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GOP Debt Ceiling Ace in the Hole: Obama’s Birthday Bash

Oh boy, this is going to look bad.

The Republicans may not realize it, but they have an extra point of leverage in the debt ceiling talks: Barack Obama’s birthday.

It’s on Aug. 4. The president is turning 50. He’s decided to have a quiet celebration with family and a few close friends.


Instead, the president is planning an extravagant fundraising bash Aug. 3 at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago, including a birthday concert teeming with celebrities and – for couples contributing $35,800 – a private dinner with the president. All this just one day after the government is scheduled to run out of cash!

Undoubtably, the sight of so much money getting thrown around and dissolute stars crooning to Obama will make a stirring contrast with a federal government bankruptcy featuring unpaid government workers, seniors and soldiers wondering how they’ll afford the groceries, shuttered national parks, and angry investors trying to cash out their Treasury Bills.

If the government defaults, you can be sure the birthday bacchanal will do much more to harm Obama’s reelection prospects than help them. Maybe House GOP Majority Leader Eric Cantor, who has been refusing to back down while needling Obama to the extent that the president stomped out of a White House meeting yesterday, already knows this.

The excitement kicks off at 4 pm with a concert that may feature singer Jennifer Hudson and other A-List stars, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

To show that hope and change is for everyone, a pauper section will be included for those contributing a measly $50. But the general admission ticket is $200, and the more you give, the more you get.

For $1,000, you can sit in the rich people’s area with easy access to alcohol. And for $10,000 you not only get a great seat, but a photo with The Birthday Boy.

Perhaps Timothy Geithner will be doing stand up comedy at a smaller room elsewhere in Chicago the same night, with all proceeds going to fund the federal government.

360 thoughts on “GOP Debt Ceiling Ace in the Hole: Obama’s Birthday Bash”

  1. I think it cost $100,000 to have dinner with George Bush Sr. when he was president. I guess it’s all about how much demand you’re in.

          1. What in the world are you talking about? “At least he wasn’t an epic failure…” hahahaha what world are you living in? wow

      1. I was offered a chance to have a TABLE (seats 8) at a George Bush (elder) bash for a 25 thousand donation.
        Cant wait to see the reaction from the traditional democratic elder set when Obama keeps back their social security checks while his staffers get paid. And he has a party to celebrate. Fun Fun Fun.

    1. Another lie from a Lib.

      Notice how much they do that whenever this Socialist president does something against the American people.

      1. Are you thinking Floppy is going to fly Southwest economy to Chicago, without the usual entourage and Moochelle? You can bet he’ll find time to do a 5 minute blah-blah while he’s there (and leave without answering any questions). Throw in a couple of hors d’oeuvres for the Chicago branch of his mob, and we’re on the hook for a mil or so.

  2. So if you are not rich enough or elite enough you don’t get to meet or see the pres. Nice. I knew elitism was big in DC but come on.

    1. Will Tiny Timmy Geithner be logging tail numbers at the airport of those private jets bring the guest so the IRS can assess the appropriate TAX???

      1. they’re doing it on purpose; all of them can’t be this stupid. It’s communism at work; they said they were going to redistribute the wealth several times, and now they are. The real crime is that his birth certificate has been proven to be a fraud, his social security number was previously issued to a dead guy and the GOP keeps saying he’s eligible for office.

        1. I agree with you, Rick. I think there is a disgustingly good chance BHO will be reelected in ’12 despite his obvious shenanigans, and I believe his administration would get a golden opportunity to cinch down on the American people if massive protests erupted because of that. Since Regan, we have not has a president who didn’t work for world government. BHO may be their “man to lead us into a better union,” by any means necessary. Helter Skelter, here we come.

          1. *”..we have not HAD a president who…” I sounded like a meme there … (lol) That’s too much for me; I’m allergic to those little devils. -13 points go to the man who gets that allusion.

        2. As the mighty Boa has stated before, NOBODY challenges this muslim infiltrator. Nobody in Congress, the courts OR the military, because they are all infiltrated as well.

          Add to that the fear on the part of the GOP that to even MENTION removing the clown from office would set off a race war. Thus their total fear. Ironically enough, if O”Bozo doesn’t get his way in the debt limit talks, he’ll do what SHOULD be done and cut welfare. But not to do the RIGHT thing. HE’LL do it as revenge to turn the savages loose. So in trying to avoid it through their fear, it will STILL happen and they’ll get the blame. Doesn’t pay to be a coward.

