video (irrespective of length) is going to be a complete representation of the man and his philosophies.

            BTW, the reason I responded was because you wrote a reply to my original post on Keith’s site. I thought you deserved a response. My mistake.

          2. I love this. I love the lengths people will go to to remain uninformed.

            So it is 30 minutes long? So what? Watch the first minute. Scroll to the middle and watch from there. How can you come to any “conclusion” about this topic when you have deliberately resisted gaining any knowledge about it? Why would Alinsky be “delighted” at Obama’s job performance? You don’t have an atom of knowledge on which to predicate your opinion.

            Look, just don’t mention Saul Alinsky again, okay? That is the nub of my argument. “Saul Alinsky” is just a combination of words you heard some talking head string together to mean “Barack Obama sucks”, and plainly that is all you ever want to know on the subject.

          3. mr. “ray”, you are a prime example of the millions who have been duped into this cult like following. Despite the
            devastation, heartache and poverty being created around you, you cling to the principles and the ones responsible..
            Much worse, you try to lead others down your path of hell and socialist damnation… Wake up! look around ! and think outside the slimy box of desolation you wallow in…

          4. I’ve read Saul Alinsky… He is a very evil man…

            The United States is the single greatest country ever formed that allows regular people the freedom to succeed or fail on their own with very little interference from government…

            And Saul Alinsky and his followers want to destroy that system because of some notion that it isn’t “fair”…

            So Alinsky (and Obama, and Hillary Clinton and just about every Democrat politician I can think of) would destroy the ONLY government system that gives regular people a fighting chance – in order to implement a system where the government controls EVERYTHING in order to make it fair…

            And who decides what’s fair? Well… THEY do of course! Regular people simply aren’t smart enough to survive on their own, you see…

            If that isn’t evil… I don’t know what is…

          5. Spartanfan’s comment (below) doesn’t have a reply button so I’ll just comment above it.

            I’d like to know which of Alinsky’s works you’ve read. Your comment is such boilerplate that I suspect you may be telling a weensy fib.

            For the record, Alinsky does not “want” anything, as he is dead. But in life he was a community organizer, which meant that disenfranchised groups would invite him in to teach them how to organize for the things they wanted, such as employment opportunities, landlord accountability, better government policies for Indian reservations, etc.

            I know that few Republicans know or care what a “community organizer” actually is. I remember watching a guest on Fox News try to explain how Obama was planning to “community organize us”. I think it is that pesky word “community”. It makes you think of communism, doesn’t it?

            In fact, I can find nothing in Alinsky’s writings that have anything to do with taking over government and quite a lot about making government live up to the responsibilities it has to the people. Can you contradict this with an actual quote?

          6. Sure Oldie! From “Rules For Radicals”:

            “It is what was implicit in the reputed statement of that organizational genius Samuel Adams, at the time when he was allegedly planning the Boston Massacre; he was quoted as saying that there ought to be no less than three or four killed so that we will have martyrs for the Revolution, but there must be no more than ten, because after you get beyond that number you no longer have martyrs but simply a sewage problem.”

  12. MT for re-redistribution

    Agree, nice work Keith.

    Every time I read “stimulus”, I just cringe. One example of what a miserable failure this childish, misguided stunt was is the case of Southwest Windpower, a small wind generator company. GE received a big stimulus chunk (GE is big into wind, and in bed with all kinds of wind politics, and has an eery relationship with the current administration). SWWP got a grant from GE to improve their production of small wind generators (not sure what the grant was SUPPOSED to be for). SWWP used their $10 million grant TO MOVE THEIR PRODUCTION TO CHINA, LAYING OFF 14 EMPLOYEES in Arizona. Nice work! We spent money to lay off employees! WE SPENT MONEY TO LAY OFF EMPLOYEES!

  13. A while back Biden made the comment that the rich need to have a little “skin in the game.” Well I have a suggestion for ALL of DC’s politicians, take NO pay until after the 2012 election, in other words return your salary to the Treasury. All federal government employees nationwide have their incomes adjusted to the median income level for the state in which they work. ALL Congressional and White House staffers take an immediate 20% cut in pay. Granted this will not balance the budget, nor will it prevent the US from exceeding the debt ceiling limit, but at least the very organization that caused this mess, the US government, will have some “skin in the game.” And maybe then they will realize just how much the average American is suffering.

    But I doubt it.

  14. We are in a depression. Unemployment is way higher than the official lie.
    I went to the grocery store yesterday and EVERYTHING has gone up by at least a dollar. Gas is still outrageously high.

