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White House Debt Ceiling Session Fails to Bring Progress

A White House meeting between President Obama and congressional leaders broke up tonight after 75 minutes without much movement toward an agreement on a deficit reduction deal.

The group, which reportedly didn’t get along very well, will reconvene at the White House Monday.

The White House says President Obama continues to have hope for a deal in the range of $4 trillion, something that has been rejected by Republicans over the prospect that it would include sizable tax increases and that got lukewarm support from many Democrats concerned that Social Security and Medicare benefits would hit the chopping block.

Republicans say they now will focus on getting agreement on about $2.5 trillion in cuts.

But, in a clear sign the White House might not be serious about securing a more robust deal, President Obama plans to hold a news conference Monday morning at 11 am ET to discuss the state of play.

Last week, when negotiations were serious, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney declared a virtual news blackout on the talks, proclaiming that quiet diplomacy held the best chance of getting a deal. The White House at the time refused to confirm two secret meetings Obama held with House Speaker Boehner, even after their existence was widely known.

10 Responses to White House Debt Ceiling Session Fails to Bring Progress

  1. Thank you for keeping us informed Keith. I suspect you are right, he probably isn’t serious about negotiating major cuts. He will take this down to the wire hoping to force a cave-in on tax increases. If Boehner capitulates, Obama will claim he single-handedly saved the country from the evil Republicans. I’ll never forget the day he sauntered around the Lincoln Memorial after he got them to settle for piddly spending cuts.

    Read a great suggestion on their course of action. The House should forge ahead on the 2.5T in cuts. Make at least two dollars in cuts for every dollar the debt ceiling is raised. No 2000 page bills, and give people time to see what’s in it. Pass it and send it to the Senate. If the Senate doesn’t pass it, or Obama uses his veto pen, it is because that is what he wanted all along — a debt crisis. Geithner is already warning us about tough times ahead. These scallywags just want to take advantage of an opportunity to blame someone other than themselves for the failure of their economic policies.

    • Susan, he pranced not sauntered around the Lincoln Memorial. It was my favorite video clip which I’ve used several times. I even started a new blog Let’s Prance with Obama. Of, couse, I accidently deleted most of the You Tube videos :(

      • I’m not one of those conspiracy nutsos, but….
        the WhiteHouse does have a guy who searches the internet for negative stuff about the Prez…………
        Maybe you only ‘think’ you deleted your own videos…

    • Susan, I agree with you. He will try to get some credit for every tiny little thing. That is one of all the disgusting aspects of this man. No wonder it is so difficult to do deals with him.

  2. Keith, is there still talk of a “Balanced Budget Amendment” being apart of the deal?

    Also, should we be surprised that the WH will not confirm nor deny secret meetings with Boehner? Maybe someone should turn on the Oval Office webcam. That might be worth seeing.