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Mysterious W Appears On Obama’s Head

President Obama has had George W. Bush on the brain since he was inaugurated, repeatedly blaming his predecessor for the economy’s ongoing travails. Obama relentlessly asserts the hole that’s been dug is so deep that he cannot possibly be blamed for taking so long to dig us out.

Well, I knew all this passing the buck was unhealthy for the president. It appears that Obama has had Bush on the brain for so long that that he now has Bush on the head too.

If you look closely at this photo I took at Monday’s press conference, you can see that a W has formed on the far left side of Obama’s forehead.

So now Obama will have to run for reelection with a W on his head. I think everyone knows this is the work of Dick Cheney, somehow.

Obama with a W on the head. Photo by Keith Koffler
Photo by Keith Koffler

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