As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || Obama on the Debt Ceiling

Obama has left the building.

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12 Responses to Live Stream || Obama on the Debt Ceiling

  1. Is there a leader out there ANYWHERE in this country I love… please please step forward, we so need a leader. TV on mute.. can’t stand to listen to this man.

  2. Wow – I’m gobsmacked.

    So POTUS is ‘lookin’ out for the average man who can’t get ahead’? Really? Is that what he’s doing when he goes to all of these fund raising dinners? Is that what his birthday party is all about? Lets talk about goin’ golfing…

  3. I read: “Mr. Obama described a package of spending cuts that he said was more generous than what the so-called Gang of Six had offered”
    Excuse me, but how is it that are our president, or the Gang of Six, become “generous” with the Federal tax revenue that comes from the taxpayers….you and me?
    Can some explain that to me? Much appreciated.

      • Amen! I am sitting here with $400 to my name, maybe not getting my “entitlement” so I can keep a roof over my people, and listening to him fume over a delayed phone call or some nonsense. You have to EARN respect. And that idiotic Univ of Md outing–I dfid not hear the whole thing, but the posing, the preening, the attempted charm. “Anyone here married? Boy, that means compromise..” We are totally ruined here.