As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

The Obama Morning News || July 20, 2011

A new strategy that would lop $3.7 trillion off the deficit over 10 years is gaining in the Senate. But the House appeared to be moving to the right, as Republicans refused to back away from their insistence on not adding taxes and passing legislation to cap spending and created a balanced budget amendment. Passage in the House would be tough, but not impossible.

Vice President Biden voted against a debt ceiling increase in 1984.

Obama backs legislation to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act.

Since Secretary of State Clinton’s sharp words last week, the Obama administration has stopped short of calling for President Bashar Assad to resign and has toned down its rhetoric.

Michele Bachmann claimed migraines she suffers are manageable and won’t interfere with her ability to lead the country. But questions about the problem are only escalating. Tim Pawlenty says Bachmann lacks experience.

A State Department contract specialist participated in awarding more than $52 million in taxpayer-funded contracts to a company owned and operated by her husband and daughter.

A man’s call to shoot Obama is ruled “free speech.”

And retail heavyweights like Walmart will join first lady Michelle Obama’s campaign to bring fresh fruits and vegetables to the nation’s food deserts.

16 Responses to The Obama Morning News || July 20, 2011

    • Exactly right William. Michele Bachmann is getting punched from both sides now. Even Daily Caller ran a hit piece on her yesterday.

      • A WashPost opinion piece asks if MrsBachmann will be a “submissive President” who might be led by her husband’s will.
        It won’t be long before we hear about her agonizing “hot flashes” that compromise her intelligence or something.

        And yet, nary a peep from the “liberated” women’s groups denouncing these attacks on an accomplished sister.

          • And yes, SrDem–pretty soon it will be a hot flash while her finger is on the “button” etc. So ignorant, mean and predictable. I haven’t nuked anyone in days.

        • The so called women’s groups have become nothing more than
          shills for the left. Obama’s golfing, vacations and 24/7 taxpayer
          funded campaigning makes him far from a working Pres than a
          woman who has a migraine headache. Obama gives me a migraine
          everyday he’s in office.

    • wasnt the “Democrat GOD” JFK a ‘junkie’? aka; all those NEVER REPORTED BY ‘the media’ “injections” JFK got? (so he could scr*w women? ;-)

      and dont forget FDR…FDR was a Polio cripple but NO ONE in the ‘media’ ever reported why he never walked during WW II? (and also had affairs)

      going Old School: Woodrow Wilson had a stroke and his wife ran the US Govt. for awhile.

  1. The Obama admin. has “commented” on Syria?

    Funny how the ‘media’ NEVER reports -or- CHALLENGES Obama about Syria…

  2. The House did their job last night. Boehner should let the reps go home and talk to their constituents before bringing up this new tax hike bill. The leadership is trying to wear them down by holding them hostage in D.C. Hope the freshmen stay strong and remember what we sent them there to do.

  3. Free speech is a funny thing; you can be fired for referring to the POTUS as a Richard, called a racist for opposing the POTUS’s legislative agenda, but a call to shoot the POTUS is protected speech.
    A whole news organization can be shunned by the POTUS for it’s political slant, a state can be nationally boycotted and sued by the DOJ for trying to implement a state law, but naked women swinging on a metal pole in public is protected speech.

    What a country.

  4. Nice job on the morning news links posted here, always look forward to a good read.
    Pawlenty’s comment is a bit off the mark though. The anointed one didn’t have much experience either and pulled off a sleight of hand that would have probably left Harry Houdini in awe.