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Obama Makes Campaign Stop in the East Room

The White House put word out yesterday that President Obama had cancelled two Monday fundraisers in order to focus on the deficit discussions.

The question is, why? He’s out of the conversation, and his East Room remarks amounted to a campaign pitch to a massive prime time audience.

Obama’s own words made it evident last night how for removed he is from the discussions.

How embarrassing for him, after weeks of talks, to have to meekly get behind a bill by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and go before the American people without any new ideas or any plan of action of his own.

I’ve told leaders of both parties that they must come up with a fair compromise in the next few days that can pass both houses of Congress -– and a compromise that I can sign.

So he’s commanded them to do something they’re doing anyway. How emasculating.

While posing as the adult in the room, the fact is that actual adults on Capitol Hill – the same ones who could never count on him to be around when he was in the Senate – are trying to save the day, having cut Obama out of the process.

The White House screwed itself last week by trying to back away from commitments it had made during negotiations, and Speaker Boehner finally decided he’d had enough, as did Reid. It was a grand failure of leadership on Obama’s part.

Meanwhile, the president – as Ed Henry smartly noted on Fox last night – offered up poll tested bromides designed to appeal to the independents he desperately needs to be reelected.

He said “balanced” seven times; “compromise” six times; “fed up” three times; “fair” four times, “share” three times, and “fairly shared” once.

What could appeal more to an independent’s sensibilities than this?

History is scattered with the stories of those who held fast to rigid ideologies and refused to listen to those who disagreed.  But those are not the Americans we remember.  We remember the Americans who put country above self, and set personal grievances aside for the greater good.  We remember the Americans who held this country together during its most difficult hours; who put aside pride and party to form a more perfect union.

Put aside party. Could it be any more clear who he’s talking to?

History is also scattered with the stories of leaders who failed to lead. Obama has started campaigning too early. It will consign him to one term presidency if he doesn’t change his approach fast.

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  1. He’s already a one-term President. All he’s doing now is increasing the gap between himeslf and the winner in 2012. By the time the dust settles, Obama is going to make Jimmy Carter look like a decisive and intelligent President, and THAT is saying something!

  2. History is scattered with the stories of those who held fast to rigid ideologies and refused to listen to those who disagreed. But those are not the Americans we remember.

    We don’t remember Lincoln? Lincoln held to the rigid ideology that the union had to be maintained and refused to listen to those who disagreed.

    We don’t remember Grant? Grant held to the rigid ideology that the Confederate Army had to be constantly engaged and destroyed in the field and refused to listen to those who disagreed.

    We don’t remember Churchill? Churchill held to the rigid ideology that the Axis powers were evil and had to be destroyed and refused to listen to those who disagreed.

    We don’t remember King? King held to the rigid ideology that seperate was not equal and refused to listen to those who disagreed.

    Does this guy have even a vague, clouded, fogged inkling of history?

    • You forgot to mention Kennedy who stood down the Soviets in Cuba despite everyone telling him he would cause WW3, and Reagan who stood firm again against the Soviets when he said, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”

      Both men are ones that Obama likes to compare himself with, yet he does not have the faith in country that either man had, nor the moral fortitude and strength to stand for something.

      And as Alexander Hamilton said, “Those who stand for nothing fall for anything.”

  3. I tried, really tried to stay with him last night but turned the channel when he demanded that we contact our representatives to make them do what he wants done. He admitted that he and his ‘plan’ are being ignored by the very people who matter in Washington. Sounding like the kid who got kicked off of the team for not following the rules, he shamed himself by asking us to intervene with the rule makers to give him another chance.
    What kind of leadership is this?

  4. He sure fooled me. I thought he would be a kindler, gentler Obama and do an about face from partisan rhetoric. It would have been the smart thing to do.

    He looked robotic like an animated talking point machine. Yet, earlier in the day at the SF Giants event he was Mr cool and actually pretty funny. (Doing his annoying, phony street talk) I know that’s his element but it’s as if there were two Obamas.

  5. Question for you Keith:

    In all the years I have been following politics, 30+ now, I cannot remember a President who, when needing/wanting to address the country, did not use the Oval office as a backdrop.

    Is there a reason for Obama not wanting to use the Oval Office, or is he just following in Clinton’s footsteps when he made his Lewinsky speech? To me it is just perplexing.

    • Shofar, I read somehwere that he was the only one in the East Room. How odd if that is true. I’m not sure how big the East Room is and how many it can sit, but isn’t that creepy that he was alone staring into the teleptompter with no one in the room?

      • The East Room is pretty big. That is where he made his famous “police acted stupidly” remark. Remember reading something a while back that the clicks of the photo lens were distracting. Maybe he decided to do away with all distractions by banning both print and still photo reporters.

      • Russell – the in-town “pool” of print reporters was allowed to watch – probably about a half dozen reporters. I don’t know who else was there, say, from the White House staff.

  6. Thank you for the great review Keith. I didn’t even try to watch last night. Went outside and watered my garden while listening to some good old southern rock. After reading your review, think I made the right choice.

  7. 1. the title of this post says it all

    2. This might be a stretch but: Why does ‘Mr. I’ve Tried Everything Now Call Your Congressman’ (that’s actually a novel concept to him) remind me of another historical figure who thought he could wash his hands and absolve himself of the outcome? Pontius Pilate ring a bell?

    • But aren’t the voices of the people the only thing conservatives care about? I’m sure that Big Tea won’t refuse to do whatever Joe the Plumber tells them to do. And if the phone calls split 60/40 against Obama, then that’s a win, right?

      • mr ray, you suffer from the serious effects of living in obama land…
        where everything gets blamed for all the problems barry is faced with,
        even those of his own doing… where your “messiah” could never do wrong and the real patriots, the Tea Party will always be demonized for wanting to extract our $$$ from the clutches of your trillion dollar drunken spending machine.. where more taxes & Govt is your solution when in reality its not… you have fallen under the obozo spell where his every word/lie is taken as gospel… how miserable to be so blind.

  8. Keith,
    Love your title. Thanks for accurately describing the situation and not playing along with the drama in DC. I didn’t watch last night; I’m either speech weary or BS weary.