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Live Stream || Carney Briefing – July 13, 2011

The briefing has concluded.

16 thoughts on “Live Stream || Carney Briefing – July 13, 2011”

  1. I guess I am old school, but what happened to introducing bills, having hearings, letting people weigh in on cuts, having a committee report out a bill…you know, the legislative process…not this manufacutured panic backroom stuff.

      1. …thats what I learned in “Political Science 101”

        BTW: how many of these MORONS from the current ‘US President’ to the 535+ Idiots, Criminals & Perverts in the US Senate & US House have ever taken an “Intro to US Political Science/Civics” class :-( ?

        1. They aren’t all criminals and perverts. We have a lot of patriots in the House and more in the Senate since 2010 thanks to Senator DeMint. They are putting up a good fight so far. McConnell is not representative of the conservatives in Congress. He is the one who chose party over country with his plan.

  2. I did get a couple of cliches a bornin’ — the Bob Dole Boat (continuing our transportation theme, the bus, the car, the ditch). And just emerging–Magic Wand. The latter could really have a future.

  3. Why does No One in the WH Press Corps ever ask about “US Military action in Libya”?
    -US Navy warships off Libya?
    -US Air Force fighter-bombers flying from NATO bases?
    -US Special Forces/CIA teams working in Libya?

    Not a word about any of this from the “WH Press Corps” or “Main Stream Media”

    Why is that? :-(

      1. What “Libya Fatigue”???
        The ‘media’ got its panties in a knot over Libya/US Military forces a few months ago…THEN?=SILENCE…Nothing from the ‘media’?

        (BTW: If this was a “Republican President” the ‘media’ would be all over this = ‘another war in the Mid East/Muslim nation!’)

        Why is the ‘media’ silent on Pres. Obama/US Military in Libya?
        (kinda stinks like JFK/LBJ and the early days of Vietnam…)

    1. Saw the article linked on Drudge. Politico reporting an unflattering story on Obama makes me think…is the worm starting to turn?

  4. Keith, I can’t wait to hear your observations on Carney telling “his press pool” the president doesn’t want to be shouted at by reporters. All I could think of was WIBST (what if Bush said that). He would be ridiculed out of office. By giving obama a pass on issues they would never tolerate with another president, the press have helped create a monster/tyrant.

    1. What about his statement that he “used to ask questions”. Doesn’t he ask Obama questions? Makes me wonder who he gets the script from.

    2. I still think there was a BUSH HATE INDUSTRY. One of the “things’ that followed from the creation and implementation of that was the promotion and candidicady of the o.
      For good or ill, it will take a long time to evaluate GWB historically. I’d like to think there will be some neutral scholarship. Someday.

  5. Let me get this straight, The Great One doesn’t like people yelling at him? Oh my!

    The community organizer can’t take the juice without he pacifier the TelePrompTer?

    Looks like a grand opportunity for Keith to rattle the cage and ‘yell’ a question.

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