As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || Obama Adresses the Nation

The remarks have concluded.

22 Responses to Live Stream || Obama Adresses the Nation

    • what ? the obozo campaign show aired again? wow! I missed it! I must have been at Marineland cleaning Dolphin poop from the tanks there….
      Guess I need more lead time..

  1. Will be cleaning our toilets tonight. More interesting and when I am done, I’ll at least know the toilets are not full of crap..

  2. As we are to be punished I will multitask and go stand in the corner and have my time out about 9pm. American citizens bad we won’t worship and
    fall in line like good little idiots. Mores the pity.

  3. What new can he say? He will be rehashing . . . “Bush’s fault”. The new CBO report proves that is wrong. Hopefully, we survive until January 2013. I can’t wait until the Obamas leave the WH.

  4. I’ve stopped making it a habit to watch these blame conferences, but its now on while I work – and what do you know, his very first words are blaming Bush. Is that a record? Oh, and there he goes right into “it’s not one’s party fault, but it’s the republicans fault.”

    In other news, the sky is blue.

  5. The speech I really intended to give on Friday evening. I’m sure Last In is First Out in the mind of the American voter so I can get away with this.

  6. You what offends me, Mr. President? Not the stalemate, but the fact that you use up my time to offer no solution, but instead blame, blame, blame. And by “compromise,” doesn’t he mean, “do what I say or else?”

    I lose respect for him (not much left to lose) every single time he opens his mouth when he gets on television. I seriously hope I am not alone, come 2012.

  7. What a difference in speeches. Boehner sounded professional, intelligent and in the game. Obama was repetitive, petty and little, an outsider whining about how it will hurt him. So partisan, so hateful. Just absolutely amazing. How can even the Lame Stream Media not see that?

  8. I am watching and trying not to be ill -seriously. Quoting Reagan, Jefferson, Lincoln? Who among the “folks” believes this drivel about shared sacrifice and balanced approach? More class warfare – corporate jets vs. Social Security recipients. Who writes his “material” – Plouffe, Axelrod, Valerie Jarrett, Jesse Lee? This was strictly a campaign speech. The last several days have been taken straight out of the Alinsky playbook on steroids, Chicago style.. I know it is too cynical to believe he wants this done before the election. Maybe before the Chicago birthday party and Martha’s Vineyard.

    • You are dead right! another interesting thing is that Obama has mentioned in last night speech that during Regan’s administration President Regan (had to face congress) increased the debt 17 times, so then; What makes Obama think that he is better than Regan by trying to wrap bigger deals in just one shot? as Regan might have replied saying: “When you see all that rhetorical smoke billowing up from the Democrats, well ladies and gentleman, I’d follow the example of their president (nominee); don’t inhale”

  9. This US Government debt increase is a never ending situation but pushing a real serious problem further and further into the future. According to president Obama, increasing the debt ceiling only for six month means that he will face the same situation of increasing the debt ceiling again in six month from now as he has not hope of reducing expending, not to say reducing the debt after six month from now even worst; he doesn’t expect for the American economy to improve in six months or a year if ever. I can’t help wondering what hope is there for the American people during his presidency?