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Michelle Strikes Gold in Utah

Yes, there are Democrats in Utah, and Michelle Obama has found them and worked her way into their wallets.

The first lady appeared at a fundraiser in Park City before about 250 donors. Some excerpts from the pool report.

But she said that hearing stories on the campaign trail, the people she met reminded her of her own parents and her husband’s parents, who worked hard to get ahead and provide for their children.

“In so many ways, their stories were my stories,” she said. “They were Barack’s family values.”

She thanked the audience for their support and recounted highlights of the Obama administration because “It’s easy to forget what we’ve done along the way,” she said.

Children don’t have what they need to succeed and too many people are struggling to pay the bills, and, she said, her husband tells her that “Michelle, it’s not right. We have to do more and we have to fix this.”

And then it was on to Aspen Colorado, where she hit up the sky crowd, at least the ones who hang out there all year.

Michelle Obama went barefoot in the cool Colorado grass Tuesday and hobnobbed with well-heeled supporters in Aspen, Colo. to enlist help for her husband’s 2012 reelection effort. Obama told about 150 supporters that President Obama needs their help for the tough road ahead, but she avoided discussing his most pressing challenge with the national debt ceiling crisis.

The supporters paid $1,000 or more for a luncheon at the home of Jim and Paula Crown, members of the Lester Crown family of Chicago and owners of the Aspen Skiing Co. Donors who paid $10,000 per couple attended an exclusive lunch at the residence and got their pictures taken with the first lady.

Obama thanked the Crowns for hosting the event. She said they are more than supporters of the President and first lady. They are friends of “Barack and Michelle,” she said.

Awww, special friends – those who can also get some cash together for you.

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  1. “It’s easy to forget what we’ve done along the way,” she said.

    I wish it were easy. Ick–what a smooch-in. Yes, I am sure he wakes up every morning, turns to her and says, “We will have Eggs Benedict served by a butler, but many Americans musrt eat unhealthy Pop-Tarts because they are broke and too stupid to get healthy food–I must do more to control their lives.”

  2. It is truly funny that Keith said they found Democrats in Utah of all places. Park City, for those that don’t know the town, is filled with the “art” crowd. In fact, the residents of Park City often refer to the rest of the state as the Planet Utah.

    I bet if she went to Provo (home of BYU) she wouldn’t have been able to raise an eyebrow, let alone tens of thousands of dollars.

    • I agree with that. Sure there are progressives everywhere, but I would think that in Utah they are by far a minority and would be located in select places such as Park City.

  3. The WH is at it again. First there was the photo of the injured soldier at Walter Reed (June) where they tactifully cut off his head to show Obama being CinC. They shouldn’t take any photos there.

    Then yesterday, they expolited the Wounded Warriors WH basketball event to have a soldier say how awesome the President was. It should be the other way around.

    Very few notice these outrages. I hope you, Keith, can bring flash somelight on them.

    • Obama is shameless. We owe our gratitude to those men who have sacrificed life and limb yet all the praise goes to Obama for standing over them on the white house basketball court. It makes me ill.

  4. Are you kidding? she “hears stories on the campaign trail” that remind her of her own parents and her husband’s parents. Really. People just come up to her and say “Hi, Shelli, we’re really having a hard time here, can we get child support from a guy in Africa?” or “Oh, MrsO, we just lost our jobs, our house and had to move into Mom’s cellar with the kids, please thank your husband for all he’s done for us”.
    What a bunch of hooey.

      • I really think these two and many around them think most people probably have fifty grand or so set aside in case of emergencies…or know people who will shower them with money just because. They cannot conceive of check to check…they probably don’t look at their own bills, anyhow.

      • Or “I need a job–do you think our hospital would create one for $300,000 for me like they did for you–we need $300,000.”

        • now Star, be fair! Moochelle was only pulling down around $180K when she was first hired. it was only after Barack was elected to the Senate that she suddenly received a 100% raise.

          but I’m sure that was completely coincidental…

    • srdem65, I thought the same.

      I still cringe when I read “They were Barack’s family values.” I have to ask, what is that!?! His father dumped him, he was raised in Indonesia by other family members and required to go to mosque and learn the koran. Remember this? “Mr. Obama described the call to prayer as “one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset.” [new york times]

      I really question that his family values remotely resemble mainstream America’s.

      • Obama “family values”?
        Like going to a ‘G*D Damn America!’ “church” for 20 years and having no clue.
        Like HIDING Barrack Hussein Obama’s ‘life’ (i.e. NO college records, NO work history, NO political leadership experience…)

        some “family values”.

      • Yes, what family? His internationally semen-scattering sire? His nation-hopping “anthropologist” mother? (Somehow I think that the the word “anthropologist” is associated with her in an attempt to put a framework of some dignity on the mess that she lived.) His grandfather who named a baby girl “Stanley” because he wanted a boy?

  5. “Barack will never allow you to go back to your lives as usual, uninvolved, uninformed.”
    Michelle Obama
    February 28, 2008

  6. “Yeah, we hung a few knick-nacks while the house was burning to the ground. Just wanted to remind people of that, because, well, obviously, the house has burned to the ground.”

  7. I guess the fiddling runs in the family. And sharing stories someone wrote for her to share. Well this will be costly cause those in Aspen would not be
    impressed with a sleeveless dress from Target. This will be a costly little
    vacation for Mrs O but hey it’s only money and we’ve got piles of it right?
    I think my head will explode. Must go to a website to see how much the
    I’m just like you outfits cost.

  8. Please explain how someone not elected to any public office, is allowed to fly around on the public dime, to raise money for their exclusive benefit? Is there really no rule against this abuse of tax payer funds?

  9. So the cash cow romped around bare-hoofed in the wet grass.

    What is it with this woman and her need to “get down” and “keep it real?” I suppose she read the crits of her showing her large naked hooves in that stage “we’re staying and home, watching tv, and eating healthy snacks off an upholstered piece of YOUR furniture,” so she decided to “celebrate” her bare clodhoppers by proving that she can raise money and shed shoes, that her crowd will accept anything from her and act enraptured.

  10. I am sure she is just devastated at what other people dont have while she is jetting around the country and overseas. I would like to visit all my relatives and see the world do…..What Phonies !

  11. God let me live to see these people put on the street. I don’t even care if they take all the furniture that bill and muffdiver left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!