    There are homeless tent cities springing up everywhere.
    And I am sick and tired of the cause of our misery doing kabuki theater to try and convince us they are going to fix their frak ups.

  15. You are spot on Keith. Unfortunately, our government has been lying to us about our financial situation for more than 4 years now. Those official government statistics were revised back to 2007. Our economy has been dying a slow death ever since Nancy Pelosi took control of the purse strings in January 2007.

    While Boehner has had control of the House for only 7 months, he has proven to be a gigantic failure. He has compromised away any chance to make real change. In public he cries at the drop of a hat but behind the scenes he is a bully to any conservative that tries to stand up for their principles. What he did to Jim Jordan is downright disgusting.

    Boehner is leading the House Republicans into a trap. What will happen is that the House will pass the Boehner bill with only Republican votes. It will go to the Senate where the Boehner bill will be gutted and the secret deal will replace it and it will receive overwhelming support from the old guard in the Senate. It will go back to the House where Boehner will get the support of his fellow RINOs and the Dems to rubber stamp the senate plan. Obama will still be able to make his birthday bash and celebrate his big win. A win for him and a loss for this great country. The conservatives will face the wrath of the voters because they were duped by the establishment once again. We’ll have another trillion dollars added to the deficit, virtually nothing in spending cuts, and our economy will continue to sink…

    1. I fear that you are correct and wish it were not so.
      They must think that the tea party supporters are a ‘fringe’ element of the voting whole and not to be given any legitimate concern.
      They are so, so wrong. The hammer will come down in 2012.

      1. srdem65, you are correct, the hammer will come down hard in ’12. The Dems think that the peoples’ will has diminished since the 2010 elections. They would be wise to realize that people are getting madder all the time. Obama will lose by a 60-40% margin. We just won’t continue to take this.

  16. I’d like to know, Keith, where you imagine Boehner would get the leverage to force idea #3. Since both parties have already sworn on the beard of Odin that a default is unconscionable, why would Obama ever consider such a peevish political provision?

    Look, the Tea Party is a claque, a bunch of self-important neophytes who don’t realize that, in fact, they are not “bigger than you, Mr President.” The President is the chief executive. He has more authority and more leverage than a gaggle of first-term congressmen representing a sliver of the populace. They have the ability to cause trouble, but no power to force their will. They are the al Qaeda of the conservative movement.

    In the end, the debt ceiling will be raised and there will be neither the tax increases that must occur nor the real spending cuts that would make a dent in government spending inertia. The Republicans will be forced to accept a simple dollar-for-dollar agreement.

    In other words, the final deal will be nothing that couldn’t have been agreed to months ago by both parties, and would have been, except for the right wing of the right wing. Tea Party thinks that since they are slick from the womb, they don’t have to pay for the sins of their Republican scions. But Republicans never were “small government”. That was a lie, always. It is too late to reinvent the movement with the slogans of the past.

    Republicans, let the scales fall from your eyes: Obama is a s friendly to business as any Democrat will ever be. He is NOT a socialist. No “socialist” would have gifted the banking lobby with such a generous TARP package. No “socialist” would bend the knee so often for the Chamber of Commerce. No “socialist” would allow the Bush tax cuts to remain in place for the Job Exporters. No “socialist” would have failed to prosecute corporate America for their roles in creating this depression. No “socialist” would have pushed the Affordable Care Act over Universal health care (don’t say it took a socialist to come up with AFA either, unless you are calling demi-billionaire Mitt Romney a socialist).

    Will you please just WAKE UP?

    1. MrRay, if you’re looking for converts to the Obama lovefest, you’ve come to the wrong place. Just as the Left found fault with MrBush for both real and imagined faults, we have our own issues with MrObama.

      After 2 1/2 years of this President’s guidence, America is on the verge of default, recession, depression and the future doesn’t look very promising for a fast recovery. He’s the TopMan, the Head of the Government, the BigKahoona and he gets the blame or the praise.
      That’s the way it works.

      1. Sr, if you think that abandoning an unrelenting hatefest is equivalent to romping naked at Woodstock with Nancy Pelosi, then I think you have put your finger on the problem.

        Your declaring that “the Big Kahuna” gets the praise/blame is a is as obvious as it is irrelevant. Did you vote for Obama after Bush dropped the nation off a cliff (do I need to recite the full record? how much time have you got?) or did you stick with the Republicans?

        Right. So blaming the president for being a demmycrat, if that is what you are admitting to, is just admitting that you don’t have the sophistication to be a voting citizen.

