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The Obama Morning News || July 15, 2011

As a breakthrough in bipartisan White House talks begins to look unlikely, Senate leaders work on legislation to allow an increase in the debt ceiling. House Speaker Boehner suggests he’d consider it.

Deficit proposals include charging seniors more for Medicare. S&P could downgrade U.S. debt before the month is out.

At Thursday’s White House meeting, President Obama told congressional leaders an agreement must be reached in 24 to 36 hours, as talks halted so lawmakers could consider options. Obama described his relationship with House Majority Leader Eric Cantor as “cordial.”

POLITICO reads the minds of the various players in the debt ceiling drama.

Obama’s auto czar is now not sure whether he said “I did this all for the unions.”

Obama racked up a large fundraising sum, but is he losing rich liberals? A group of liberal Democrats who fundraised and volunteered for Obama in 2008 plans to protest today outside his reelection campaign headquarters in Chicago.

Sarah Palin’s political action committee raised more than $1.6 million in the first half of the year, even though she’s not yet decided on running. Newt Gingrich called out Obama on his failure to help blacks.

And contrary to Obama’s assertions, his mother had health insurance as she died, but nevertheless incurred thousands of dollars in unreimbursed costs each month. But he didn’t, as he has suggested, watch her die, instead arriving to see her they day after she passed away.

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  1. I am on disability and receive Medicare and Social Security. We have not had an increase in Social Security in two years, I believe. The gov’t just sends you a letter and says, “No increase this year, my friend.” They raise the cost of Medicare every year though.

    I’m of two minds about these facts. I paid into the Social Security fund involuntarily the entire time that I worked with the assurance that it would help me in my old age. Well, old age came quickly in the form of a chronic illness. I now live a very, very frugal, straitened life.

    But like the stupid horse in “Animal Farm,” my reaction to all this is, “I must work harder” in that I am willing to do with less if it means helping my country. But does it mean that? Or does it mean that I am a fool to be patriotic?

    1. I am intrigued by the lumping together of Social Security and Medicare as “Entitlements”. Strictly speaking, is Socail Security an “entitlement”?

    2. You are not a fool to be patriotic Anonna. We were all hoodwinked by the politicians. They knew all along that these programs were destined for failure. They made promises they knew they could never keep. Somewhere along the way they were able to shift the blame for their thievery and place it on the backs of the poor, elderly, and disabled. All I can say is there for the grace of God go I. I’ll never have to depend on Social Security or Medicare, but I will fight till the end for you and others like you who do. Keep the spirit my friend, we are all in this together. America will survive this storm and she will once again be the shining city on the hill that Reagan imagined.

      1. Actually, they blame “the rich” who aren’t “paying their fair share” because of “greed.” The truth is that it may be “Social” but there’s no “Security” in it.

        1. These hacks are pointing their finger at everyone except themselves. We will survive as long as we recognize them for what they are, and don’t fall for their evil game of pitting us against each other.

    3. I am in the same situation–believed the plan I was forced to pay into. It’s not that we are fools to be patriotic and at least grudgingly willing to hire people to run things, it’s that those people are venal, egocentric, never look past keeping their jobs, and could give a flip. Both parties. Yes–this is what I am teaching my child! Govt is hopeless.

    4. I too am on SSI and my Mom’s only income is SS and you can bet this will be year 3 with no increase except for Medicare. How about
      cutting some of the favorites. PBS, NPR, NEA and all the other pet
      projects of the Left. Doubt those folks don’t worry about where to
      get money for food!

          1. Lizzy, just what do you think eliminating all those “pet projects” would add up to? Well, the current federal budget for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (of which PBS and NPR receive only a fraction of funds) is $422 million a year, and the NEA receives $155 million, or $577 million total. Thats’s in a year.

            The current cost for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq is $467 million A DAY.

            If we really want to save some dough, we should take lesson from the National Guard, and take a holiday from the Wars one weekend a month and two weeks a year!


    5. I too became disabled at an early age so my income is smaller due to fewer years putting into the ‘lockbox’. So it is hard to live on and even a raise of $20 or $30 would help. Like to see Obama try and live on what most seniors make unless they have a pension or Union benefits. Hard times for so many not just elderly. He doesn’t understand at ball.

  2. That’s an interesting story about Pres. Obama and his mother. However, it doesn’t tell us whether he thought she was a “typical white person” or not.

    1. More lies. It didn’t shock me. I know he knows nothing about health insurance–and wouldn’t know a disability policy if it bit him on the ankle.

      1. Plus–don’t disability policies pay a certain amt per day or month after a waiting period…it’s not like Medigap that pay what the health policy does not pay. So even that explanation is weird. The reaction was their usual clinger-speech—buncha, stuff, folks, well…

    2. Wonder why he never mentioned that his mother continued to live in Indonesia after sending him to Hawaii to live with his grandparents. Obama never lived with his mother again. She eventually returned to America for cancer treatment, but Obama did not visit her, nor was he present when she died in Hawaii in 1995. His whole life story is based on a lie.

        1. He doesn’t even seem to know that EVERYONE has thousands in expenses after cancer or during–even with insurance. Also, she was a consultant and had health AND disability? Pretty good deal.

          1. Yep, better to pretend you were a loving, caring son, rather than a lout who didn’t care enough about his Mom to visit her before she died.

          2. He’s a real charmer isn’t he got nailed for suggesting they cut NPR, PBS and NEA he was not pleased. He
            has a short temper and no respect.

          3. I notice, however, that my point about how much liberal “pet projects” cost you every day versus what our misadventures abroad cost went unremarked upon.

            When the richest country in the world goes to war with the poorest, and ten years later it is still a stalemate, them guess what? We’ve been snookered. But blame NPR.

          4. Keith at 60 I can take a lot but let’s get rid of the Tea Bagger reference. Or put it this way I had to explain it to my 88 year old Mother. No place for that at all.

          5. Keith – how did this “Death Ray” person get a voice here? Is it Jesse Lee (director of progressive media and online response” ) paid for my taxpayer dollars with an office in the White House? Anyone who uses the pejorative (sp?) does not belong on your respectable (to everyone) blog.
            See The Blaze “: Meet The White House’s New Story Squahser and Director of Progressive Media” 5-24-2011.

          6. I don’t want “Death Ray” to be censored Boo. Freedom of speech is a very important tenet of our Constitution. Just wanted him/her to realize that calling someone else a name that relates to an unnatural sexual act is a sign of immaturity.

            To be sure Jesse Lee and his posse of taxpayer funded spin meisters are among us. Wonder if they work in 24-hour shifts? The night differential, Sunday premium, and holiday pay must be awesome.

  3. “President Obama told congressional leaders an agreement must be reached in 24 to 36 hours” … Bam says: Don’t screw with my tee time!

    1. Yes, this is his MO. Everything he wants, he has to have it NOW!
      The man shows very little patience or self discipline so he must
      manipulate by trotting out a faux urgency to it …(which is wearing thin)
      I’m concerned how OUR White House has become a sinister den of lairs
      full of schemes & profanity…

        1. No he really thinks he is so brilliant he can lie boldfaced and of course the MSM will cover for him. He makes up numbers all the time because he thinks he is accountable to no one. He doesn’t understand he serves as President by a vote not ordained. And he is answerable to the American people in who’s house he resides in and that I feel is temporary.

  4. What happened on the penultimate talks and I also did not see the presser. I was working on my site, Do the Hopey Copey,,. on a story on what to do if you can’t get along at work and a name came up–Susan H Shearouse, Frameworks for Agreement in Vienna, VA–author of Conflict 101. I wonder if she does facilitating.

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