        3. “his birth certificate has been proven to be a fraud, his social security number was previously issued to a dead guy ”
          LMAO. where do you’ll read this stuff from. please tell me you’re under the age of 18 thinking this idiotic

    1. His staff doesn’t care. Neither he nor they care one whit about what “we” think. Obama dances – Rome burns. Lovely. Now, if I only had a job……….

      1. a job? haven’t had one myself in over 1.5 years. 2 college degrees and all I get told is i’m over qualified. Never in my life did i think having a degree or 2 would work against me. Hope and Change sucks.

        1. Mark:
          here is a hint. When you are told that you are over qualified. tell the person. Don’t look at me as being over qualified. Look at me as a resource you may need in the future. I teach paople how to interview and this seems to work. Be prepared to explain how yo would be a resource. do your home work on the company. Good luck

  3. Videos clips of seniors in wheelchairs crying, families of our valiant soldiers lining up at food banks, then a cut to the grand Chicagoland birthday gala where fat cats, corporate jet owners and hedge fund managers are plunking down $32K@ for the Prez…

      1. I just wish someone would come out with a commercial like this. Maybe one of the ‘canidates’ for President on the GOP side. It could also have obummer in an voice over telling all of the US ‘HE’ may not be able to allow SS checks be released on the 3rd!!!! NOW THAT WOULD BE AN AWESOME COMMERCIAL. What do you guys that have an advertising background think?

        1. Honestly? Video production isn’t as expensive as it used to be. You can get some basic video editing software in any good Productivity section. Digital camcorders these days can get you raw video imported right to your PC for editing. Clips of Obama aren’t hard to find online if you know where to look. And if you can’t afford an ad buy on your local cable system (even THAT’S not as pricey as you might think), then there are plenty of video hosting sites online.

          Forget the candidates. We The People need to produce this sort of thing.

  4. Is anybody surprised by this pompous, arrogant, arse . He probably walked out of the meeting yesterday, to keep from missing his Tee time.

  5. If the ocuntry runs out of $$ on August 2, then how is the royal family going to get to Chicago? No $$ means airforce 1 cannot b refuled

    1. Actually , the country would not be bankrupt – we would be in default. The difference between bankruptcy and default is that in the first instance, you cannot pay your debts; in the second, you WON’T pay them. If the U.S. defaults on its obligations, it will be because the administration made a conscious decision not to pay them. Same goes for those social security checks Obama is threatening to withhold. If the money REALLY is not there to cover those checks, it will be because the administration made the conscious decision to spend the money on something else instead.

    2. Don’t kid yourself – the IDIOTS in Washington will still get paid, as will Michelle’s staff of 65+. It’s the Seniors, and the Working Class that are going to pay dearly for the nonsense going on now.

  6. “The excrement kicks off at 4 pm with a concert that may feature singer Jennifer Hudson and other A-List stars, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.”

    1. NO, Though I would bet you that this is the first President to run this country into the ground in such a short time. Just 3 steps ahead of Roosevelt and 2 steps ahead of Carter. What YOU SAY ???

    2. This is the same lame argument given by leftists and Obama supporters when faced with their sides endless list of failings. It’s always, “others do it too.” The fact remains that others have not made the same catastrophic mistakes, and certainly have not presented themselves in such an increasingly out-of-touch, elitist fashion. Obama/Pelosi/Reid have done more to destroy this country than any three people in history.

        1. Bush has his faults, but he didn’t write the laws. All revenue bills originate in the House (Article I, Section 7 of our Constitution). Pelosi and Reid have been handling the purse strings since Jan 2007. We gave Nancy the boot in 2010, but Reid is still there. Obama kicked spending into overdrive when he came on board in 2009, adding more than $3 Trillion to the deficit. He spent more in three years than any president in the history of this country. We’ve been heading into bad time since the socialist Democrats took over.



    Jimmy Carter loses “WORST U.S. PRESIDENT EVER”
    tittle to Barack Obama!!!

    Barack Obama takes “WORST U.S. PRESIDENT EVER” title from Jimmy Carter. Carter was notified late yesterday of the loss. Carter expressed bitter disappointment at the loss. Carter stated that when he was president, he worked hand in hand with the mid-east anti American Coalition to obtain the tittle and was assured by mid-east anti American Coalition that the “WORST U.S. PRESIDENT EVER” title would be his for at least the next 100 years.

