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They Came, They Met, They Left

Today’s meeting on the deficit between President Obama and bipartisan Congressional leaders ended after less than an hour.

From the pool report at the top of the session:

Pool entered the Cabinet Room at 11:08, out at 11:09.
Seated at the table, men in blazers, no ties, Vice President Biden in shirt sleeves. No statements and pool quickly ushered out.
Potus flanked by House Speaker John Boehner on his right and Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid on his left.
Sitting across the table, facing the Rose Garden:  Biden, flanked by House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi on his left, Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell on his right.
Pelosi wearing a lime green jacket.
Strained body language suggested a school  principal’s office with a handful of sullen suspects sitting grimly downcast as the boss says: “OK, we’re going to sit here all day unil I find out who shot that spitball.”

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  1. The pool report shows what is wrong with the media today (hopefully you didn’t write it).

    Number one, who cares what Nancy Pelosi is wearing, as long as she is wearing something (shudder at the thought of her not).

    Number two, “Strained body language suggested a school principal’s office with a handful of sullen suspects sitting grimly downcast as the boss says: ‘OK, we’re going to sit here all day unil I find out who shot that spitball.'” Suggests that,once again, Obama is above the other branches of government, and needs to “discipline” the unruly and uncooperative Congress.

    Perhaps the Speaker needs to order Obama to the House and answer questions from the Congress.

    • Agreed. My take is that MrBoehner showed MrO how things are done in DC when you don’t play by the rules. It wasn’t the Repubs who were chastised, it was the President.

      MrBoehner didn’t return the POTUS’s phone call? and sent a letter stating that MrO can’t be reasoned with (shades of DonCorleone).
      MrO throws a temper tantrum and shows the world that he’s not respected by either the Dems or the Repubs.
      The bi-partisan leaders show up at 11am and nothing is settled, done or anywhere near completion.

      They’re double-daring MrO and his flip-floppy negotiations on the Aug3 deadline. MrO has a high-value campaign/ birthday party to attend and a very posh vacation on tap, so he’s under the gun to bend, cave or face the public with his frivolous activities when the stock market wobbles, the bond market fizzles and grandpa can’t pay the rent..

    • You are spot on Shofar. The so-called press has evolved from the “who, what, when, and where” style of journalism to pop culture fluff like the dress, style, and color of clothing and the reporter’s personal interpretation of body language.

      Agree with you srdem. How badly does Obama want that big birthday bash and Martha’s Vineyard vacation? Maybe enough to do the right thing for this country.

      • I was reading where they met without Obama and my first thought was who would notice the kid missing from the room followed by I
        wonder if it was time to tee off. That being poetic as we are all a bit
        ‘teed’ off at the games played by a President with no clue just scare
        tactics and thin skinned attacks. And I seriously think he is mad for
        the fact it might interrupt his BDay bash and vacation. He has shown
        on more than one occasion that he comes first and the rest of us are
        just nuisance.

        • I absolutely agree with you. I feel that the prez should cancel his very expensive posh vacation, and stay in DC to do some real work. It is an utlimate slap in the face to the Americal people that he wants us to have shared sacrifices, tighten our belts, and he goes off to a glitzy Martha’s Vineyard vacation. Not like he hasn’t had any vacations this year alone….How many of us haven’t had vacations in years????

      • Keith,

        GB’s monarchs may not have any real power, but they do have some nifty hats. Maybe that’s the answer, send Obama and Michelle a bunch of fancy hats to go with the expensive clothes they are buying and fancy vacations they take.

    • I agree with the jacket thing. I’ve seen that in other reports. That is sexist. Now, I can see tossing in something like “nancy pelosi was wearing a hideous green jacket to catch media attention.” That would work.

  2. I’m sad to see that no one has picked up on Pelosi’s fashion. A “lime green jacket”?

    What she and the others wore matter?

    Must be a slow news day………..

  3. I figured it wasn’t worth showing up for.
    I sure wouldn’t bother coming to get another horse whipping, maybe everyone just punched in.
    No reports of what went on.
    Anyway, we are all just waiting to see if Boehner will blow over and fail as he did with the ’11 budget deal If his idea was to be nice then, and tough now…it is his moment to shine.

    • So, unless any magic elves start appearing in the conversation, it looks like the verdict is that the debt ceiling is going to go up with no specific budget cuts to offset it.

      Nice knowing ya, TP.

  4. I follow your debate with great interest and thank you Keith for providing with the insights in the battle.
    The media here is all about the tragedy in Norway. When the shock and horror after the incomprehensible deeds start to wear off I believe the debate about the murderers “message” will start even in Norway. The debate will be about the impact on society of the muslim immigration and the right to criticize the problems.

    • It is difficult to understand how a fellow human being could be so filled with hate that they could take the lives of so many innocents. God bless those whose lives were cut short and their families who have to live with the aftermath of this heinous act.

      • So true when I heard the news my mind went blank for a minute I
        had to listen again. Norway a blond man in such a seemingly unlikely
        country untouched by this but it shows this is a situation that can and
        sadly will show no notice of country or religion or anything else.
        Senseless violence is now no longer an anomaly but becoming a sad reality everywhere.

      • Susan and Star, it is truly a tragedy. The murderer connected the deeds with the immigration situation in his homeland so there will be a complex debate now. He didn´t commit suicide so I guess the trial will be his stage.

  5. A SUPER CONGRESS? What? This is not the work of a day, either…and probably not of EVER! OMG–I don’t even dare go to sleep anymore…

    • Listened to Tiny Tim on Fox News Sunday–still has to be the whole deal–after the election etc. Doomed! I was screaming at the TV–these idiots don’t give a flying flip, they can give their parents money if SS stops…or a gold bar or something.

      • Aw, Mom–you know we just want what’s right for the American people, to tide you over here is the key to the Federal Reserve. Now dry your tears and get a bond or something.

        I am not even making sense anymore…I also have been trying to load some software–this is not a good combo for me.

          • I am not falling into some trap. I am following this. These people are reckless and horrible–they might do it…yes, the logistics would be hard–the only thing stopping them is not a shred of empathy or understanding, but a fear of a backlash. I just hope to keep that FEAR alive. Do you get SS? Is it 100% of your income for you and your family, incl your mother for whom you are also responsible? Not that this is about you personally, Susan, but it’s pretty easy to say hold firm, don’t give in etc if this is theoretical.

          • And as I have said, I worked on the Hill for 16 yrs–I know it’s just as stupid to think you can cut the govt almost in half on the back of a bev nap–as it is to spend without control ad infinitum. There has to be a short term default fix and the other thought out–not like Obamacare. We don’t need a Super Congress of 12 mems to just decide everything. And we aren’t going to get an extension until after the elections–yes, these people will have to do their job over and over…their best thinking…work!

          • One thing to keep in mind, they have threatened for the last 50 years and not once in all that time, have they stopped payment.

            There has never not been borrowing authority before…

          • You are right Star. My family has never been in a position where we had to depend on the crooks in Washington to keep their promises, but we have lived through some lean years.

            As a very young family we got into trouble with credit cards. That was when I became a conservative. We got a consolidation loan, cut up every credit card, and lived very frugal lives for a very long time. I made the budget and saw to it the family always lived within it. Part of that budget process was to sock away a few bucks every payday to tide us over during the tough times. Had to dip into those saving a time or two, but we always paid it back when things got better.

            Can’t imagine leaving the family unprepared. Too bad our federal government isn’t prepared for an emergency like most conservative families are.