        If you want to blame Obama for his faults, blame him for HIS faults. What gives me hemorrhoids are people who can’t doublethink their way out of accountability for their own positions. For example:

        “America is on the verge of default” Hey, own the effin’ Tea Party already. Obama does not decide whether or not the debt ceiling bill reaches his desk. Congress does. The Republicans have chosen this showdown. So Obama won’t give them what they want? Doesn’t matter. It is their decision to send him a bill. Congress writes the laws. The Republicans can override a veto if the majority of the American people are with them. The Dems have the Senate, so I guess the majority is not with them. Simple math.

        “The future doesn’t look very promising for a fast recovery.” That’s right. We’re in a depression, and we have been since before Obama was elected. We skirted a Great Depression, but not by waving a magic wand. And FYI, nearly all economists agree that the stimulus was too little, not too much. The Republicans wanted it small, Obama gave them small. He sucks for not standing up to them then, so now both parties can own it.

        The Republicans wanted a deregulated financial sector, and they got their wish. Greenspan trusted the honesty of the banking industry. Oops. Guess when Atlas shrugs he shrugs on rich and poor alike. This clusterfugg is the result, and hey, Clinton played his part too. Again, all I ask is that Republicans own it.

        1. Correction: obviously I meant that my hemorrhoids are from those who DO doublethink their way out of their own responsibility. Would anyone else like to hear about my hemorrhoids?

      2. You are a brave soul srdem. Ray long ago stopped sipping the koolaid and turned to snorting it straight from the package. He sings only one tune and that is the DNC daily talking points.

          1. Everyone, DR is making detailed and thoughtful points. Even if you very much disagree or find him provocative, let’s avoid personal attacks please. I’ve asked him to do the same, and he’s complied. Thanks.

    2. Did you happen to consider that none of this would have happened had Nancy Pelosi not crammed Obamacare down our throats? Had they let anybody really analyze the bill, discuss it rationally and get a fair scoring by the CBO, maybe we would not be at this point, Instead Pelosi and Obama and Reid resorted to procedural tactics in order to shield their weaker members and issued their smarmy playground “we won”. That only gave Tea Partiers creditability because it confirmed what many of us feared-Democrats mean to push a far left Green party agenda at every turn. That led to the November elections where the House turned. But also note that Obama mentioned little if anything about the deficit in his State of the Union. He’s so disconnected from reality, so insulated from what main street is thinking that he believes his own PR.

  17. Where can I find a breakdown of the breakdown, by name, of the voting on this bill? I checked the House website and saw nothing.

  18. That was fast.. Cantor already has Reid’s bill on the Leader’s Daily Schedule for tomorrow…
    On Saturday, the House will meet at 12:00 p.m. for legislative business.
    First votes expected: 1:00 p.m. Last votes expected: 2:00 – 3:00 p.m.

    One Minute Speeches (15 per side)

    H.R. 2693 – Senator Harry Reid’s “Budget Control Act of 2011” (Suspension, 40 Minute of Debate) (Sponsored by Rep. David Dreier / Rules Committee / Budget Committee / Energy and Commerce Committee / Education and the Workforce Committee / Ways and Means Committee / Science and Technology Committee)

  19. He should address the nation on Monday, admit he has failed, fire his entire economic team, and suspend his reelection campaign. He won’t, of course, because he’s an arrogant fool, but one can still dream.

  20. I hate to say this, but I actually have to give Death Ray some props for being such an ardent Obama supporter. And I will even give Obama some kudos with for the following, he has found a way to fix the illegal immigration problem. His cure for it, crash and crush the US economy. The Sacramento Bee has an interesting article:

    So maybe that was the plan all along, destroy the economy and illegals will go home to find what was the “American Dream.”

  21. It´s morning here now. I just got up and had my tea and started to read Keiths article. It´s absolutely great, what a fine start of the morning ! Even though Obama will not take note I hope that he is now weak and marginal ( like Peggy Noonan put it, a loser ) and that another leadership is forming to lead the US in the turnaround that I am sure will come.

      1. Probably the best we can get right now is a bump in consciousness, cantankerousness and maybe a slight chipping at increases we would otherwise have had without a peep being uttered. This is a game of inches=–we really need to control both houses and the White House to enforce some muscle. Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor did it fall in one.

  22. I disagree. The best thing he could do for his country is lose convincingly in November, 2012, and drag his party down with him. Only then will this country have a chance of saving itself. In the meantime, he should take some warm milk and sack out for the next 15 months.