    Obama was proud of his accomplishment and stated that
    THIS title he has ACTUALLY EARNED.

    Not like his Nobel prize that he received for just showing up.


  8. My open letter to Congress:

    The President stated that if the debt ceiling isn’t raised by August 2nd, Social Security, Disability, and Veteran’s checks will not go out on August 3rd.

    Yet you and every other politician will still get paid, no matter what. Even if the debt ceiling isn’t raised, you will still see your pay, which is funded by OUR TAXES. Same as Social Security.

    The seniors, disabled, and veterans depend upon this money to pay their bills, rent, and buy food. Some live check to check. If they don’t get this money, they could go hungry, homeless, without their medications, have their power cut off, etc.

    And here’s the real kicker: they didn’t create this massive debt. YOU DID! Yet you are penalizing them for your mistakes.

    You should not get paid until you fix this problem. The monies going to your paychecks should go to those in need of it; seniors, veterans, and disabled. Maybe once you feel what the average American is going through, you will see the true state of affairs in this country and actually fix them.

    An annoyed taxpayer,

    1. Well here’s something to think about or add to your open letter:

      IF the debt ceiling isn’t raised, the US Government still takes in $200 BILLION. Of which only $29 BILLION is owed as intrest on the current DEBT. That leaves $171 BILLION to spend as the POTUS see’s fit. That is several times more than the amount needed to pay the seniors, disabled, and veterans. Besides, if I remember correctly, the Dems are always running around saying that the Evil Rep are gonna ‘rob the Social Security Trust Fund’ for other projects. So if the “Trust Fund” is still there (The Dems “protected” it), then why can’t the POTUS send out checks if the Government “Shuts Down”? Oh wait… BECAUSE the Trust Fund has NEVER Exisited!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Well stated, The way it looks those in congress are doing the same work as thoses on SS. Only they have a place to hang out , Oh wait could it be because everything on the hill is paid for BY THA TAX PAYERS

      1. Don’t paint with such a broad stroke my friend. Contributions to these programs are not voluntary. There are many of us who would have loved to put that money we have been donating for decades to Uncle Sam into our own savings. The majority of retirees, veterans, and the disabled are fiscal conservatives.

    3. The amount of fuel for those huge planes he and Hillary have been burning flying around the world would probably pay all the entitlements with money left over.

    1. We used to call it the Aragon Brawlroom.

      That place is nasty. It always smelled like vomit. Even I have vomited there. Did they remodel it or something?

      How will that neighborhood feel about “those type of people” hanging around there? Too bad even the Chicago cops are in Obama’s pocket.


  9. And he threatens to stop payment to all of the SS recipients on the 3rd of Aug, should negotiations not go his way…party on dood!

  10. Once again we will get to see the rich elite liberal Democrats at play as the rest of the country continues it’s downward spiral. Looks like all is going as planned for this Chicago thug administration.

  11. Hey Dave, it’s emblematic, isn’t it? $100,000 debauchery versus $35,000 — Bush was terrible, Obama’s worse. This country’s going to hell in a hand-basket. We better brush up on our Mandarin! 我们都是会死!

  12. Like Republicans don’t have exclusionary, expensive parties/ fund raisers. Give me a break. I agree Obama sucks and that this country is going down if something is not done. But the idea that the Republican party is good for the “common man” or middle class is utterly insane. Politicians of all political stripes are our Lords in Washington and we are the serfs. We are well fed and well entertained serfs but serfs just the same. Repubs, Dems…..two heads of the same snake.

    1. More class(less) warfare BS!!

      I’d rather be a “serf” with a JOB and supporting my family than a “serf” depending on the government for my unemployment/welfare check!

      Get real and stop complaining!!!!!!

    2. I agree, where are the fist fights???If you saw someone taking a torch to your House and family wouldn’t you want to stop them with force or stand there and say Oh please Oh please don’t torch my house, C’mon you ole geeeeeeeezers it’s time to go to blows. That’s why I like Cantor. Full of fight/

    3. I don’t see Keith arguing that the Repubs are the answer. In this article he’s just describing the orgies of the Democraps and that’s enough for one column.

