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Obama Meets with Pelosi, Reid

Obama met with the top congressional Democrats this evening for about an hour. The session broke just after 7:00 pm ET.

No one seems to be exactly sure where this is leading. It appears Speaker Boehner and House Majority Leader Reid have failed to agree on anything today and are going their separate ways. But there is some sign that Democrats are getting ready to accomodate GOP demands.

A Senate Democratic leadership aide has put out word on background to a couple of publications that Reid will offer up a debt ceiling increase taking us through Election Day 2012, with spending cuts of about $2.5 trillion to match the needed increase. We’ll see if he includes a tax component, but the signs are pointing to not, or not much of one.

Boehner reportedly is drawing up something that would extend the debt ceiling through the end of the year by making cuts equal to the amount needed to get us there. Then a commission or something would recommend more cuts.

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    • EXACTLY!!!! These dimwit dems couldn’t come up with a budget for 800+ days, and all they did was spend, spend, spend. I say NO to raising the debt ceiling, NO to more taxes. Cut stupid wasteful programs and give tax breaks to business so they can hire people to work. Then you will get increased “revenue” with income tax. And of course, repeal obamacare.

  1. It makes me angry to hear talk of plans obviously designed to prevent any results until after the election. So the election comes, Obama is re-elected because the fallout from his decisions has been delayed until 2013.

    This is not government.

  2. Thank you for keeping us informed Keith. Hate to tell this to Harry, but he is spinning his wheels by writing revenue bills. He probably didn’t pay attention when the House read the Constitution on the floor, but the Senate doesn’t hold the purse strings (Art.I,Sec.7). Maybe he should bring Cut, Cap, and Balance up for a vote so the American people can have a say in the issue.

    That Nancy has been a busy lady today. Meetings with Boehner, Reid, and Obama and then attending a posh campaign event in Connecticut in between. She doesn’t still have her own govt funded plane does she?

    • Amen barfly amen. Apparently the nitwits haven’t figured out that the American public is losing faith in behind closed doors politics..
      Forrest Gump said it best, “Stupid is as stupid does”.

  3. Until I see it written, reported or explained, I won’t believe they’re actually cutting spending by any “trillion”. If they can cut trillions from their spending sprees, then shame on them for spending our money on non-essential give-a-ways.
    And, yes, they’re all to blame. Repubs and Dems with their special earmarks, giving billions, trillions to special interest groups and padding the federal payroll with non-essential departments and employees.

  4. Personally, I am tired of all of the BS coming out of Washington. From a line from “An American President “… they are too busy trying to keep their jobs than to do their jobs” (or something close to that).
    I have no doubt that the debt ceiling must be raised (or eliminated), but they also MUST reduce the insane spending coming out of Washington. The US rating level will be decrease (and as much as I think it is political and BS – it will have a major impact) If I ran my personal finances like the federal government, I would be in Chapter 7 and living in a cardboard box.
    My income has been stagnate for the last 3 years (I work for a sole practitioner attorney and we are struggling). My husband is a sole proprietor and also struggling. Our expenses, however, are far from stagnate. Health insurance premiums are rising, property taxes are rising (despite the value of RE going down), Food, Gas & Electric costs keep rising.
    The folks in Washington need to get off their collective asses, actually look at how their actions (or inactions) are affecting John-Q-Public. They need to eliminate the gross waste in government spending.
    Anyone remember the movie “Dave”, where he brings in his accountant friend to work on the budget? Well, that is what we need, an honest CPA (I know one, he is so anal he would drive them nuts, or bring in my mom, the queen of budgets). Lets get rid of the fuzzy math and budgetary tricks and work in the REAL world, like you and I have to do.
    I have X amount of expenses. I have Y amount of income. Therefore, I can afford to spend Z on these things. My only “deficit” is my mortgage, which I pay each month, principal and interest, therefore reducing that debt. All other expenses are paid for in full. (ie, utilites, food, fuel, credit card, etc) If I don’t have the money, I don’t go on vacation, I don’t buy new “toys”.
    Our legislators need to wake up and face the real world like the rest of us.

    • Good post.

      If I ran my personal finances like the federal government, I would be in Chapter 7 and living in a cardboard box.

      I am in Ch 7 and living in an upsidedown rancher…My income is SS and I highly resent these people Richarding around with me and mine. We have no toys, no car, no cells, zip…and now we may get minus zip.

  5. I know why they cannot reach an agreement, Obama and Boehner smoke different brands of cigarettes. I will gladly roll both some of my “home grown”, invite both to a smoking summit and if we don’t reach a deal, at least we will all go home happy.

  6. Miss Nancy had to leave for a fundraiser in EastHaven CT for DeLauro a woman who never loses. She too has her priorities straight but had ditched
    the lime green jacket.

  7. Did Reid not hear Obama says he will veto any increase if it does not extend through 2013? He does so want to be reelected so he can talk down to everyone, play golf and vacation on taxpayers dime.