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Obama and Biden Visit Norwegian Embassy

This was a good idea – for both of them to go. I’m glad they took time out of the day to express our condolences. Tough to get over this, thinking of all the children.

From the pool report:

“The President and Vice President visited the Norwegian ambassador’s residence in Washington to offer their condolences to the people of Norway after the tragic killings that occurred last week. The President and Vice President will sign a condolence book before returning to the White House. The First Lady and Dr. Biden asked the President and Vice President to deliver their own hand-written condolence letters.”

Arrived at 12:20. Pool was herded inside for about 10 minutes and watched Obama spend several minutes writing a note in the book. Biden also wrote a note for several minutes as Obama stood by. Pretty solemn mood.

AFP photog Jim Watson was kind enough to snap a photo of Obama’s note later and share it with pool. The note reads:

“To the people of Norway- we are heartbroken by the tragic loss of so many people, particularly youth with the fullness of life ahead of them. No words can ease the sorrow but please know that the thoughts and prayers of all Americans are with the people of Norway, and that we will stand beside you every step of the way.” -Barack Obama

Caught part of Obama’s brief comments to the small group of Norwegian officials standing by. “We’re devastated by it, but we will stand with you,” he told them.

“God bless you all,” Biden said to the group.

Motorcade left just after 12:30 and arrived back at the WH at about 12:40.

15 Responses to Obama and Biden Visit Norwegian Embassy

  1. Keith,

    It’s not clear from the report whether or not they met with the ambassador. I’m assuming they did if they delivered hand-written letters.

      • Star — I cried like a baby at that! That, for me, was the single most moving minute of that whole experience. I do not know why that, particularly, stayed with me then and stays with me know, but I was incredibly moved. Maybe it was knowing that our people were stuck overseas, because they couldn’t go home, we were all so very devastated, and there they were, there, not here — and the British broke with unending centuries of tradition to play OUR national anthem for OUR people. Makes me cry right now to think about it.

        You can see it on youtube … I’ve watched it more than a few times over the years.

  2. it *was* classy of the POTUS, so I hate myself for saying this, but–

    did he go to the Israeli embassy after the Fogel family was slaughtered?

    one feels this is just the sort of terrorist attack Obama can really get into condemning. they’re not all in that category.

    and seriously: “DR Biden”? they really make you write that, huh Keith….