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Budget Deal Topping $3 Trillion May be Close – or May Not

There are various reports circulating that President Obama, House Speaker John Boehner and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor may be close to some kind of grand bargain on deficit reduction.

The New York Times, which appears to have first reported the pending agrement, said it would include spending cuts and new taxes.

But other outlets, including POLITICO, quote various officials saying the progress is overstated, and White House press Secretary Jay Carney today said nothing was imminent.

2 Responses to Budget Deal Topping $3 Trillion May be Close – or May Not

  1. Sent an email to my rep and held nothing back. I’m tired of this secret negotiating behind closed doors. They work for US and they keep ignoring what we are telling them. Cut, Cap and Balance was our compromise, but the socialist democrats will never be satisfied until they have it all. f my rep joins Boehner in selling out this country, he will be held accountable come election time next year.

    Sean Hannity interviewed Louie Gomert. Seems Tom Daeschle’s Bipartisan Policy Center was presenting some snake oil proposal to them. Tom Daeschle…can’t we get away from these crooks? He was tossed out of office for a reason and he doesn’t need to be anywhere near DC. This merry-go-round of graft, corruption, and influence needs to stop. I’m tired of paying for it.

  2. Enough with the behind doors meetings. What is the plan and how much is it going to cost. I have no problem volunteering to work a campaign to vote someone out of office. I have made calls and sent emails. I want to see some results! Republicans have to hold the line against democrats.