  23. What a fabulous article, with great insight. It gives me faith that there are some reports that are truthful, instead of love Obama 24/7.
    This inept wrecking ball of a president will not change, I agree. He is stuck on stupid, and the complete destruction of our great country. 2012 can’t come soon enough!!!

  24. What a great article!! Finally, the truth instead of love Obama 24/7.
    Did you ever wonder if you’re the only one who is seeing something??That is
    how I feel when I hear Obama and his excuses, lies, and hypocrisy. Again. keep speaking out!! We need more guys like you!!

  25. With America on the verge of becoming the fiscal equivalent of Greece, it should be clear to all, that the most important prerequisite for the next President of the United States to possess, is the ability to understand and guide the Economic engine of America – to actually have the experience and qualifications necessary to lead the country out of the wilderness and back into the realm of fiscal and economic stability.

    The current Administration has heartily embraced the tenets of Keynesian Economic Theory, and with a host of Academics advising a sophomoric President to chart a monetary course towards the abyss – it now becomes readily apparent that the USS America is about to be dashed upon the rocks of fiscal reality.
    America stands at an important crossroad in its evolution – it can continue to manifest the delusion that we can run $Trillion Dollar Annual Deficits in perpetuity without consequence, or we can begin the process of dismantling the dysfunctional Leviathan that has come to epitomize the Central Planning Mentality out of Washington.

    The Electorate is quickly coming to the realization that the Obama Administration and the Progressive movement is wholly committed to their “Tax and Spend” agenda; a course that America understands and History demonstrates is the proverbial “Road to Ruin”.
    In two short years, America has taken the measure of this President! They have seen the cavalier approach that Obama and his Administration have taken in matters of Fiscal Responsibility – they have witnessed the massive spending hikes – they have endured the $Trillion Dollar Deficits and the electorate replied with a historical sanctioning of the Progressive Agenda by turning the finances over to Conservatives last November.

    The United States of America is about to undergo a seismic shift in it’s Spending Policies. No longer will the Taxpayer accept or reward Leviathan, or its Political Affiliates, with an unlimited source of funding – the Gravy-Train is about to come to a screeching halt, and our Bureaucracies are about to find themselves subject to the same Economic and Fiscal realities as the rest of us.

    In their zeal to push the most transparently flawed and irresponsible Spending Policies in modern American history, Obama and the Democrats have crossed a threshold and they now own the resentment of a disenfranchised American Electorate. It is a watershed that was demonstrated at the polls on November 2nd and it will be the legacy of the Democrat Party for years to come.

  26. You are right on both counts, Mr. Koffler. The GDP if adjusted properly for inflation to include food and energy price inflation would show contraction of the economy between -1% and -2% for the first half of the year, a recession.

    Your second assumption that Obama will not correct his bad economic policy is also correct. He is a committed Marxist,Leftist Socialist, Communist, Liberal, what ever term fits. His interest is in controlling the factors of production. He has already taken control of health care and the auto industry and placed severe restrictions on oil, natural gas,nuclear energy and coal. His intent is to subsidize the building of a new renewable or green energy industry and tax the carbon energy industry. It will not work because green energy can’t compete with carbon energy. The gross inefficiency of his spending plan will drive up electric and gasoline prices and eventually bankrupt our country and destroy much of our wealth. One can get an idea of where he is taking the country by looking at Castro’s Cuba and Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela or the Soviet Union’s worker paradise.

  27. The irony is if Obama would do as Clinton did – namely, adapt Republican positions on economic issues, like reduce individual and corporate taxes, cut spending, eliminate capital gains, kill ObamaCare – he would get reelected in a walk. All those so-called independents who he has scared off will flock back to him. His own base will grumble, but will vote for him anyway in hopes that as a lame-duck, he will go hard left. And Republicans won’t vote for him anyway, so he loses nothing.

    But Obama cannot help himself as he is too much of a leftist ideologue to even entertain a Clinton shift to the center. So he will get his wish – to be a one-term president. As he said, he and Michele are not invested in the job anyway.

  28. Everything you said Keith was spot on but lets face reality, the clown in the white house is never going to change his policies and the only way this great country can ever recover from his destructive policies is to fire him in 2012 and repeal Barrycare……………..the ironic thing about this whole debt debate is that the healthcare disaster has barely been mentioned yet if it is allowed to be fully forced onto the American people any so-called debt reduction will be for nothing because the deficit will explode. As sad as it is to say, if this country re-elects this empty suit we all might as well pack our bags and emigrate because there won’t be a country left after four more years of the man-child. One last thing, I honestly believe that a credit downgrade, though painful for us will be the only thing that will help stop the spending binge.

