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Live Stream || Obama Speaks to La Raza

4 thoughts on “Live Stream || Obama Speaks to La Raza”

    1. Great point.

      Since Democrats seem to be consistently racist, bigoted and virulently anti-Semitic toward the Jewish State, I would not be suprised if Obama walked out on stage wearing a Brown Beret to address La Raza.

      No one knows who the “Brown Berets” are?

      The Brown Berets

      The BB are a hispanic supremist group with very close ties to La Raza (The Race) and various left-wing organizations, including many hispanic Democrats. La Raza’s connections are deeper with many La Raza members supporters of “Atzlan – The Return of the Mexican Homeland.”

      The BB’s use the Nazi swastika, assault police and are, for lack of better description, Hispanic Nazi’s.

      I am not suprised our racist President holds agwa for Latin Supremists groups … after his choice for Supreme Court Justice, “Der Latina” state in her own words how Latinos make better decisions that whites.

      Can get any racist than that.

      1. Heck, all they have to do is head south, cross the border, and viola! they’re in their homeland. If they want to take Arizona, then go for it; it’s hot, dry and except for the copper mines, we got nothing.
        OK, we do have the GrandCanyon.

        Of course, they do realize that once they retake their ‘homeland’, they’ll be back in Mexico, yes?

        OT: Politico is quoting the approval of a hundred-year old BunnyMellon (whatever that is) of a former candidate for the Presidency. I’m not sure if the quote is a 100yrs old or the candidate is that old. If the BunnyMellon is a person, then I’m happy to say that I’m a youngster again.

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