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Grover Norquist Bucks Up the Boehner Bill

Republican tax cut guru Grover Norquist has weighed in on the debate over the Boehner deficit reduction plan, suggesting he sees it as a victory on the road to larger spending reductions, according to POLITICO.

“Boehner’s plan is the only way to bring spending down by the same amount the debt ceiling increases – without raising taxes,” Norquist said Wednesday in POLITICO’s Arena. “It is a tremendous win for the forces of limited government.”

“It is not Appomattox. It is Bull Run,” he went on. “It is the beginning skirmish in a long struggle to undo the damage of the last three years in overspending and government growth.”

Norquist, to be sure, is a creature of Washington, and may not have cachet with all the Republican freshman who believe they have come to town to massively reduce spending this year. But Grover is perhaps the nation’s leader symbol of the Republican low-tax, low spending movement, and his support for Boehner will give conservatives cover to reluctantly support the measure.

Boehner’s aggressive courting of House conservatives, who are beginning to fall into line behind the bill, has caused Senate Majority Leader Reid to delay consideration of his own plan.

The Boehner bill, which would cut spending by about the amount needed to raise the debt ceiling through the end of the year and establish a commission to find ways to close the deficit further after that, is rapidly becoming the only game in town.

It will be passed by the House, sullenly trudged through the Senate, and signed by an outraged President Obama, who will claim to be the only adult in town as he holds forth during a White House briefing room hissy fit.

11 Responses to Grover Norquist Bucks Up the Boehner Bill

  1. Yep…kabuki theater orchestrated by the ruling class to crack the whip on conservative sheep and get them in line behind the shepherd, John Boehner. Despicable people who used the Tea Party to get them in leadership and now they trash us because conservatives don’t want to go along with the smoke and mirror budgeting the establishment Republicans are trying to serve up.

    Well this Tea Party Hobbit isn’t going back to middle earth Senator McCain. Stand strong Rep Jim Jordan, Chairman of the Republican Study Committee. Republicans vote your principles, not for Boehner the man.

    • I, too, am not hopping anywhere, no matter what MrMcCain might want us to do.
      There seems to be no end to the ridicule, name calling and distain that comes from the establishment politicos and the MSM. Now, my own Senator, a Repub who clasped the tea party to his breast when running for re-election, now likens real conservatives to fantasy creatures, not of this world.
      But his world is not our world. His world is privileged, easy and has no cloudy future to cause concern.
      Our world is out of work, out of luck and cannot see any improvement in the future. Our world is food stamps, unemployment checks, underwater or foreclosed housing, and a government that has ruined any chance that our children and grandchildren will have any better than this.

      MrNorquist might be someone special in the DC bubble but outside the 100mile radius he’s Grover who?

  2. meanwhile, the rank-and-file tea partiers are wee-weed off–at least here in the People’s Republic of Ann Arbor. I’ve been talking via email with a TP pal and he says Boehner’s plan is a “joke” and a “betrayal.”

    two words: “Christine O’Donnell.”

  3. My two cents: A decent deal that can be agreed upon is better than playing hardball and getting nothing but blame when things go south. Playing for all the marbles today won’t get the conservative cause very far in the long run. We need to avoid a big financial blow-up, get to 2012 and THEN make the big moves.

    • Bull Run is actually a creek that runs through the Eastern end of the battlefield. Cub Run is nearby and the bridge crossing it was destroyed by the Confederates which slowed the Federal’s retreat back to DC. Creeks are called Runs in Virginia.

      I don’t care who you are, “running of the BSers” is funny!

  4. Norquist is forver tagged with the shrinking govt to bathtub drowning size comment. He prob stands by it. But he has one thing right on this, in my opinion–this is a skirmish, this will be continued over and over if the mindset is to change. It’s not going to be, “WELL! We are done with this!”