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Carney to the Press: Quiet, The President is Working

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney today suggested that the press, for shouting questions at President Obama during the photo op before yesterday’s debt ceiling meeting, was being punished by getting excluded from the photo op before today’s meeting.

Because The President and the Leaders of Congress have important work to do.

Then he tried to reel it back in. Take a look-see.

13 thoughts on “Carney to the Press: Quiet, The President is Working”

  1. Carney: Quit complaining. Be grateful The One granted you special dispensation to enter and leave the White House briefing room without bowing repeatedly.

    I wonder if he’s this weasly with his wife, Claire Shipman.

    1. First I’ve heard of it too. No wonder we’re broke. I’m wondering how he’s handing out all this money without the permission of Congress…

      Probably has to do with his pals on the “Audacity of Hope” boat tour to break the Israeli blockade. Heard they were having a little difficulty in Greece so they probably needed a little cash to grease the wheels.

  2. Clearly, The One spoke with Carnival-Barker and told him that he didn’t like the sound of questions being asked without his express permission. So Carney-Barker passed The King’s message along.

    The whole idea that a previous day’s question time should be viewed as the purchase of reporters’ silence on the following days — and that like a puppy with nose shoved in poop, the press was now denied cameras — is insulting and is the way that a parent treats children.

    When will the press realize that they are adversaries to The Ones in power and return to doing their job, which is to seek out and report the truth?

  3. So is the most transparent administration going to drag everyone off to Camp David, away from (what passes for media) scrutiny?

    1. Reminds of a paragraph from the The Declaration of Independence…

      “He has called together legislative bodies at places unusual, uncomfortable, and distant from the depository of their public Records, for the sole purpose of fatiguing them into compliance with his measures.”

      Difference between King George and King Obama? Camp David can’t be considered “uncomfortable”.

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