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Obama: Social Security Checks in Doubt

President Obama ratcheted up pressure today on Republicans to reach a deal to increase in the debt limit, telling CBS News that seniors’ Social Security checks might not get paid August 3 if the ceiling isn’t raised. Check it out.

The central dispute, as you’re probably aware, is over Republican insistence that a deficit reduction deal not include new taxes, and Obama’s insistence that it should, albeit in a lower amount than spending cuts.

Republicans appear to be digging into an unalterable position that taxes must not rise. In a closed meeting today with the GOP conference, House Speaker John Boehner, under fire for reportedly looking to strike a deal with Obama that would include a tax increase, insisted he never did such a thing. According to a Fox News report of his remarks during meeting, Boehner said:

Let me be crystal clear on this — at no time, ever, during this discussion did I agree to let taxes go up. I haven’t spent 20 years here fighting tax increases just to throw it all away in one moment.

Now if Boehner agrees to any tax increase, he will be putting his speakership on the line.

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  1. since the no new taxes position has been the GOP’s since day one of the Biden talks and until Obama joined in there was no demand for tax increases I’m thinking this is just another crisis that Obama doesn’t want to go to waste …

      • obozo wants us to “eat our peas” while he & the first moocher dine on lobster and 1700 calorie lunches..

        Where is the press? why does he get a pass on everything?
        Can this country afford another 4 yrs of this ?
        See you at the polls 2012 !

    • U.S. has $1.35 trillion in assets it could sell today. How come not a single Republican has offered this remedy?

      These assets do not include government properties, but assets like GM. Not hard to find, just look on the first table middle left “Debt net of financial assets” in pdf link below.

      $10,856 billion Public Debt
      -$9,505 billion Debt net of financial assets
      =$1.351 trillion in assets that could be sold today

      Numbers off the top of my head,
      $250 billion in assets in 2007
      $550 billion in assets in 2008 (most from TARP)
      $1,351 billion in assets in 2011 (since when does government own so much private business???)

      • I agree, no stone should be left unturned, no matter whose party it hits. However, who’s going to buy GM? China? That would not be so good. The feds should never have bailed them out to begin with!!

      • You know why the Teasury shows “assets” at all?
        They sold their liabilities it to the Federal Reserve. It’s over ‘there’.
        We make Bernie Maddoff look like a petty thief stealing apples from street vendors…

        • No it doesn’t work that way. It would take a lot of research that I can’t do for a few days, but I could break it down. I read Treasury reports all the time and budget documents. 99.999% of the people who think they know what the debt is, don’t know jack. I’ve been trying to find an economist to point out how over $80 billion in interest that was supposed to be recorded to the debt, has not been posted.
          The only debt number that counts is the $9.75 trillion. If you think it is any other number, you don’t know the debt.
          As far as China is concerned, I was telling people about the manipulation of the treasury securities statement long before it became newsworthy after the government made a correction to the books, Trust me when I say this document will be amended again.
          Forget blaming bailing out the banks, here’s a short list of what happened to our money when Pelosi and reed were in charge:
          2009 stimulus act $968 billion
          2008 change to actuarial tables for veterans benefits ~$371 billion
          2008 TARP $475 billion
          FDIC bank takeover $470 billion
          Housing, unemployment, pension relief $425 billion
          Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac rescue $400 billion
          And so on and so on…

  2. Thanks for posting this Keith. The man is lying! He is just trying to hold the elderly and the veterans hostage to get his way. Social Security and Veterans Benefits come from a different pot. Besides that, the government never does anything on the fly. It would take them weeks to change the coding in their computer systems.

    Speaker Boehner keeps climbing up a few notches every time he comes out from those meetings saying NO TAXES. Keep standing strong. Rush Limbaugh just mentioned an interesting stat. The last 8 debt ceiling increases were passed without any tax increase, so why now…

  3. Threatening the elderly is the final nail in his re-election campaign coffin. “We” might be stupid, but not THAT stupid.

    Stick to the guns republicans. READ MY LIPS DAMMIT!!

  4. Dems coming out of meetings about deficit, stomping feet and throwing hissy-fits: “But we want to spend more money, not less!! Why do the republicans have to be soooo mean?!? Cutting spending is just not as much fun.”

    I’m sorry but it’s not hard. Cut some friggin budgets!! Bring the military home, axe a few dozen white house aides. Ebay some of mooch’s shoes that were paid for by taxpayers. Ground pelosi’s planes. You can find plenty of fat to cut if you work as hard as you are to keep the budget bloated!!!

