As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama to Address the Nation Tonight

President Obama will address the nation on the deficit from the East Room this evening at 9:00 pm ET.

I’ll live stream it tonight so you can comment as he makes his statement.

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20 Responses to Obama to Address the Nation Tonight

  1. oh boy i cant wait

    “Bush’s fault”
    “Republicans want to kill your babies, but only after they torture them and laugh at them”
    “Tax THE RICH”
    “islam is our friend”

    • don’t forget the corporate jet owners! From CBS news:

      Aircraft manufacturers, fuel suppliers, repair services and other segments of the industry employ 1.2 million people and generate $150 billion in economic activity, according to the General Aviation Manufacturers Association.

      If Congress goes along with Obama’s recommendation to extend the tax depreciation schedule for corporate planes from five years to seven years companies will have less incentive to buy new planes, industry officials said. The president cited ending the special tax treatment as an example of the kind of sacrifice Republican lawmakers should make to help resolve the government’s budget dilemma.

      The end of the free market!!

    • You know him best so you are probably right, Granny Jan. Personally, I think we’re going to see a fear mongering Barack. He will lecture us and try to scare us into supporting his desire for tax increases. Betcha “default”, “fair share”, “full faith and credit”, and “the American way” are all in there somewhere. Then he’ll talk about how rich people like him should pay more taxes. Maybe his spiel about needing a dance partner will get a replay. Two speeches in the same day must make for some frazzled speechwriters. Tough to drum up catchy new phrases in such a short period of time.

    • He may decompensate somehow–but I still refuse to watch on the grounds that I don’t want to–as a TV character said recently.

  2. The House should already have the impeachment paper work if he even tries to use the 14th Amendment. I would expect a vote tomorrow.

  3. How many times has he bored, I mean addressed the country so far this year? Is it me, or did he ignore the American public for the first 18 months of his administration?

  4. What a waste of everyone’s time. Like he has anything productive to add. He just loves to be in front of a camera and teleprompter to dictate/lecture us. I will not be wasting my evening listening to that pos. The only time I look forward to listening to him is is exit address when he vacates the White House.