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The Obama Morning News || July 19, 2011

A deal on the debt ceiling seemed increasingly unlikely as the plan by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to raise the limit without major spending reductions gained traction.

The House will vote on a doomed bill that would cut spending by $111 billion in 2012 and cap future outlays at 19.9% of gross domestic output. It would require Congress to send a balanced-budget constitutional amendment to the states. Republicans say they’re not going to cave in the debt ceiling talks.

The political left is pressing the White House and Congress to inflict a wave of Pentagon budget cuts not seen since the post-Cold War 1990s

Kenneth Melson, the ATF’s acting director, claims Justice Department officials refuse to release a telling internal report on the Fast and Furious operation.

Michele Bachmann has debilitating, stress-induced headaches that can put her out of commission for a day or more, according to The Daily Caller.

After angering conservatives last month by saying people have contributed to global warming, Mitt Romney now says carbon is not a health threat. With less than a month to go before the Iowa straw poll, it has become make-or-break time for Tim Pawlenty.

U.S officials met face-to-face with Qaddafi regime representatives to say Libyan strongman must step down.

Departing Obama Bank Czar Elizabeth Warren may run for Senate.

And Las Vegas mogul Steve Wynn is bashing Obama.

12 Responses to The Obama Morning News || July 19, 2011

  1. Something must be happening. The LA Times story on the House bill was only slightly slanted left and didn’t go whole hog on the evil, despicible, granny-murdering conservatives. When organizations like the LAT start to ease back on rhetoric in their propaganda news stories, people must be coming around to the idea that spending like tomorrow is the armageddon is a bad idea.

    • William, they are still blaming conservatives for not “compromising” with Obama. My question is what exactly are conservatives not compromising on? What has he put on the table? What is his plan? Nobody will ever ask him those questions so the kabuki theater continues…

      • Yup–and he is looking like the reasonable one. Even I think you can’t just cut the govt 40% in an hour. All this seems kind of …well, stupid. And scary as hell to people like me who follow this and KNOW many of these zealots on both sides are nutty enough to stop the SS checks, etc. I heard one guy say well, the checks go out at different times and it depends on how much has come in by that date. There is NOTHING left in the kitty–zero, zip? Well–shame on everyone!

      • Obviously, but usually the story would start off with “intransigent, right-wing” and would have “the plan will dismantle Social Security and Medicare” instead of “the White House…portraying it as.” The point being that usually when these organizations start easing back on the rhetoric, they’ve got polls showing that the administration faces broad opposition and are trying to convey that message.

  2. Steve Wynn is just the first businessman to come out of the shadows. He was like all the rest of them…donating to the politician who could do the most for his business. He sees where Obama is taking us and is firing the first warning shot to business. Still can’t understand how someone with such business savvy could support that troglodyte Harry Reid, but at least he gets it now.

    • Wynne has bee outspoken before–plus himself said Las Vegas sucked, so I don’t think Wynne liked that. I notice the “stars” are pitching over money again–but only $500 from Carl Reiner? Kinda tepid?

    • You are so right. I am so glad that Wynn stood up and blasted Obama and what his socialist plans are. I hope he has enough clout in the business community to get other CEOs to wake up and do something before it is too late. Finally someone (and a democrat, no doubt) saying that O is bad for business and the economy and business won’t get better till O is out of the White House.

  3. Oh, and as for Romney coming out and saying that carbon dioxide is not a health threat, I would hope not since my body produces the d–n stuff.

    • I keep a scorecard on each one of the candidates running for election. When they first come out on an issue, I record it…no editing allowed. My scorecard already has a big giant X through Romney’s name. Him calling the breath we exhale toxic is the least of his troubles.

  4. wow, the Bachmann story is really flying. Original report has 3 unnamed sources that claim on a regular basis she has to take mind blowing meds or be hospitalized due to ‘stress related illness’. Are we talking migraines? Are we talking having her period? Psychotic episodes brought on by Bible reading? I said over a month ago the media was going to destroy this woman.

    • Once she took the lead from Romney the attack dogs were released. She’s getting it from both sides of the establishment. Hope she can withstand the storm.

      Would have been nice if these same “investigative journalists” dug in a little more on that Obama character after he materialized on the political scene. Maybe we wouldn’t be living under a tyranny right now. Of course McCain is just another progressive, not quite as radical as Obama, so maybe better we got the system shock rather than blindly stumbling down the road to ruin.