    Here’s a novel idea: Put senator’s and congressmen’s retirements on Social Security. There is NO logical reason whatsoever that they should have their own sweetheart retirement deal. Time to eat your peas!!!!

  5. This really shocks me as someone must have informed him that there were no Democratic seniors. He must have forgoten his campaign mode!

    • Rick, he’s hoping to blame the Republicans if they don’t get their check. It’s a ploy, anyway. Will it work? Depends to what extent the media go along.

      • You are right, it all depends on the media. If he checked with his peeps (mainstream media) before making such threats, to make sure they report that it is all the republicans’ fault, he could get away with it.

    • Since that would eliminate both mine and my mother’s income would
      we then be eligible for all the Gov handouts? We could get a better deal…I jest! Penniless in KS what country will come to our aid?
      Takes a man with no morals or conscience to hold elderly as pawns
      while the wife plans her next vacation.

  6. He’s threatening seniors and the handicapped with hunger, homelessness and destitution if he doesn’t a tax increase?
    Oh, you better believe, we won’t forget this.
    Our President has stepped over the line.

    • He’s hoping Boehner and McConnell get enough pressure from those who depend on these programs. He truly is a despicable man to scare the uninformed who don’t have the benefit of a family member or friend to tell them the truth. They sure won’t get the truth it if they watch CBS News.

  7. Drudge is linking to this jaw dropping story on lobbyists:

    Amazing how they get around those pesky FEC rules. They just get the lobbyists to pay them an honorarium or meeting expenses and presto chango it is all on the up and up. By the way, both parties do it, but now I know how these guys get rich on a government salary.

    Pretty interesting that the Congressional Black Caucus, Congressional Hispanic Caucus, and Obama are the top three honorees.

    • “Pretty interesting that the Congressional Black Caucus, Congressional Hispanic Caucus, and Obama are the top three honorees.”

      Hustlers who hate our nation.

    • At least they have to be blatantly jackassish about it by having this underhanded bribe money be termed for “dinners honoring a congressman”. Ha ha. Honor a congressman by bribing him, or wait, it’s the other way around…?? Holy crap this country is jacked.

    • I can see why WalMart has paid so much in bribe money. It’s the only way to keep militant groups within the Black and Hispanic Caucuses from pillorying them in Congressional hearings.

      Everyone loves to blame WalMart for all that is bad in American business. “They put the small business out of business” “They don’t treat their employees fair” and so on. People forget that WalMart employs thousands of Americans, and offers products a lot cheaper than the small business can. In this economic times they are a God send to the millions of Americans out of work and with limited resources.

      But that does not matter to the thieves that are running the country.

  8. Let’s assume Obama’s claim has merit. You mean to tell me that in 2011 Amerika, SS is living paycheck to paycheck, needs more debt in order to pay out, and could be in arrears within 3 weeks? Most boomers haven’t even retired yet- I though SS was safe for another 20 years! yays

  9. We had storms of Biblical proportions last night lost power and phones. Big
    tree in yard it was due to the heat. Was thinking so no SS checks 110 degree heat so seniors won’t be able to pay their ‘necessarily higher’ light
    bills. So will the power companies give them a pass? How many suffer now
    and die during these heat emergencies? Unintended consequences that
    Obama is unaware of cause he is not the brightest curly bulb in the box!

  10. How about cutting off all benefits to illegals before they cancel social security checks? Seems only fair. We paid our dues. They sure don’t.

  11. ha ha ho ho ho he looks scared. Better get him out of meetings and conf rooms and get him back in the sunshine. See his freckles popping while his skin gets lighter? Can’t have pale skin and keep the votes. Anyway, he’s done. People are looking at the wealthy supporters more intently and those elitists will be educated on exactly what they are cooperatively doing to the USA, and that Americans will fight them, in every area and way possible. This guy is no American, and does not have the requirements to be Prez. Look deep and see who groomed and educated him for his Chicago role… same lady that found him at Harvard and worked him to sit in IL then DC. When this comes down, and it will, those promoters will be tried and jailed for life along with Pollard and other traitors. They won’t want that, so they just might kick him off stage before we have to. He sealed the resolve to remove him when he threatened seniors and dependent children scaring them that he would cut off their benes if he doesn’t get what he wants in hiking up our debt to spend us deeper into destruction. Those of you who still hear equality bouncing in your empty heads, try to hear his other budget dealing threat that no way would he balance the budget on the backs of the elderly, handicapped and dependent children. He sings whatever lyrics he is told to, and never is bright enough to say hey, didn’t I just say the opposite a few days ago? He was not programmed for recall.

