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Republican Can of Paint Leads Obama by Eight Points

Wait a second, did I read that right?

I’m sorry, it’s Republican can-di-date.

Okay, same thing. Any Republican candidate would beat Obama in an election by eight points, according to Gallup.

This is a significant statistic that is statistically significant – that is, beyond the margin of error.

And it’s worse for Obama than it was before, as this chart makes clear.

I would add here that this does not necessarily mean Republicans can nominate Jessica Simpson and win. Though I may personally support Jessica Simpson, I recognize her weaknesses as a candidate.

But it can’t be going down well at Obama campaign headquarters inside the White House.

H/T Drudge Report where I saw this while admiring my own piece which is running there.

19 thoughts on “Republican Can of Paint Leads Obama by Eight Points”

  1. I’m leaning to the PottedPlant candidate, but I’m willing to listen to whatever the CanOfPaint has to say about the issues.

  2. I fit were any other human being, I’d find some solace in this poll but we’re talking about BHO. In normal situations his record should have him working on his memoirs but a media who felt it their duty to elect him in ’08 (Chis Mathews in 08) will do same in ’12 (Chuck Todd today).

  3. Well,well. Another presser for the Prez tomorrow at 8amMST. 8am…
    Do the political gurus in the WhiteHouse even know about the TimeZones across the USA?

    We’ll be hoping that someone, anyone, will ask the questions that we want answered.

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  5. The Can of Paint is not subject to a billion bucks of background checks, dirty tricks, smears, insinuations, snide asides, and yammering blah blah.

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