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Pressure on GOP Grows as Gang of Six Plan Gains

A Washington Post poll released today suggests why some Republicans may be moving headlong toward a deal with President Obama, even one that raises taxes to the tune of $2 trillion as called for in the “Gang of Six” Senate plan.

Momentum for the Senate plan continued to build as the White House said it would raise the debt ceiling to allow a few more days for the deal to get through Congress.

Speaking to reporters today, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney emphasized that the Gang of Six deal could change and that the White House would consider various versions.

Obama met today with Democratic leaders to temperature take on the plan. House Speaker John Boehner and GOP Leader Eric Cantor were to meet with Obama at 5 pm.

In the poll, 58 percent of Republicans say their leaders are not doing enough to strike a deal with Obama of the deficit, compared to 42 percent in March, suggesting pressure is growing on the GOP to accept something.

Nearly six in ten of all respondents – Republican and Democratic – say that Obama has been too uncompromising. Among independents 79 percent say Republicans are holding up the show, while 62 percent say Obama is also or solely responsible.

The White House may be successfully painting Republicans as tools of the rich, according to the Post story.

Republicans may also be losing the war of perception about who stands with whom in the debates over the deficit and the economy. A majority view the president as more committed to protecting the interests of the middle class and small businesses, while large majorities see Republicans as defending the economic interests of big corporations and Wall Street financial institutions.

But Obama and the GOP would mostly share blame for an economic meltdown.

If there were an economic breakdown, neither side would escape blame. Forty-two percent say they would mostly hold the GOP responsible, and 36 percent say Obama would be at fault. But Republicans in Congress are also under increasing pressure from their own partisans.


6 Responses to Pressure on GOP Grows as Gang of Six Plan Gains

  1. The Gang of Six Plan? The Conrad plan? The Ryan Roadmap? The Obama outline? Bowles-Simpson? These plans reduce the deficit only $3 to $5 trillion, at best (and even that is BS). But they still add $6 trillion and do nothing to address healthcare costs, taxes on production or pump up economic growth! So it doesn’t matter which plan wins, America still loses. Both parties are simply competing to see who can BEST MANAGE America’s decline.

    None of these plans do anything to increase economic growth, fix healthcare or rationalize taxes or permanently fix illegal immigration. The LMAD DOES!
    LMAD has it all! Healthcare-for-All? It’s in there. Balanced budget? It’s in there. Carbon tax? It’s in there. Rational taxation? Amnesty? Border Security? Limited government? Social Security and Medicare solvency? It’s all in there; it’s all paid for and it’s all optimized.

    The LMAD plan uses a $600 billion/ year carbon tax NOT to fight global warming BUT to BUY off Liberals. And that’s just the start… LMAD also adds fully-funded Healthcare for every American, a public option health insurance entity, and the implementation of tax schemes frequently advocated by Liberals such as a “sugar” tax and a value-added tax. The LMAD plan even grants overnight amnesty of 10 million illegal aliens.

    THEN LMAD buys off Conservatives with much more than a balanced budget and limited government ; it permanently ends future illegal immigration with zero-tolerance, adds tort reform and completely replaces all taxes on production, labor, saving and investment with the new carbon tax, the value-added tax and the sugar tax. The LMAD plan even removes the burden of healthcare expenses from corporate balance sheets by ending our reliance on employer-provided health insurance.

    It’s time for progressives concerned about rising temperatures and conservatives concerned about rising federal debt to realize the obvious: they need to BUY each other off in order to effectively address their pet ideological concerns-there is no other way. This means trading, among other things, a carbon tax for a balanced budget amendment and a more limited government. This plan is outlined at

    Plan Blog:



    Or just Google “LMADster” for more info.

    The alternative? Greece.

  2. Well, I would write a long comment about this story, but it’s time to go hit the gym and then slam my head into the wall repeatedly until the thought of this is gone.

  3. The WashPost? says Repubs are the bad guys and they have a poll to prove it. Right.
    We want the Repubs to make a deal in the manner they had promised. No one wants them to raise our taxes and continue spending.
    We want this settled. We want everyone to stop spending money we don’t have. We want more accountablility.

    Maybe William has the right idea. We’re doomed so let’s all hit the gym.

  4. Don’t throw in the towel yet guys. Did you hear that 5 Democrats actually voted for Cut, Cap, and Balance in the House yesterday? That sounds like a bipartisan vote to me.

    The MSM is going full throttle on the propaganda to sell this “Gang of Six” plan. I don’t trust WaPo and and I don’t trust their polling data. Where is the polling and demographic data on the respondents? Until they release it their data is worthless.

    Stand strong patriot legislators. Don’t let the cowardly Republican leadership wear you down.

    • Yes sir, the WASHINGTON comPOST poll. Only someone in the POTUS Kool-Aid crowd would believe this unscientific and biased poll.

  5. Republicans do not care about deficit reduction. They want lower taxes for the rich and corporations and no decrease in the defense corporate welfare budget. They will pay for this from the booty from their war on the middle class from cuts to social security and medicare(deficits caused by Bush’s wars and tax cuts).