As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

The Obama Morning News || July 22, 2011

President Obama and House Speaker Boehner are homing in on an agreement that would provide savings of $3 trillion over the next decade that would come from spending cuts and changes to entitlement programs, but with no immediate tax increases.

The potential deal was getting hammered from all sides.

House Republicans want to see an actual bill. Boehner and GOP tax cut wise man Grover Norquist appeared to open the door to rescinding the Bush tax cuts – and then shut it.

If lawmakers cannot come to debt ceiling agreement, Tim Geithner will have to decide which bills to pay.

A State Department contract abuse case showcases a larger problem that includes Obama’s failure to appoint an inspector general. The Department of Justice is about to start subpoenaing News Corp.

Defense Secretary Panetta is set to certify the end of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

The Obama campaign is run out of Chicago, but with an important branch at the White House, according to POLITICO.  A new poll shows Obama for the first time not leading Romney.

Black voter participation may decline in 2012, writes The Daily Caller.

The presidential hopefuls are all talking tough about the debt ceiling, but they’re not taking a position.

Rep. Michele Bachmann’s swift ascent in the polls has overshadowed Tim Pawlenty’s presidential bid and raised questions about his viability. Jon Huntsman’s campaign manager resigns as the candidate shakes up his staff.

And Sarah Palin is about to become a grandmother once again.

7 Responses to The Obama Morning News || July 22, 2011

  1. There must be leadership on the defense budget; especially the NDAA, which has Cold War legislation inside. However, with DADT, the current budget crisis (in toto), Murdoch, and a hundred other things, budgetary debate on the Pentagon FY schedule is off the mainstream media’s radar.

  2. I agree that black voter turn out will be much lower than 2008. All the Republican candidate has to ask is the same question Ronald Reagan used to ask us in 1980: “Are you better off today than you were 4 years ago?” The answer for all of us today should be quite clear.

  3. This will probably surprise some people, but I’m glad “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was repealed. When I was a company commander, I had to do two (2) investigations into accusations of homosexuality. The problem was, the bar for proving it was set so high, that either you had to have pictures or more than one witness to a homosexual act, or the person had to admit to it. So basically, DADT would waste a month’s worth of time of some poor lieutenant. It was just bad policy.

    • I too spent an inordinate amount of time in the Navy doing similar investigations which were a colossal waste of time. I agree that it was bad policy but I do wonder what affect having openly Gay personnel serving will have on morale….

      • It will remain to be seen, but I doubt it will be as bad as some people think. In mine, both times it was because someone made a passing comment that forced my hand, and nobody, not even the individuals who made the comments, would admit to anything or provide evidence.

        Some people will have a problem with it and will leave (they won’t resign, they’ll just let their term of service expire), but not as many as you might think.

        The most difficult issue will be barracks policy. How can you justify prohibiting a heterosexual couple from having the same barracks room when there might be a gay or lesbian couple living together right down the hall? It’s going to be a tough situation.

  4. “Black voter participation may decline in 2012, writes The Daily Caller.”

    So, black voters only go to the poll when they can vote for black candidates? Black voters won’t look among the candidates and choose one according to her/his qualifications, but instead will look the color of their skin?

    I don’t know if this is true, but if it is, then black voters are racist.

    • AnonnA, yes this is the case, as we see it displayed on video. Sharpton and Jackson will try to convince you that a black person just can not be racist, only the white person can. Yes, blacks can be racist and our system is racist to the whites, especially a white male.

      I think that there might be a decline in the black vote going to BHO. Possibly a significant decline. The reasons? I think that there are several. One is that many blacks did vote for BHO because he was black and now they do not see anything special in a “black president”. One of those been there, done that thing. Besides, some didn’t get they Obama Money, or their new car or home like they thought that they were going to.

      BHO will lose in most of the typical progressive groups that they normally overwhelmingly get. BHO has disappointed many within his core groups and they I think feel disappointed and frustrated that he has not gone as far as quick as they wanted.