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Obama: You’re to Blame, and You’re to Blame, and You Too

Two and a half years into his presidency, President Obama continues to blame George W. Bush for his own economic predicament. The blame is more subtle, but unmistakable, and it was on display in his appearance this morning before reporters in the Rose Garden.

We’ve added more than 2 million new private sector jobs over the past 16 months, but the recession cost us more than 8 million . . . The economic challenges that we face weren’t created overnight, and they’re not going to be solved overnight.

And now he’s started blaming everyone else too, from Mother Nature, to state governments, to the Greeks

We’ve always known that we’d have ups and downs on our way back from this recession. And over the past few months, the economy has experienced some tough headwinds — from natural disasters, to spikes in gas prices, to state and local budget cuts that have cost tens of thousands of cops and firefighters and teachers their jobs. The problems in Greece and in Europe, along with uncertainty over whether the debt limit here in the United States will be raised, have also made businesses hesitant to invest more aggressively.

He’ll need to come up with something better. Instead of casting about for villains, the president should simply tell the American people he’s doing everything he can, and he expects things to begin improving soon.

He might as well, because if things don’t get better, he’ll be raising money for his presidential library in about 18 months. No use blaming others. American voters aren’t stupid, and they are bred with and teach to their offspring the concept of responsibility. Every day they say to their children, “I don’t care who’s to blame, just clean it up.”

Harry Truman was known for saying “The buck stops here.” John F. Kennedy turned the Bay of Pigs disaster to his advantage when he embraced responsibility for it. Obama can’t even take responsibility for the war he started with Libya, letting our incompetent European allies do the fighting..

Obama needs to own the economy. It’s his whether he likes it or not.

21 Responses to Obama: You’re to Blame, and You’re to Blame, and You Too

  1. How can this vain ego driven narcissist man campaign for a job he doesn’t even do? Shows up between vacations and golfing to play Twitter with his
    grade school questions while the country continues to suffer? Has the gaul to vacation with his wife who was wearing about $8000 worth of bracelets with her Converse sneakers the other day? And then blame Bush perhaps
    some will buy this but American’s are far wiser than the Obama ship of fools
    think and they will see that in 2012.

  2. DNC Chairwoman Wasserman says it belongs to him…guess she forgot to ask him first. It is his, stop blaming everyone else.

  3. Obama is not a leader he’s a regulator. He’s regulates his duty and office of the presidency to Congress, Czars, his Cabinet members, his Staff, anybody but himself. He also has NO idea how to fix the economy and his inept administration is following him blindly over the cliff and in the process destroying capitalism as we know it. He’s a Socialist at heart (spread the wealth around) and even though history demonstrates Socialism never works wherever it’s been tried, Obama apparently hasn’t got the message and seems doggedly determined to institute European style socialism throughout the U.S. even if it destroys the United States of America in the process it seems. He rewards our enemies and punishes our allies – case in point: he wants Israel to reduce their borders to indefensible proportions and instructed his administrtion to light the Empire State building in ‘red’ to commemorate Mao Zedong’s (Mao Tse-Tung) communist reign of terror in which 30 million Chinese (or more) were systematically murdered). Which leads to the conclusion that Obama is anti-American, anti-Semite, anti-free market, anti-business, and anti-private sector and apparently doesn’t give a hoot about the American people’s current economic predicament that he and his own administration have made much much worse by their numerous failed policy decisions they have enacted and in which has put the United States of America on the brink of bankruptcy and a possible third world country status as a banana republic. So what does Obama do? He flies around the country (on the taxpayer’s dime) to campaign and fund raise for his reelection bid in 2012 or plays repeated (almost weekly) rounds of golf or flies to numerous vacations spots with him and his family. Even as Rome i.e. the United States burns to the ground while Obama and his dubious minions fiddle with the very future of America and its citizens where millions and millions of them are losing their homes to foreclosure, losing their jobs to the unemployment lines and for all practical purposes the very dignity of our children, grand children and great children…ad infinitum… who will be indebted (in servitude) to try and pay off the humongous DEBT which Obama and Democrats are racking up, and consequently, spending America into oblivion and the lives of our future generations into bondage and “slavery” to try and somehow pay back. And if that’s not being anti-American I don’t know what is.

  4. A war in Libya? Nooooo….that was going to be over in days, remember?. Wait….is Libya GWB’s fault too? I bet if he tries he can blame that on Bush too.

  5. The only jobs that government can create are government jobs.
    MrO and his Czar regulators are directly responsible for tens of thousands of lost jobs in the oil and coal industries. The public sector unions and their sweetheart contracts are responsible for the loss of union jobs. The private sector unions and their unreasonable demands are responsible for the loss of their union jobs. Who’s to blame? they are.

    MrO cannot create a job, but he can reduce or even eliminate the stranglehold that the federal govenment regulations have over private business.

  6. He could try to tell the American people he’s doing whatever he can to make things better, but we would know it is a lie. His actions speak louder than his words. He is doing everything he can to bring America to her knees.
    He opened the flood gates on the Southern border without an ounce of concern for the safety and well-being of the American citizens who live there.
    He ignored judicial rulings on the drilling ban he imposed based on falsified reports.
    He appoints Marxists and communists, who could never pass a FBI background check, to key positions in government and the judiciary.
    He is issuing oppressive regulations via his bureaucratic czars that are sucking trillions of dollars from our economy.
    He deems laws unconstitutional if he decides he no longer wants to follow them.
    He takes us into wars without the approval of Congress.
    He issues signing statements and executive orders, creating law by fiat, ignoring the Constitution of the United States.

    I could go on, but think I’ve made my point.

  7. This is the worst president in history period! He has played the learn as you go strategy long enough. Don’t go away mad you irregant sob, just go away for good!

    • Mr. President, you should absorb what Keith Koffler is commenting about your daily habits. You could learn something.

      P.S. : How are you White House spies doing today?

  8. The Regressives blame Bush for the economy, but ALWAYS forget to mention that it was the MAC twins that created the housing crash that lead to the domino effect on the economy.

    If the GOP had had a back bone 10 years ago and had either shut down Freddie and Fannie or severely curtailed their social engineering ideology, we would not be in the situation we are in now. The economic collapse came in large part due to the housing collapse, one brought on by the very people trying to blame everyone else.

  9. What kind of delusional world did this goof ball wake up in today? He’s the new “black” joe biden!!! Who in the hell does this brother think I am? I’ve been among the 6 million unemployed until today (of all momentous days!!!!) I got me a damn job!!!!! Making 30 % less and no benefits at all, but I got me a damn job and no thanks to any government program, training or incentive…fuck you barry, fuck you very much.

  10. Things are pretty dismal but I tend to look at the positive side. We could still have had Pedosi as Speaker…then we would not have today’s debt ceiling discussion. The ceiling would have already been raised and shoved down our throats. Obama does know one thing…that is…spend, spend, spend.

  11. I know people who still blame Bush also. Several of course have their Masters degree and one with her PHD. It’s sad that even “the smartest among us” don’t have a clue when it comes to politics.

    • Liz, It is usually those who attend schools of higher learning who are the victims of the progressive mindset. Young heads full of mush are taught that capitalism is evil and the constitution is a living, breathing document. Only when they escape from the world of academia do they learn the truth.

  12. “Obama needs to own the economy. Its his wheter he likes it or not.”

    Spot On! SO I DARE for someone in the ‘WH Press Corps’ to DIRECTLY say/ask that to “Propaganda Sec.” Carney or even Pres. Obama.

    But, I doubt that will ever happen with todays WH media sycophants.