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RNC Chair Calls for Probe of Possible Obama Crime

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus is calling for an investigation into whether President Obama committed a crime when he recorded what Priebus describes as a fundraising video in the Map Room of the White House.

In the video, a copy of which I run below, Obama doesn’t directly ask for money, but he encourages viewers to participate in a raffle of dinner with him and Vice President Biden. The Obama campaign is asking people to contribute at least $5 to be signed up for the raffle, though the fine print says you don’t have to give money to participate.

Nevertheless, Obama is at best only technically not participating in what is a clear fundraising scheme, and at worst is raising money from the White House.

The president is not allowed to solicit funds from working rooms in the White House, though he can do so from the residence. The Map Room is used for work, most recently Saturday when the president used it to host the Dalai Lama.

In a letter to Attorney General Holder today, Priebus asks Holder to investigation and threatens that he will seek appointment of a special prosecutor if Holder doesn’t do so.

14 thoughts on “RNC Chair Calls for Probe of Possible Obama Crime”

    1. Susan, you are absolutely correct.

      Holder won’t investigate ANYTHING that may reflect negatively on this administration.

      Special prosecutor? Makes me think of an old line from the West Wing series. Something to the effect of getting someone who will come off as petty and vindictive, thus swaying the dumb masses back to their side.

      We need to find a way to negate and hold off this administration until 2012 and get someone who has a clue of what to really do to help (not support) the people and this country.

      1. Well it’s a good idea that will go nowhere. Obama and Holder and the
        law aren’t exactly best friends. He doesn’t think the laws apply to him and Holder is just deaf, dumb and blind to laws already broken.
        They only use the ones to their belief system and ignore what does
        not benefit the great experiment. It was a campaign ad plain and simple.

  1. Wasn’t Eric Holder the one in the Attorney General’s office (assistant?) who engineered all of the last minute, late night (literally hours before the inauguration) Clinton pardons? I do remember one was for Marc Rich – fugitive ex-husband of Denise Rich – Clinton supporter and large donor. Don’t recall if this batch included the Jewish group who later supported Hillary. Please correct if my info is wrong.

    1. You got it right Boo. He also pushed for pardons for FALN terrorists under Clinton. He was senior partner in a law firm that represents Gitmo prisoners and never met a jihadist he didn’t love. Unbelievably, the Senate still confirmed this ‘upstanding’ citizen as DOJ.

  2. To think that this is supposed to be the most powerful leader in the free world. How much less presidential could he possibly be?

  3. so SICK of these people!!! I realize I’m preaching to the choir, but it’s time for citizens of this country who care if we have freedom in the future to STAND UP and become more vocal and DEMAND investigations be conducted and this fraud be held responsible for his crimes. The more of us who shout out together, the bigger and louder our voice. WAKE UP, AMERICA.

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