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Video || One Pissed Off American

The state of the nation, brought to you by some guy.

One of my readers, Tiffany Couch, passed this on to me. If this guy is being paid by the RNC, then he deserves an Academy Award. Anyway, he’s none to happy with the Republicans either.

A poll released this week by the Pew Research Center says that only 17 percent of Americans are satisfied with the direction of the country. That’s the third lowest level since 1994.

Here’s one of those Americans. I thought you might find it compelling.

I wonder if President Obama has read any letters from him.

Since Tiffany helped me, I’m helping her, though she didn’t ask.

Tiffany is the founder of Acuity Group, a Pacific Northwest-based forensic accounting and financial investigation firm firm specializing in fraud investigation and other financial litigation support matters.

18 thoughts on “Video || One Pissed Off American”

  1. Why did Michelle Antoinette go to South Africa? She’d become jaded with exhibiting herself as a role model to AfAm girls. She needed an entirely new nation to impress with her very special self. And how wonderful to go to South Africa and being among “her people” internationally?

    This little lady may say that she’s not loioking for a political career, but her insanely competitive relationship with The One makes me think that she needs in her heart to win her own shiny national credentials — and how much better if she can carve a niche for herself in international arenas.

    That’s what she’s doing — traveling our our dime while it’s free or nearly free for her and her buddies — designing her post-White House career — or is she setting up relationships for her own turn as President?

  2. Big grats to all who had anything to do with this.
    Thanks for posting, Keith! I don’t know where else i would find this.

    1. I would not immediately say he should be president…but I did like listening to this! I think I have lost yrs of life from fuming over this mess. I can’t get those back.

  3. We the people must remember words spoken by our founding fathers. We need to read & understand the US constitution. This man made some good points, but did not talk about this. We the people must be well educated & God willing, this country will turn around. The elected officials take an oath of office & if they do not follow it, they are guilty of treason. There position while campaigning would determine if perjury is the first offense.

  4. Excellent video!

    I wonder why our boys and girls in DC don’t talk about their cutting back to help out with the mess. Why not a 10 percent or more across the board cut to Congressional members salaries and their budgets?

  5. Amen, Brother! If Americans keep taking this crap from DC, we deserve what we’re getting. It’s time to find the torches and pitchforks!

  6. Well said! This should be required viewing for every member of the House, Senate, and Executive Branch (that means you too Mr. President). But, they would probably blow him off as not speaking for the majority of us taxpayers. We have an opportunity next November to prove them wrong.

  7. If YOU are ‘mad as hell’, and would like to fire the whole rotten gang, there is a way. Go to to find out. That’s G triple O H. It’s pronounced Go.

    Fire the whole damn bunch!! Check it out for yourself.

  8. Brother you hit everything right on the nail. the one thing you forgot was there should be term limit. If they cannot complete a project in 8 yrs. then they do not have any business any longer. The other thing was no secret hand shakes behind close doors and stop the Senators or Congressmen taking money for their states when we should be tightening our belts. You should run for President, you have common sense and you do not have a personal agenda. God Bless America You have my vote

  9. In my culture, we have a saying; “A Veces Las Aparaencias Engañan” (Sometimes Appearances Can Deceive or Fool You) As I closely look and listen to this video, I find an angry citizen (probably an independent and a Ron Paul supporter) who is taking no prisoners. His video, while highly emotional for impact, generally expresses the frustrations felt by of many of us. But when I listen critically at what he is actually saying, it appears to me that there are a lot of holes in his reasoning and intended targets. His attack or bomb throwing is misdirected or at the very least misguided. Let me explain. His attack on Obama’s desire to increase taxes on those making over $250K is weak and misleading. The actual proposal is on TAXABLE income over $250k! His contention that it would be burdensome on small business is part of a misleading mantra by conservatives “trickle down” believers. If this video guy is a smart businessman or if he has good tax advisors, he will take full advantage of the current tax laws (one of the real culprits) and gives himself a salary bonus that is deductible and reduces his taxable income below the $250k threshold or even to zero or better yet to a net operating loss that can be carried forward to subsequent years and if all of that is not enough, he can make himself a non-taxable loan. So you see, a successful small businessman has many taxable tools (loopholes) to circumvent this supposedly burdensome tax increase. Most importantly, his misdirected anger and proposed solutions, if one can call them that, are at things (trips, congressmen salaries, Medicare, etc) that are frankly IMMATERIAL or somewhat insignificant when compared to the billions stolen by Wall Street during the mortgage derivatives debacle coupled with excessive compensation packages of the corporate executives in the midst of the downturn in our economy. Yes, his targeted solutions pale when compared to the 2.4 Trillion in the Bush tax cuts to the wealthy or Enron’s fraudulent activities that ruined pension and retirement plans for most of their employees. What about the “trickle down” policies of the 1980’s that allowed Charles Keating to abscond with millions and millions of dollars and led to a national real-estate crisis? And who exactly was tending the till when all of this happened? Yes, the same people who continue to push for no taxes (for the “Rich” and Corporations”), trickle down economics, and limited regulations or oversight for corporations and the rich. Yes, I can sympathize with this guy’s anger, but I think it is definitely misdirected, if he is truly not part of a right-winged misdirection effort. If we feel this same anger and a need to publicly express it, we should carefully think before going off and shotgunnig it and possibly taking out innocent by-standers! Perhaps, we should not be timid and tell it like it is or what it really represents. “An on-going effort by the “Rich” to divide our country into the Rich (the haves) and all others (the have-nots)!” The middle class in America is slowly disappearing. One (1%) percent of the wealthy already control what sixty (60%) of the combined wealth of “all others” (the have-nots) do! Of course, the “haves” do not want an Obama-type of President and they will happily fund any anti-Obama effort and, if necessary, tell lies and half-truths in order to mislead and convince many of the “have-nots” that they should buy what they are selling. Not me! I bought before, but I am not buying now!

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