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Please Don’t Expect Anything Out of Today’s Meeting

Today’s meeting at 11 am between President Obama and the Congressional leadership is one of those Washington things in which nothing gets done but which is specifically designed to tell the public that something is getting done.

It’s a photo-op, and not surprisingly, photographers will be invited in to take pictures, and a couple of people will give statements.

The problem is, there are too many people in the room, they’re all politicians, and they have too many competing interests. The real work has been going on behind the scenes, including at a couple of secret meetings between Obama and Speaker Boehner.

In the Cabinet Room today will be the top Republican and Democratic leaders from the House and Senate. Are Obama and Boehner going to discuss things that might infuriate Nancy Pelosi with Pelosi in the room? Is Harry Reid going to say what he really thinks when conversations from the meeting are sure to leak to the press?

No. What might be interesting though is the body language and statements we hear coming out of the meeting. Hopefully the participants will stroll onto the White House driveway and wander toward the microphones. We’ll be there if they do.

20 thoughts on “Please Don’t Expect Anything Out of Today’s Meeting”

  1. If you want to see the funniest Obama body language ever watch the first two minutes of this Cspan video on the Health Care Summit. Obama puts the U in unctuous.

    It’s been a long time favorite of mine which I brought back for me newest endeavor. I don’t think many people ever saw the beginning of the summit but it truly is comedy gold.

    1. Reminds me of the old Popeye cartoons. Obama playing the role of Wimpy says “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.” He is offering them $4 trillion in cuts over 10 years for immediate revenue generators (i.e., taxes), and that is using the failed stimulus as the base point. Sounds like the exact same plan Simpson-Bowles proposed. He didn’t want anything to do with that plan last year so why now?

      Boehner sounds like he is keeping his promise not to raise taxes. I’m just hoping he doesn’t fall into the same trap as Reagan and Bush I and let Obama hoodwink him. Wimpy never repaid his debts and neither will the spendaholics in Washington.

    2. Sorry my totally unrelated comment posted as a reply. Saw the first few minutes then went to check out your new video. Excellent use of the Blue Danube Waltz to illustrate the merry-go-round hand shaking and back slapping!

  2. Just another game of chicken–length depreciation on those evil jet owners and gig the haves and have-yachts or we won’t screw SS and Medicare people for you…or whatever! I can’t even keep it straight anymore…

    This morning I was thinking…we need better cliches… What has to go: the bus, the table, rock and hard place, the cliff, can on the road, Slurpee, Twitter anything, shared sacrifice…any more?

    1. In the ditch, Bush did it, gun to the head, friends/enemies, young people, middle class people, working families, and Let me be clear.
      WinTheFuture, investment in (anything and everything) and adult in the room.
      We could probably write MrO’s next speech.

  3. Political theatre and partisan posturing is what the voters hoped to change when they elected the Repub majority in the House last year. While everyone at this meeting will try to do everything they can to appease what they think their base supporters want, the lumbering behemoth Federal govenment continues to smother the citizens with escalating debt.

    At some point, Congress and the Prez have to consider the future of our country and not their own political future.

  4. OMG he is actually meeting with Congress and WORKING! He did his best to avoid it too.

    A few hours of this and he will feel justified for his upcoming Vineyard vacation. (But I really don’t think he feels the need to justify vacation time)

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