  12. I think that congress should look at their own pay and cut it down to size, instead of picking on the elderly,veterans,armed forces. I think that once a president leaves office we should not be paying them or their family money just because they spent 4+years in office. We don’t get nothing like that. If we leave a job after 4 years then that is it we don’t continue to get money from them. I say cut congress and the presidents salary and that would help in the debt.Stop attacking the ones that have worked or served our country all their lives and do the right thing.

  13. Read Franklin D. Roosevelt’s law on Social Security. It is not set up as an entitlement plan! I hate these radio and T.V. commentators that say it is so!
    The original law keeps ,separate, private accounts for each tax payer and quarterly letters telling each individual how much they can expect to earn at retirement and how much they have paid in.
    This is theft, pure and simple. These so called speakers for the people , have stolen every last nickel that by law is supposed to be untouchable.
    If Social Security checks are for some reason discontinued, I believe there will be riots and people, (armed ones), at every Federal outlet that has to do with this Grand Theft.
    Someone needs to be tried for these crimes. This is not right!!!
    It is time to F##k the Bankers and give to the people their Money and what was promised to us over and over again. I have paid 40 years into this program and I myself might be a might bit irritated if my money is not returned to me.
    How about You?

  14. Doesn’t anyone understand the Constitution? The President is NOT empowered to control spending. ONLY The Congress controls spending. The President is a butler; read his approx 10 powers and think about it. Everything else believed about the President’s authority is a lie, brainwashed into your minds. Will the President exercise powers that are not lawfully his? Probably because Americans are gutless. They elected him and we will get what we deserve for either doing so or allowing such to happen. If Obama fails to faithfully execute the laws (passed by Congress), he commits an impeachable offense.

  15. Hellooooooooooo WAKE UP ,up there whats wrong with you dumbies up there ? Dont you realize if ss checks are take away half the country will be hungry,no meds,no homes,people have to have some place to live.Some could even die.Does any one even care.We have worked for this all our lives and it OURS,not congress or anyone else to pay around with.Should not have be touch in the first place.So think twice before this move is make the elderly,poor,sick.and service people shouldnt have to suffer because of someone else being a dumbass.Take some the big congressmen pay they made to much to start with.WAKE UP CONGRESS!

  16. I send my comment in yesterday what happen to it ? Guess no one like to hear the truth

    .I though In USA we had the freedom of speech,Guess not.Do we have any morals in this Country left ?

  17. ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DO I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am on ss disability. I had a stroke in 2003 and it damaged my vagus nerve. FOR ALL YOU SO CALLED SMART PEOPLE TRYING TO MAKE DECISIONS FOR EVERYONE, I BET 90% OF YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT THE VAGUS NERVE IS AND WHAT IT CONTROLS. Well, I am about to tell you it controls the electrical impulses sent to your brain, if your is damaged or doesn’t work it causes you to have SEIZURES. I take 3 anti-seizures meds more than once a day and I have a VAGUS NERVE STIMULATOR IMPLANT. This implant is monitiored by my neourologist. If you take my ss disability check and medicare, this means no meds, no appointments to my neurologist to keep my implant working properely. This means I will be having seizure after seizure with nothing to do……………………………. Where has the compassion and care for other people gone. APPARENTLY, NONE OF YOU IDIOTS HAVE ANY HEALTH PROBLEMS, THAT KEEP YOU FROM BEING ABLE TO WORK. HELL, I CANT EVEN DRIVE A CAR. WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH YOU IDIOTS. YOU SPENT THE MONEY FOR YEARS AND YEARS AND NOW YOU WANT US(BLUE COLLAR AMERICANS TO FIX IT.) THAT’S BS AND YOU KNOW IT. I WATCHED MR. BOEHNER ON TV AND NOT ONLY DID HE LOOK LIKE ASSHOLE AND SPOKE LIKE ONE TO. I WOULD LIKE FOR YOU IDIOTS TO WALK IN MY PATH FOR ABOUT 6 MONTHS. WHAT YOU ALL NEED IS A MAJOR, MAJOR ATITTUDE ADJUSTMENT. WE ARE SUPPOSSED TO BE PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN. WHAT YOU ARE TRYING TO DO SICKENS ME, AND PISSES ME OFF. THINK MORE WITH YOUR HEART AND MIND AND LESS WITH POCKETBOOK.