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Live Stream || Obama on Job Numbers

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22 Responses to Live Stream || Obama on Job Numbers

  1. I don’t even have to listen to know it’s more excuse making, no one could have predicted this, the numbers this, the numbers that, I can’t even. Let me guess–the words challenges, clear, not as fast…etc. will be featured.

  2. Wow,Talk about running away there at the end..Literally..Even looked over his shoulder to see if anyone was chasing him..
    I have ZERO respect for this man,and am amazed at myself for listening to more of this drivel…

  3. Hey Obama, us old people don’t do so well on construction jobs. How about you get your regulatory czar to take his boot off our neck. Then we can get started putting this country back to work.

  4. Greece, Japan, the Middle East, whatever, whatever. There is always going to be some form of turmoil in the world. Is he serious about jobs being created by streamlining the patent process? It may help but not anytime soon. So we’re going to put roofers, framers, drywall installers, painters to work on our roads, bridges and infrastructure? Just a couple weeks ago he acknowledged that the shovel ready jobs were not shovel ready. Are they now? The best thing we can do is have the government just get the heck out of our lives and our way and let us get to work without interference.

  5. Thanks Keith, but Why are we wasting valuable time and space covering a puppet. Same song second verse. His arrogance disgusts me.

  6. A woman I know thinks “unemployment” is good–brings out the creativity in people. Hmmm, so far we have thought of jobs waving cars around cones in a “sandami” and selling stolen goods on eBay. By the way, this woman? Millionaire–and cheap to boot. I don’t know if she flies commercial–probably–a mill is almost paltry these days. Oh, and on that private jet thing, as I said, my bro-in-law is a corporate pilot–his boss is flying around to all his companies trying to keep them open.

      • Thanks, It was a bit challenging for me but I was happy with the result. I’ve tried sending it to Jonah, David and even Jonah’s mom, Lucianne, but email is often ignored. I hope they see it sometime, though.