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Obama Has a Hissy Fit, Walks Out!

Updated 9:53 pm ET

President Obama this evening staged a temper tantrum and walked out of his White House meeting with Congressional leaders on the debt ceiling, an indication the talks are headed into a free fall.

Meanwhile, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and other leading Democrats gave his blessing to the debt ceiling plan by GOP leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, which appears now even more likely to become the vehicle on which both sides will ride out of the crisis.

And crisis it increasingly is, as Moody’s said the U.S. government’s Triple A rating is now under review for a possible downgrade, citing the  “rising possibility that the statutory debt limit will not be raised on a timely basis.”

The move should provide further impetus to Republicans and the White House to stop screwing around with economic Armageddon and get the debt ceiling raised. Markets so far have not reacted to the game of chicken, believing that the ceiling would somehow get moved up in time to avoid defaults. But if outfits like Moody’s start taking the chance of a default seriously, it’s anybody’s guess when some type of major negative market reaction could begin.

According to POLITICO, word of Obama’s foot stomping departure came from House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, who appears to be the one who pissed the president off.

Cantor said the president became “agitated” and warned the Virginia Republican not to “call my bluff” when Cantor said he would consider a short-term debt-limit hike. The meeting “ended with the president abruptly walking out of the meeting,” Cantor told reporters in the Capitol. “I know why he lost his temper. He’s frustrated. We’re all frustrated.”

The group is nevertheless scheduled to reconvene tomorrow at 4:15 pm ET.

UPDATE: Democrats deny Cantor’s version. From POLITICO.

Democratic sources dispute Cantor’s version of Obama’s walk out, but all sides agree that the two had a blow up. The sources described Obama as “impassioned” but said he didn’t exactly storm out of the room.

Obama later attempted to come to the briefing room to try to paper over the problem, but it was clear he remained a little peeved.

29 thoughts on “Obama Has a Hissy Fit, Walks Out!”

  1. It sounds like the Obama administration is breaking; we can hear the cracks way out here in fly-over country.
    MrCarney seems cranky and the pressers are difficult to watch without cringing at the underlying tone of a beleagured man trying his best.
    MrObama, according to MrCarney (and our own eyes and ears) does not like to be questioned or explain his intentions.

    MrO told everyone what he wanted and what he would or wouldn’t do and the danged Repubs are ignoring his demands. Of course he’s in a hissy fit mode. The campaign is going badly, the stupid voters can’t understand his grand concepts and the Repubs are having fun at his expense.

    He knows, and we know, that if these negotiations go sour, that the American public will blame the President, not the followers. It’s his to lose.

    1. Poor baby things not going his way? Throwing Granny under the bus didn’t
      make him feel better? He is in so far over his head that his ‘shovel ready’
      projects couldn’t get him out. And besides he already had to cancel his vacation to the Vineyard and that probably made the little woman unhappy.
      And then missed golf and to top it off folks yelled questions at him. Must
      not have recognized his omnipotence!

    2. This is really his best? Are you being ironical? I thought he had some gigantic brain, light years beyond us, an encyclopedic grasp of legislative requirements from a couple of yrs in the Senate, a great open heart yearning to help all people and be president of all people…but somehow I am not seeing it.

      1. Vineyard gone too? Not just Montana…well, I have not had a vacay since I was asked to speak at an event in DC 6 yrs ago and dragged over there.

  2. We so appreciate you keeping us abreast of the happenings in these talks. His arrogance and bullying tactics don’t seem to be too effective. His boardroom experience is somewhat limited, just saying!

  3. The tyrant throws a hissy fit because he’s not getting his way. Where is Obama’s plan? I want to see his list of cuts. Heck, I’d like to see the Republican’s list of cuts too. There is a power struggle going on right now and it appears the Republican leaders are planning to fold.

    Senator DeMint assured me that McConnell’s plan is NOT the Republican plan. Why are all the establishment Republicans pushing it? Because Harry Reid is on board? As recalcitrant as he’s been toward even passing a budget, I’d be a little leery of his support.

    McConnell’s plan surrenders control of the purse strings to the Executive Branch…something conservatives will never consent to. I know for a fact that there are 100 conservative Republican congressmen who are standing strong and won’t vote for it. Boehner doesn’t have a chance of getting it passed in the House unless he makes a deal with the socialist Democrats again.

    Moody’s doesn’t exactly have a stellar track record. They gave toxic sub-prime mortgage loans a AAA rating back in the day. Goldman Sachs was able to dump a whole lot of those toxic loans on unsuspecting investors because of that AAA credit rating.

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  6. Back in mid-April, the gov was going to shut down but payments would be made. This time around– the gov will be open but payments won’t be made? What changed besides the can’s road coordinates?

    Dagong. Never forget.

  7. Why do we have to raise the debt ceiling?

    Is it because we have so many expenses locked into place that there’s no chance of reducing them?

    Honestly, I am puzzled about why it is necessary to increase our debt.

  8. Keith, when I first read this I thought that it couldn’t possibly be true… had to make sure I wasn’t reading the Onion. Checked out Politico and other sources. My impression of Cantor isn’t that he’s a liar or prone to histrionics. Then I saw a video clip of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz suggesting that the Republicans come to the bargaining table and ‘act like grown-ups’. Obviously Obama and DWS aren’t on the same page.

    Over his head, out of his league, unprepared, inexperienced – how many more phrases can we come up with to describe our President’s lacking leadership (maturity?) skills?

    In the back of my mind I keep picturing Michelle saying, ‘Oh yeah, now you all know what I have to put up with.’ No wonder she likes to travel sans husband.

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  10. The White House denied the way it happened. Not that it happened, just that he didn’t really stomp out of the room. Doesn’t make much of a difference. Not exactly leadership material, either. When the Democrats took control of the White House and Congress in 2008, they ran rough shod over the legislative process, passing 2000 page healthcare bills that people were to read after the fact. Obama and his minions do not like the idea that they now have opposition and cannot do whatever they want.

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