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Deficit Discussions Continue but Endgame Not in Sight

President Obama and House Speaker Boehner continued to hold out hope for a sweeping deficit reduction deal, but the formula for finding something Senate Democrats and House Republicans can agree on remains elusive.

Speaking with the Republican caucus this morning, Boehner reportedly told lawmakers that something must pass by Wednesday in order to avoid breaching the debt ceiling.

My understanding isĀ  Boehner, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, and other congressional leaders are set to meet with Obama at the White House at noon or early in the afternoon, but I don’t have this confirmed.

Meanwhile, The Senate rejected the House Cut Cap and Balance bill by 51-46. The measure would have placed caps on spending before raising the debt ceiling and would have forced Congress to pass a balanced budget amendment.

Obama is speaking right now at a town hall meeting at the University of Maryland, as you can see below.

One Response to Deficit Discussions Continue but Endgame Not in Sight

  1. It looks like the “can” has been placed into the middle of the road again and they’re drawing straws as to who gets to kick it.
    The spin coming from both sides is getting to be ridiculous; the Dems claim that eliminating taxable deductions is not raising taxes and the Repubs claim that eliminating wasteful spending will decrease the deficit but we still need to borrow more money which will raise the deficit.