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Pawlenty Adviser Apologizes for Telling the Truth

It says something about the campaign of Tim Pawlenty that one of his top advisers apologized for saying something true. Something like, a Pawlenty administration would be bowing left and right to political correctness rather than making unpopular decisions addressing the real world.

It seems that Vin Weber, a veteran Washington GOP and business operative and lobbyist who has signed on with Pawlenty, said – OMG, prepare yourself – that Michele Bachmann is SEXY.

Well, she is. And – hold the presses – it might add to her political appeal.

From the Washington Post:

“She’s got hometown appeal, she’s got ideological appeal, and, I hate to say it, but she’s got a little sex appeal too,” The Hill quoted Weber saying.

In a statement released through Pawlenty’s campaign, Weber noted that he has been a Bachmann supporter in the past and repeatedly apologized.

“I made a mistake that was disrespectful to my friend, Congresswoman Bachmann,” Weber said. “I was not speaking on behalf of Gov. Pawlenty’s campaign, but nevertheless, it was inappropriate and I’m sorry.”

There is sexism here, but it’s not the kind Weber imagines. No one would have noticed if someone said something about a male candidate’s good looks, something that happens ALL THE TIME. Can anyone have a serious discussion about the political abilities of John F. Kennedy without mentioning his looks?

Besides, Bachmann’s own campaign manager, Ed Rollins, has opined on her hotness, declaring her “every but as attractive” as Sarah Palin

Add this to Pawlenty’s refusal to repeat his Obamneycare crack with Romney in the house and you have a fully formed Pawlenty Wimp Factor.

8 Responses to Pawlenty Adviser Apologizes for Telling the Truth

  1. This explains what I’ve been sensing about the Pawlenty campaign. He reminds me of the high school kid who worked hard at pleasing all the
    “right” people and who you never knew quite where he stood on anything, He’s not my guy, sorry. Never apologize, never explain.

  2. The press is playing gotcha by analyzing every single word that comes out of the mouth of the Republican candidates or their staff. Shame on the Pawlenty camp for even responding to the perceived or imagined slight. This election will not be based on someone’s sex appeal, it is about which road this country will take. Liberty or tyranny.

  3. There it is, again.
    The notion that an attractive and physically fit woman could never be taken seriously in any arena is so pervasive in our society that it dooms any woman who aims for sucess in any field.
    Sexy woman=stupid.
    Woman who dares to succeed against men=flake.
    Post-menopausal, stout, plain-looking woman=serious.

  4. No one would have noticed if someone said something about a male candidate’s good looks

    Keith, you’ve nailed it. I remember the swooning over the “chiseled” Obama and the video of the reporters “whooing” at him on his plane. I remember the talk of power “crackling from [Clinton’s] jeans.” There are all sorts of wonkish analyses that go into a male candidates physical attractiveness and how it helps his campaign, but let a woman be physically attractive…

  5. Yawn. Does anybody really care what anyone in the Pawlenty campaign says? Other than the liberal media, I rather doubt it. The guy is BOR-ING in spades. Give me red meat from Michele, Sarah or Herman any time.

  6. why are we even still talking about this guy? he’s not going to get the nomination: he’s far too unexciting.

    also, I heard him say that he thought the question of whether to teach intelligent design or not was “an issue that should be decided at the state level.” what a weasel! sorry, gov, it’s not a state’s rights issue, it’s a real-science vs. junk-science issue, and I’m disappointed you didn’t come down on the side of science.