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Obama Schedule || Friday, July 21, 2011

11:00 am || Town Hall meeting on the deficit reduction talks; University of Maryland, College Park, Md.
1:35 pm || Meets with Prime Minister Key of New Zealand
2:45 pm || Meets with Secretary of Defense Panetta and Admiral Mullen
3:30 pm || Meets with Ambassador Karl Eikenberry and Mrs. Eikenberry

All times Eastern

8 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Friday, July 21, 2011”

  1. Going to Maryland? I thought he said “I’m here.” The others (House and Senate) have to stay here and do the work – I’m here. Eat your peas. Tear off the bandaid.

  2. Only 45 minutes with Secretary of Defense Panetta and Admiral Mullen…
    They better of spent every minute of that time discussing Iran…
    You should ask someone there whats up cause I write Barry the closet Imam. I know hes secretly a Twelver ….Just waiting to do the Adhan from the White House roof.

  3. Let’s try to understand this.

    BHO travels to U of M, reads from a teleprompter, then gives 1,937 word answers to softball questions without actually answering it, all the while blaming GW. I get it now! Let me see, “we are on the right track”, “must be a ‘balanced’ approach”, “the rich must pay” and “be sure to vote for ME!”.

    Wow, a whole 45 minutes or less with Panetta and Mullen. Wow! Wonder what the news will be about this on a Friday evening?

    1. My sentiments exactly Russell.. Our little campaign creature
      is hard at work today… all he really cares about now is his re-election &
      of course his next great vacation or is it his next golf outing ?
      Oh the decisions of a faux president unplugged…

      1. Yeah–gosh, I didn’t really realize 4 million people were already out of work on Bush’s watch…so I didn’t get going on jobs, so sad too bad. What tripe! Another straw man—we could not fix this in a yr. Who said you had to fix it in a yr?

  4. When he’s at College Park and says “we inherited the worst economy since the Great Depression” I hope someone stands up and yells “B.S.!”. See what Ronald Reagan had to deal with in 1981:

    Reagan Obama
    Inflation 13.5% 0.0%
    Unemployment Rate 7.5% 7.6%
    GDP Growth (Previous Year): -0.27% 0.0%
    Prime Bank Interest Rate 18.5% 3.25%

    These numbers are from Steve McCann’s excellent (and depressing) article.

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