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The Obama Morning News || July 27, 2011

Washington barreled closer to crisis as House Speaker Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Reid scrambled to build support for rival plans to control the national debt, but both appeared doomed without significant modifications.

Boehner was forced to delay a vote on his plan amid a GOP rebellion and a CBO score that said the bill did not measure up to its spending cut claims.

The Boehner and Reid proposals are actually quite similar. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell pushed for a deal, saying it’s not going to be perfect. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor told the GOP caucus to quit whining and vote.

Americans swamped congressional phones and websites in response to President Obama’s call to do so. Business groups are pressing the GOP to act on the debt ceiling.

The White House is facing questions about the lack of disclosure of Obama’s budget negotiations with House Speaker John Boehner.

Michele Bachmann slammed Boehner’s plan. Herman Cain will hold a roundtable with Muslim leaders.

U.S. officials say al Qadea could collapse.

The White House softened its tough new fuel efficiency standard, but just a bit.

And White House Consumer Czar Elizabeth Warren will return to Harvard.

10 Responses to The Obama Morning News || July 27, 2011

  1. …2025 to a fleet-wide average of 56.2 miles per gallon.

    Apparently the Federal government is attempting to bankrupt the auto industry again. Gas prices will be so high by then, no one will be able to afford to drive.
    Cost will sky-rocket due to high research and development costs associated with the development of needed new technology….which will be passed on to the consumer.

  2. Not so sure all those calls were for the kind of compromise Obama hoped for. Know all my friends called their senators and reps to ask them to stop spending now, stand strong, and just say no on the Boehner, Reid, and McConnell plans. Just finished calling them again today to impress that point.

    • I emailed mine (Eric Cantor – R VA) and told him the same thing. I had high hopes after November….not so much now. May take a couple more election cycles. I hope we last that long!

      • I still have high hopes for them if they can give up on the political posturing. We wouldn’t even be having a debate if Pelosi was still leader, so I’m thankful the Republicans are handling the purse strings right now. Just think they are easily swayed by the MSM and their bogus polls as they have been for ages. Boehner was around in 1995 when MSM pinned the blame on the Republicans for the govt. shutdown, and he is afraid the same thing will happen today. He doesn’t seem to realize Americans are more informed today with the new media and great blogs like Keith’s that give everyone a voice. Wish they would get the message that we will support them as long as they do the right thing.

    One blogger stated that, after listening to Jay Carney deflect Ed Henry’s questions on a written budget, it was “pigsnot coming from the White House mouthpeice.” I have to agree. We really would like to see a Democratic plan; the only problem is, they dont have one they all agree on.

    Elizabeth Warren out? She was the darling of HuffPo, the left and most Keynsian economists (and quite a few Socialists) and now she’s heading back to Harvard. Warren was Michael Moore’s choice for not only Consumer Czar but President since he featured her in his film.

    The collapse of Al Queda will herald the arrival of a new international, global Islamic Terrorist Group intent on using weapons of mass destruction. We could start by pulling all support out of the Palestinian territory where two Islamic Terrorist groups reigh: HAMAS (Gaza Strip) and FATAH (Ramallah). There are now other groups around the world that will try and take AQ’s place. Our military must seize on the necessity of striking boldly into terrorism’s heart (training camps, supply depots, supporters) with Israeli-style, lightening commando raids – not invasions of countries with conventional forces. 2012 and the rest of the decade (should) will be devoted to small scale, special forces-style operations against Islamic terror.

  4. When Elizabeth Warren returns to Harvard could someone ask her to forward Barack Hussein Obama’s “college/law school records-transcripts”…?
    Obama is the “US President” but I have never seen any proof Barack Hussein Obama ever went to “college” or “law school”

    I cant wait to run for President in 2028 when NO ONE will be allowed to ask/see/question my ‘records’ ;-)