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Live Stream || Obama Press Conference – 7-11-11

The press conference has concluded.

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21 Responses to Live Stream || Obama Press Conference – 7-11-11

    • Grating, granted. Someone got a job finally, then lost that one. That is dirt common. How about people with three dead-end jobs who lose two? Also common. These people need to get out more… How about the commenters at the Times saying if you can’t find a job, move someplace…uh, can’t sell the house, have no money to move or for first and last mo’s rent, don’t want to move kids out of school, no guarantee where you go will be better or for long, etc. No one seems to get any of this. Our country is poor now, a mess.

      • My Avon lady Kim has three jobs–not counting Avon. One is the Dollar Store, I think Walgreens, and one other. Her kid is going to junior college–she works constantly at her jobs and scaring up new ones when the ones she has disappear. This is America! Not this bull we just heard. Or Upper East Siders saying quitcherbitchin and move someplace.

  1. Question: Why a presser in the middle of the negotiations unless you have
    something to announce???? And rudely keep the press waiting?
    Answer: Me, myself, I, me = good. Repubs = bad!

  2. Wait for it do as I say children! He takes the American people for a bunch of
    rubes and idiots. Well he is wrong and when he blithers on like he did today
    about the economy a subject he can’t begin to grasp we American’s come across like Mensa members. To call him an empty suit is an insult to the clothing industry. When he took the office the economy should have been the first task instead he shoved Obamacare down our throats and that is a
    giant drain on business and folks. Yes I , I, me me! His ego is the only thing he cares about. Lead by example stop golfing, vacationing and put a
    halt to the spending spree of Michelle! God help us all no matter what is done his and Michelle’s living large will continue. Michelle should be given
    the amount a family of 4 has to spend on food and try her healthy eating on
    that amount if she knows what a grocery store looks like!
    Sorry I live in flyover country and get tired of then guns & God and that we are too stupid to understand.

  3. Let me guess: the o’s have cancelled the Martha’s Vineyard trip?
    And The Little Woman will fly commercial to Betty ford’s funeral?