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Come on, Boehner. The $400 Billion was Just a Joke!

The White House put out word over the weekend that the extra $400 billion in taxes it suddenly demanded during the debt ceiling negotiations last week – a 50 percent increase over what had been agreed upon, which scuttled the emerging deal – was just a joke, and House Speaker Boehner has no sense of humor at all.

After President Obama admitted Friday evening that he had put an extra $400 billion on the table, White House officials tried to minimize the problem they had created.

From a report in The Hill:

“I can promise you we were very flexible on [the additional $400 billion],” a senior administration official said.

From an item in POLITICO:

“The $400 billion wasn’t a demand. POTUS said: ‘If you can’t do it, call me back and let’s talk.’”

In another piece I saw, an Obama aide had the nerve to say the $400 billion was just a negotiating stance.

Oops. Boehner took it seriously. And walked out.

I don’t know why Obama upped the ante. The speculation is that he did it after the “Gang of Six” travesty came out, since it had more in tax increases than Obama was offering, and the president couldn’t possibly let a bipartisan proposal get to the left of him. It may also have resulted from the outrage of Democrats who felt cut out of Obama’s dealing with Boehner.

Some conservatives are suggesting Obama did it to spook the markets and use the plummeting Dow as leverage against Republicans.

But you and I know the real reason. It was a joke!

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    • This is more of a high stakes poker game than negotiating. I hope they aren’t using Vegas odds where the taxpayer comes away from the table with an empty wallet and their pockets turned inside out.

  1. Just another Jell-O cube.

    I have a question–I saw Daley on MTP and now I can’t stand his disingenuous self–he may get the Austan Award from Star. But I am wondering–why is his head so big and orange-colored. It scared me.

  2. Obama did it because he hoped the momentum toward closure and a desperate wish for closure would make the Republicans accept his last-minute change.

    It’s called shifty dealing and I’m sure it works in Chicago all the time when Barky is muscling small, helpless, local groups.

  3. Obama may have said it was a joke, but he thought he saw a way to force republicans to take the deal. Guess the real joke is now on him. His temper tantrum was so over the top. He showed his real personality and I don’t think people liked who they saw.

  4. There are people who make a living as expert negotiators and none of them were elected to serve in DC. Our elected officials have shown us that they are epic failures in economics, fiscal responsibility and gauging the mood of their constituients.

    MrBoehner could not possibly get the Repub majority to agree to $800B in tax increases, much less an additional $400B.

    MrO, touted as the “smartest man in the room”, seems to need others to explain away his actions and statements on every topic. His negotiating skills are only viable when he’s holding a “weapon”; and here his “weapon’ is a threat to devalue the US and devastate it’s people.

    We are not amused.

    • Agreed…we are not amused srdem. I could just imagine Boehner twisting and turning in his seat while trying to convince our reps. that $800B in “revenue enhancements” is not a tax increase.

    • As the media constantly explains to us, Pres. Obama is so smart that it looks to us like he’s not smart because we’re not smart enough to realize how smart he is…or something.

  5. Gotta vent again. The feds mis-manage trillions of dollars, and they think there are just no other options, and that they are the best thing since sliced bread. Trying to reform them does no good whatsoever. They are just collectively too stupid. The only way to prevent the continual and progressive destruction of our economy is to de-fund them. So CUT THE BUDGET TO RIBBONS and deal with it!!

    • You’re correct about them thinking they’re the best thing since sliced bread. It’s always struck me that some people think businessmen are too “ambitious” and “greedy” for money and power and that we need government to step in to “protect” us from them. However, it never seems to occur to them that the personality and drive that takes someone to the top levels of government are the same as the the personality and drive that takes someone to the top levels of business. For some odd reason, a person who strives to rise in government is given a pass for acting the same way as a person who rises in business.

  6. This is funny why? Just a very stark reminder that this man who calls
    himself President is sonar out of his depth nothing could dig out of the mess
    he has made. He has no idea the repercussions of his little bluff, joke has
    on the market here and every other market! Too busy trying to game the country for fools to get him another 4 years. That is not going to happen.
    By the way Michelle Bachmann may have missed a vote or two but Obama
    missed 34% and frequently voted present.

    • She said she would never inc the debt limit. So if she is the candidate, I am not voting. That sounds great and all principled, but it is not realistic.

      • I am not a Bachmann supporter just makes me mad when they pull
        the girl card out and we have a President who be better off if he took to his bed so to speak:)

      • The 2012 vote is not going to be about our favorite candidate winning the nomination, this election will literally be about the future of this country. Do you want to be like a European socialist country? Vote Obama. If you want to start moving back towards a constitutional republic, we have to vote Republican. I have my preferred candidate, but if she doesn’t run I’ll get myself and my family out there to vote for whoever wins the Republican nomination…even if the nominee turns out to be a can of Spam. Every vote counts, even the Democrat cemetery voters know that to be true.

        • Absolute must to remove this man from office or we won’t have a
          country to save. No candidate stirs me but my vote will as always be Republican as we must elect a true American to the job of
          undoing the damage done in this horrible experiment by a bunch
          of sixties socialist children. God help us!

        • Agreed. Yes. Ditto. You Betcha’.
          We need some relief from the constant drama that colors this adminstration.
          I’m with ‘Richard’ who’s for “Mr(Ms)Generic” as my candidate, too.

  7. Spam was a staple of our diet at one time. Still keep a few cans in storage just in case. It is amazing how one can develop a taste for preformed meat product when money is tight ;-)