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Message to Qaddafi: Stay, but Behave Yourself

This is what happens when you let people who are most effective at preparing dessert run a war.

It looks like the French have persuaded the British to allow Qaddafi to stay in Libya, as long has he promises – I mean, really, truly promises – not to engage in politics.

From the New York Times

France appeared on Tuesday to have persuaded Britain to support a shift in attitude toward Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi, suggesting that he could be allowed to remain in Libya in return for giving up power in a broader deal including a cease-fire.

In talks in London late Monday, the British foreign secretary, William Hague, met his French counterpart, Alain Juppé, who said last week that “one of the scenarios” to resolve the conflict in Libya “is that he stays in Libya on one condition, which I repeat: that he very clearly steps aside from Libyan political life.”

Previously, Britain had insisted that Colonel Qaddafi leave the country as part of a settlement. That could expose him to arrest under a warrant on war crimes charges issued by the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

But, adopting a newer formula used by the State Department in Washington, Mr. Hague said on Tuesday that “what happens to Qaddafi is ultimately a question for the Libyans.”

This of course begs the question: a year after hostilities cease, and Qaddafi says, “Oh well, changing my mind now, getting back into politics,” are we going to go back to war?

Of course not.

Man, the British apparently haven’t completely learned from the Munich thing.

Of course, as the article makes clear, this is being cooked up also in Hillary’s kitchen over at State.

This is what happens when you fight a war halfway. You get half a result, which ends up being no result. If President Obama wanted this job done, he should have finished it himself, and not handed off responsibility to our European allies, who probably at this point couldn’t defend themselves against an invasion from Gabon.

We look like idiots. And our enemies are emboldened. They see can’t even properly dispose of Colonel Kookoohead.

Man, the Americans apparently haven’t completely learned from the Vietnam thing.

When you launch a kinetic military action, make sure it has enough kinesis, or don’t launch it.

12 Responses to Message to Qaddafi: Stay, but Behave Yourself

  1. Say what you will about Iraq, but at least we got Saddam Hussein. Qaddafi turned over a new leaf after that. Wonder what leaf he’ll turn over this time.

  2. Kadaffi is dead. He must have been killed in one of the missle attacks several months ago.
    The last videos of “him” and some visiting foreign diplomats show a man with a Kadaffi face mask. (Every video shows a man who never moves a facial muscle.)

    This move by the French, English and our own MrsClinton is to keep the lid on the politics in Libya until they can get a friendly government in place.
    My clues:
    Remember the millions of dollars to the “rebels” when no one could name a single person as their leader and SecClinton recognizes the “rebels” as the legitimate govenment in Libya.

  3. Qaddafi OK to stay…

    Then what are:
    -USAF warplanes dropping bombs?
    -USN ships in the Gulf of Sidra providing C4I?
    -Special Operations/CIA teams IN Libya training ‘rebels’ & ‘calling in air-strikes’?

    doing in Libya…?

  4. At this point he has gone underground and unless we can get a spotter on him,he will get away…Get him outta office,then he can always have a starnge accident in 6 months..Next time Barry when you slam them,you dont stop until they beg n cry uncle…Wake the hell up the Persians are on the horizon

  5. Is it possible to surrender in a non-war kinetic military action?
    To whom is Obama instructing us, er, …..I mean NATO, to surrender?