As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

The Obama Morning News || July 21, 2011

Congress and the White House began considering a larger spending deal again, but House Republicans voiced concerns about the newest game in town, the “Gang of Six” approach, saying it would raise taxes too much. Enthusiasm appears to be waning for the plan.

The Pentagon is bracing for far huger cuts than it expected, even as it fights several wars.

Obama defended the new U.S. consumer watchdog agency, saying it is “completely transparent and completely accountable.” The Daily Caller asks, “Who is Richard Cordray?”

The State Department fired an official who reportedly steered $52 million in federal contracts to her secret husband and daughter

Some of President Obama’s biggest “bundler” fundraisers are not coming back, feeling what was once a crusade has turned into another soulless political machine.

Questions that surfaced about Michele Bachmann’s migraines come at a critical juncture for her presidential campaign. Wall Street is buying into Romney. Polls show Rick Perry is already resonating with GOP voters.

Six Republican presidential candidates participated in a tea-party sponsored debate on Twitter.

Obama nominated his fourth openly gay judicial candidate.

And the White House uses Flicker to control is photo-messaging.

17 Responses to The Obama Morning News || July 21, 2011

  1. The only way the State Dept ‘fired’ the official quickly was due to the fact that she was a contractor. I doubt she was making any award decisions but was probably providing her husband and daughter inside information that enabled them to win contracts. If the person involved was a Fed…they’d still be employed.

    • Excellent investigative journalism by the Daily Caller. Hope they keep digging. This lady didn’t do all this on her own. Somewhere along the line some federal employee granted MsMcGrade contract specialist authority…they should get the boot as well. Contractors don’t go through the same level of background investigation as a federal employee.

  2. “completely transparent and completely accountable”….
    Tell me why he utters these words while he lives & operates in
    secrecy and deceit ? For all his so-called “wisdom” this man is bankrupt of
    the capacity to be open and honest.. which not only dishonors the office
    but drags our country through the mud & brink of ruin.

  3. Wonder if the “gang of six” has ever considered that reference. The China experts who post here probably know more than I about the history of the “gang of four” during Mao’s reign of terror.

  4. So…on HOW THE DEBT TURNS…where are we? Thre president may kick the can down the driveway, at least…if the Republicans prostrate themselves, but they don’t feel all prostratey…meanwhile the seniors sob?

  5. Obama defended the new U.S. consumer watchdog agency, saying it is “completely transparent and completely accountable.”

    Didn’t The One promise something like this about his administration?

  6. The defense budget is bloated, but while were fighting two wars, steaming three fleets back and from the Middle East while maintaining a major NATO (and former SEATO) presence in South Korea … cuts where? How much? Where do they end? There is fat in the defense budget. A cursory understanding that toilet seats do not cost $175 is elementary. But our troops went to Iraq in 2003 without proper kevlar vest(s) and our HUMVEEs were not uparmored while Generals dined in luxurious, air-conditioned hotels gives one cause for wonder. We need leadership on the defense budget and Mr. Obama has, so far, proven woefully inadequate as the Commander in Chief.