  29. John Kerry said today that the nation was being held hostage by extremists. He’s right, but he’s wrong about who the extremists are. Harry Reid tabled not one, but two bills passed by the House to raise the debt ceiling. To table means the Senate won’t even get a chance to vote on them. Then he came out and said that his bill was the only one which could save America. Talk about intractable and not willing to compromise. On top of that, the CBO said his bill misstated the cuts by $400 billion. It’s full of smoke and mirrors. I’ve been watching the things going on on Capitol Hill for quite some time and with dismay. I’ve thought long and hard about all of this, and about six weeks ago I decided to run for president. I’m just a regular citizen, and I know I’m a longshot. But word is starting to spread–the campaign website passed 100,000 hits yesterday, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Not only do I have ideas, but unlike many others, I’ve written them down. Check it out. If you like what you see, spread the word. gradyforpresident dot com.

  30. Thank you for expressing what so many of us have wished we could say to Obama. He’s not listening. He seems to be more absorbed with his own image, his own campaign than doing his job. This is a pattern we have seen for two years now. When things get tough he leaves the country on Air Force One. Now he can’t do that so his refuge is to pander to the base with his repetitive and misleading threats against seniors. Shame on him. Shame on them all.

  31. Obama is to arrogant and committed to his extreme left wing ideology to follow any of the suggestions in this article. He has far too much contempt for average working Americans, and anyone that doesn’t agree with him to even consider making minor changes. Obama is a committed left wing extremiest who just sees millions and millions of UNEMPLOYED as necessary casualties in his determined crusade to turn the U.S. into some type of left wing socialist state, where the Elite Left rule over the rest of us!

  32. Good grief, the author sounds like he believes that Obama cares a whit about America.

    Where is there ANY evidence that Obama cars about anything but Obama? Name something he has done that doesn’t have dozens of references to “I” and “me” – the man is a narcissist.

    You can’t reason with a narcissist – don’t waste your time. Obama must be defeated and not negotiated with…..

    1. absolutely right. since a narcissist is only ever on his own side, there is no such thing as mutuality or reciprocity. all ‘relationships’ with a narcissist can only really be fear based – either they bully you, or you hold the whip hand over them to compel good behavior. they really personify ‘bad faith.’ it goes for any narcissist and there seem to be a number of them along independence and constitution avenues.

      since i am on the side of america, i want to see the people with the upper hand. oh americans, wise up and rise up to the challenge of our times.

    2. yes this has crossed my mind. better yet. why are the troops just now returning home. I am thank full for their service time, but we never should of gone over seas for a worthless rescue.
      as a Vietnam veteran I am not supporting our leaders actions. just think we lost those guy’s for no reason. now look what we have. Debt and worst they have no job’s when returning.

  33. Why are there no federal government employees standing in the unemployment line?
    The reason is that every single one of them is indispensable; such that, should 10% be laid off, the Government’s regulations regarding the production and packaging of kumquats would go unenforced.

  34. One of my biggest fears, prior to the 2010 election, was that Obama would pull a Bill Clinton – move to the center, “triangulate” and basically lock himself in for a second term.

    In the months since the 2010 election it’s become more and more clear that this won’t happen (not that he can’t win re-election – but I don’t think it’ll be a lock like it was for Clinton).

    Obama’s problem? He thinks he’s right. He thinks he knows better. In my opinion, he actually believes all of the tripe coming out of his mouth. He thinks it’s still all GWB’s fault, and the Republicans in the House are stopping him from fixing it.

    Never mind that his ideas haven’t worked. Never mind that he had Democratic control of Congress for 2 years – and they still haven’t “fixed” any of the problems – just made them worse.

    He won’t admit he is wrong – and so (hopefully) he’ll go down in flames – insisting it wasn’t his fault the whole time.

    1. Obama’s fatal flaw is that he is an arranger, a manager, a planner — not a visionary or a leader. He came in with a massive economic disaster all around him. A leader would have focused on jobs, the economy and the debt, and leave health care for later. But a planner cannot deviate from his plan. Neither did Obama. A visionary would sense a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to undo Bush’s insane deficits by raising taxes. But a planner can only execute his plan. That’s why the country is in this mess.

    2. what do the republicans have to offer ? lets see . cuts in spending which will lead to higher unemployment and lower gdp . how about cutting social security in which many seniors depend on to live ? vouchers for health care in which we will have to pay more for less coverage ? republicans have nothing to offer except support for the wealthy.

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