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Six Months Left in the Obama Administration

That’s what he said.

At the beginning of his administration, President Obama said either he’d have the economy fixed in three years or he’d only get a single term as president. Given that Obama himself says the most important economic indicator is employment, it’s beginning to look a little dismal for him.

H/T to Instapundit and the rightscoop.

18 Responses to Six Months Left in the Obama Administration

  1. The thought of this administration having an unfettered four more years is just frightening. They could commit any amount of havoc and damage without the braking factor of popular consent.

    • Absolutely srdem. I am a firm believer that if he wins a second term, America will cease to exist. As it is now, he totally ignores his constitutional limits and bypasses Congress to accomplish his goals. The country our forefathers fought and died for will be an empty wasteland of poverty and discontent by the end of his second term. All depends on whether or not the pied piper has enough useful idiots who will follow him over the cliff.

        • The truth hurts. The man is a Marxist who is trying to impose his ideology on this country. You know I’m right about him ignoring the Constitution and bypassing Congress. You haven’t noticed all the executive orders he has issued and czars he has installed?

  2. New cliche! They were floating the idea of linking SS benefits FOR PRESENT RETIREES to Chain CPI index–smaller checks–and it got out. Supposedly they now say it “overshot the runway.” And landed in the ditch, to be very clear? I just hope they don’t find an end-run on that.

  3. The only thing that could make this article better is that he (Obama) had put this in writing and that it was legally binding.

  4. It will take a very strong new President to undo the damage already done
    by Obama and his socialist minions. I shutter to think what would happen if
    these people were given 4 more years America is strong but if he were to
    have another term there would be little left of the America the founders
    created. We are slipping away.

  5. We are going to war — a real war — not one of these limited wars in Afghanistan or Iraq. Obama will then be reelected because Americans don’t change horses in midstream. This is the sure way that all despots take care of debt obligations and maintain political power as well. We should have a financial crisis in August, or October at the latest. Soon after that we will have war — probably a sneak attack or false flag event. Then everyone will be on war footing. My guess is Russia and/or China. Just like WWII, only worse. Forget about the Republican Party. They’re bought and paid for. Italy will take it on the chin once NATO leaves Libya because it has other fish to fry. Once Islam has made a mess of Europe, Russia will move in. Soon. Very soon.

  6. Maybe someone should use this as a campain ad. Use his own words and show pictures of the price of gas in 2005 or the unemployment numbers. Just a thought.