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Obama Schedule || Monday, July 25, 2011

12:50 pm || Delivers remarks to the National Council of La Raza at their annual conference luncheon
4:00 pm || Welcomes the World Series Champion San Francisco Giants to honor the team and their 2010 World Series victory

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13 Responses to Obama Schedule || Monday, July 25, 2011

  1. Whew! I’m glad we made time for a “San Francisco” sports team. I mean we have to have our priorities. Debt? What debt? We’ll get around to that later.

      • I’ve always wondered what takes them so long to “honor” the various sports teams. It’s always months after the event and as much as a sports fan as I am, I’ve either forgotten or don’t care anymore.

  2. After perusing the “laRaza” website, it seems that they are another group promoting a special agenda for a special group with ties to another country; Mexico. Calling themselves ‘latino’ or ‘hispanic’ just puts them outside the vast majority of Ameicans who don’t identify themselves as a hypenated Americans.
    The people of Mexico are not of a special racial group like Blacks or Asians, they are Anglos.
    By promoting their ancestors birthplace as their special reason for angling political considerations is un-American and discriminatory.

    • Srdem, he could care less….it’s all about garnering a few Latino votes. It’s quite easy to see that his entire motivation is getting re-elected. Unlike his predecessors, he has never transitioned from campaigning to governing and the result has been catastrophic for our country.

    • Some are “anglo” and others are groups who were there when the Spanish arrived — the angle that serves them is that they should not have to learn English and assimliate. To ask them to do so is “racist.” They want to be a voting block separated from the rest of Americans by language and self-designated race.

      I don’t understand how an American President can meet with a group named “The Race,” but then The One has never impressed me as having American values.

        • MSNBC has “The Grio,com,” which title is some African word for storyteller or something. It’s race bias reporting, all black world view, b.s. and hostile to whities. Really appropriate subsection of what should be called BSNBC.