  13. Here in Kenya, the birth place of your Great American Leader, we are very hungry. Ever since the Chosen One was squirted out onto a straw mat and whisked away to Hawaii to forge his birth documents, our country has experienced bad karma and many plagues and famines. As the hungry assistant to the Great One’s midwife present at His birth, I was only paid a few clumps of mud per day, which I saved up in order to trade for my monthly portion of dried camelpies. Everyone in our tribe is eagerly anticipating the day in November 2012 when the Great One will flee from your country in political embarrassment and return to his native Kenya, where he will once again bring good fortune and plentiful camelpies for his fellow tribesmen to eat. Also, His chosen mate, the mighty Mee-Shell, will occupy a place of honor in our tribe as she will be adorned with the choicest of straw skirts to cover herbroadest behind — not to mention that a great number of our bravest tribesmen will be assigned to fan away the flies from those odiferous nether regions. If I have not made my desires clear, I attribute part of this failing to the grammatical differences among your language and that of my native Kenyan dialect of Kallissium which I utter fluently. I am hoping that, additionally, America’s Great Socialist Leader will have pity upon us, his fellow Kenyans, and use some of the tax revenues he hopes to steal from the rich Americans to someday once again make ours the Land of Plenty Camelpies so that we may rightly feast at his return and that I may put meat upon my undernourished loins! Happy Quanja to all!

    1. Your story really tugs at my heart strings. Have you thought about sending a letter to him in c/o the White House? Understand he reads 10 letters every night. You may just be one of the lucky hut dwellers he chooses to grace with his majesty!

  14. Don’t forget Air Force One, cargo planes moving everything to Chicago, expenses for the hundreds of personnel required every time he goes somewhere, etc. It costs millions.

  15. That drop dead date of August 2nd little Timmy came up with makes more sense now. Got to get all the distractions out of the way so Mr. Obama’s big day isn’t marred by all us angry, crying taxpayers. This was meant to be his victory lap after scoring another win over the Republicans.

    Keep the heat on him Cantor…

  16. I say just file the bankruptcy… we did it before in 1933 and it helped. Just like any other bankruptcy, you get rid of all your debt and start over with a clean slate…. and new money of course….this time backed by gold?

  17. Is there some reason that a politician should not be fund-raising? Is there some reason that we should expect Obama to be a Jimmy Carter and allow the screamers to trap him in the White House? Silly blog.

    1. You aren’t a bit bothered that he and the rest of the democratic cogress are spending money like drunken fools and demanding more taxpayer dollares to keep spending more?? And is planning big lavish parties in the meantime.. Everytime he travels the taxpayers are spending enormous fortunes escorting the Obamas around. Politicians do fundraisers; however, the timeing of his big birthday party is outrageous.

    2. I’m sure that, as an “author,” you’re aware that it looks bad to have typos on your About Ken page. It also looks a tad unprofessional for an author to set up his official site at a free hosting place like Wix, and include the word author in the website name. No real author does that. Silly man.

  18. I hope air force one is grounded and obozo has to take a commercial flight to thugland chicago and while standing in line at the TSA he gets profiled as the muslim terrorist he is and is forced to go through an x-ray scanner and everyone can see he has NO balls and they are actually hanging off moochell’s crotch…

    1. Unfortunately all the military men and women including Air Force One staff still have to work; regardless of whether they are getting paid to do so or not.

    2. No, that’s profiling. It doesn’t make any sense to target Muslims at TSA screening stations, remember? Our government already told us that the “terrorists” don’t think that way.

      Besides, it’s not like Hitler ever got hassled by the Gestapo.

  19. What did the Prez say this week at one of his pressers? “I have unneeded income”, or words to that effect. Does this upcoming fundraiser count in the “unneeded” catagory? If so, I don’t believe there is anything stopping the Prez from donating to the Gov to reduce the debt. Nothing stopping him!!

  20. This guy is the best. All over POTUS, like flies, on the shit POTUS is.
    Stay in his face, for all of us.
    Bill T. Cal.(land of fruits and nuts)

    1. This guy is as dishonest ,and deranged as his father. His gonna party as Rome burns!
      he could care less. To him it’s cause for celebration. He should have Moonbeam there. Peas of a pod.
      BillT. Cal.

  21. Ken c,weelllll gggggeeeeee.let mme ssseeeee,howddddyyyyy.hugh , hugh, hugh,, what was that ,some shit came out of your mouth.

  22. The Republicans need to run commercials on BET starting August 4th that show photos whooping it up while the country’s economy is nose diving.

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