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President Subject to Road Removal

Oh no.

Someone in North Carolina hacked into a Department of Transportation road sign and made it read “Impeach Obama” instead of “Traffic Ahead” or “Elephants Crossing” or whatever.

I’m pretty sure Rupert Murdoch did this. Else maybe the Chinese, who probably think Biden is more likely to make our loan payments by the due date.

14 Responses to President Subject to Road Removal

  1. Wont be long before the Carolina’s are deemed racist haven’s by MSNBC, The NYT,CNN and the Wa Po…(Dont forget the tool named Woopie) in their unending undying loyalty to leftists and Socialists everywhere throughout the Democratic party and it’s leadership.
    And if they say it,well then it must be true!
    Course I do half expect Barry to pull a presser tomorrow to blame Bush for this sign..
    Too bad the hacker couldn’t of jacked all the signs in the state at once,that woulda been classic.

  2. NOT worth impeaching. If the cocktail swilling Republican millionaires in the Senate didn’t have the guts to convict Mr. Clinton, they would never convict Mr. Obama for high crimes and misdemeanors. A pig would fly out of my butt before Mr. Obama were ever to be impeached (and convicted).