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Obama: Three Weekends in a Row With No Golf

Can it be? After golfing 13 weekends in a row, it seems President Obama is now forsaking his favorite pastime on a regular basis.

Did Michelle tell him to stop it? Did David Plouffe tell him the Man of Hope and Change might need to cut back on the The Sport of Those Who Don’t Need Either Hope or Change? At least while the country is careening toward financial default.

The lack of a soothing game of golf may be having an effect. Obama walked out of a meeting on the debt ceiling last week in a purple rage. And White House Press Secretary Jay Carney excluded reporters from a photo op, citing their annoying questions the day before – a clear sign Obama blew his top after the questioning got to him.

Anyway, he had nice, healthy day Sunday with His Maker and his family.

Here they go off to church . . .

And here they are watching the women’s soccer World Cup final.


27 thoughts on “Obama: Three Weekends in a Row With No Golf”

  1. Gosh if he flew out of the meeting in a purple rage and got in a tizzy when
    the press ask/yelled questions at him poor baby. This begs the question what brave soul told him to lay off golf and to add insult to injury go to
    Church? Must have been a very intense reaction. Pouting?

      1. I thought the same thing. What was the calorie count with those items?

        Don’t they know that there are TABLES for the food and drinks?

  2. Just a family guy hanging out with his family.

    No golf, no stopping traffic for fat burgers, no Princesses Obama seeing other continents.

    This guy doesn’t understand the difference between having values and living them and creating photo ops designed to convey messages. He reminds me of students in art school who would insert a flower or make the light come from the left and then claim, “That’s my style.” They didn’t understand that style is what you look back and see over a body of work, it isn’t a gimmick that you can choose to impose on people.

    Similarly, personal values are lived daily and their presence is seen in the continuity of action. They display themselves in over time. A quick photo with the family is a gimmick. A quick trip to church is a gimmick.

    And how angry must be The One and the Politician’s Wife to have to stop living their grifter values and endure life without werking the White House perks: Prez and Mrs. WerkThePerks have to pretend to be more than they are.

  3. Seeing “first children,” particularly of liberals breaks my heart. At some point in their young lives these two may have had the potential to be productive, contributing citizens of our country and world. But knowing who their parents are and the indoctrination that they are certainly receiving, they have a better than even chance of growing up to be entitled, self-indulgent, opportunistic, tone-deaf, angry leftists/marxists like their parents, with no where to go but down in terms of the lifestyle they currently enjoy.

      1. PS When my kid was little in DC, one of her friends had a party and said if the gift did not come from The Limited, not to bring one. Now THAT was creepy. I have no info about these two, really, but I hope they would not be like that. (Of course, our gift was from Woodward & Lothrop–which still existed then.)

        1. I am unfamiliar with those stores, but would have went with
          nothing after a comment like that. In fact, my kid would probably not gone at all, as such people are not worth knowing.

      2. No doubt they seem nice enough right now. But you need not look much further than the lavish trips to Spain and South Africa to see how they are being trained to speak of concern for the common man, while moving around the world like royalty. Combine that with the other rhetoric they get, from their mother in particular, and I have less hope for them than you. Let’s also not forget that if their parents took them to church with them in Chicago, they sat under the teaching of that nut-job pastor Wright. I’ll grant you that they were much younger at the time, but I took my children with me to church when they were very young, and am amazed at the stuff they were receiving and internalizing from our pastor, even as a child. Nothing like a little black liberation theology to pave the way. “Train up a child…”

        1. It could break bad–I hope not. I know a total hippie who still is one and his kid is a businessman. You never know…it can skip.

    1. Chuck, I had the same thoughts yesterday when Boo mentioned Malia was wearing one of those slave belts her mom seems to love. No free spirited young girl would ever dress the same as her mother.

      The children have a chance of escaping from the ideology. David Horowitz was raised in the little red schoolhouse. He eventually found his soul, although it was late in life.

  4. Compare and contrast how the press treats Obama’s kids with Sarah Palin’s children. Or Michelle Bachman’s. Or the Bush twins. Or Tricia Nixon.

    Perhaps, we shoud respect the privacy of ALL of the children of current Presidents.

    Maybe we should elevate the journalistic standars.

    To quote Theodoric of York: Naaaaaaaah.

    1. Obama is the one using his kids as political props. That photo was released by the WH for one purpose…to make him appear to be just like us.

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