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White House Staff Opts Out of Shared Sacrifice

The White House released its list of staff salaries recently, clarifying that the shared sacrifice called for by President Obama does not apply to his staff.

Because the White House staff has important work to do.

From Top of the Ticket:

But good news this morning: The challenging Obama era and 9.1 percent national unemployment rate do not include the 454 people now helping President Obama do presidential things.

This crowd is being paid a total of $37,121,463 this year. That’s up seven staff members and nearly $4 million from 2008, the last year of George W. Bush’s presidency.

Fully 141 Obama aides — or nearly one-in-three — earn more than $100,000 a year. That’s also up from the 130 with that scale salary in Bush’s last year.

Twenty-one Obama aides earn the top-dollar $172,200.

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      • Yes and No Susan. Orwell wasn’t so much a prophet as he was a student of history, and human nature. History has many lessons of government running amok. It tends to happen when they get a blank check. BO and his current gang of self-important thugs just represent the same old lesson we are re-learning. Communism, socialism, marxism… They don’t work. The only way to handle such a government is to de-fund them, and disallow more borrowing from China, etc.

      • Susan – I have an Orwellian story I can’t tell – the person wouldn’t want me to give details – about someone who was insulted out of his volunteer position on the Obama campaign because he made some mildly negative comments. It was truly Animal Farm. What’s more, the person doesn’t even understand that the insults were an intentional method of getting him to quit.

        • Too bad that person won’t let you tell his/her story. Would help us sway some who are on the fence if they could see how cult-like Obama followers are.

          • I would also love to know that “story”. It is so critical, to many of us, that w elect a new President in 2012. Any information that is
            like this is very important in turning the tide. Many people know the economy is very ill, for example, but lack the knowlege to understand it. So, discussion of economics will not influence them. Human interest stories, regarding how Obama & his inner circle, behave or misbehave,do have lots of impact on voting behavior. I am praying that folks who left their jobs at oval office, come forward with their experiences. I hope you change your mind re sharing this input. Los of people have
            left their jobs at Oval Office for variety of reasons. Most or all of them left graciously, w/tactful resignations. For sure, not all was bright and sunny in their decision to leave a WH position.

  1. The ‘bubble’ over the extensive area of DC, where government is THE business, keeps the policy makers from really understanding the misery of unemployment, bankruptcy, and foreclosure that us yokels in fly-over country deal with every day.
    SenReid’s arrogant and clueless legislative action yesterday proposing that everyone “sacrifice” only shows how disengaged he is from the reality of how bad things are for millions of Americans.
    20+ million unemployed , 40+million collecting foodstamps, millions of homes foreclosed or underwater and the DC elite don’t see a thing.

    It’s nice that so many have really good, though temporary, jobs at the WH, but we don’t think it’s out of line for a job description to be included in the report. We know that MrsO has 20+ “assistants” and we’d like to know what they do, too.

    • This is true. I live in the suburbs of Baltimore, and while we’re not quite as insulated to reality as D.C. is things aren’t nearly as bad here are they are elsewhere because of our proximity to D.C. and the benefits we obtain from that. My trip to South Carolina a couple weeks ago was quite an eye opener, as it appears things are almost desperate there. I knew things were bad all over, but even though I like to think I’m informed I really had no idea just how bad they are.

      Members of Congress should be forced to take a road trip through the heartland, with themselves at the wheel so they have to see all the closed businesses and for sale signs.

    • You are spot on srdem.

      I copied the spreadsheet to get an idea of whose salary I’m helping to pay. Lots of familiar last names on the list. As far as Michelle’s employees, the spreadsheet lists a total of 14 employees with ‘first lady’ in their job title, for a total of $1,271,562 in annual salary. Didn’t see any with the job title of personal shopper, although I’m sure that kind of information would be detailed in the job description, which we will never be privy to.

    • You’re right. I would like to see this transparent administration allow a true journalist (Keith?) to put together a nice breakdown of positions and incomes of these so-called “assistants”, and a breakdown of one of their typical days.

  2. Even a hundred plus is far from top dollar in DC. All these yuppie smugbags blatting about how they don’t know anyone personally who has lost a job,m can’t find one, can’t pay for food, etc. gripe my guts! I saw one on Book TV Sun–no, two–the interviewer was some professor who knew EVERYTHING but what the recession was like. Someone said–“Every economist you see talking? That person has a job!”

  3. You are writing about the “Elites”.

    There are five groups (according to their attitudes) in the USA.

    One. “Troublemakers” Enough said.
    Two “Just Me” They only care for themselves.
    Three “Enhancers” They try to make life better for themselves & others.
    Four “Oh! For Me?” They are the ones who think they are entitled.
    Five “Elites” They are after power and influence over others.

    What we now have in the USA is a group of Elites who are trying their best to make sure as many as possible join the “Oh! For Me?” group so that they will be dependent on the Elites. The Elites want to take from the Enhancers and give to the “Oh! For Me” crowd.

    • The “elites,” yeah…I heard that there are 150,000 people in the US who “influence” everything–the Influentials. When I see the president and little junior what-his-name turning to a screen to look at a tweet, honestly, I think we are doomed.

  4. My own sister–the one with the corporate pilot hubs (she does not work)–said I was “the only poor person” she knew. I said what about her own daughter–“Oh,” she replied, “she has spousal and child support so I don’t count her.”

  5. Well, the increase in staff #’s is due primarily to inflation.
    Wait!!! Inflation? Oh, that is the next chapter in this sorry economic saga.

    • Never mind:
      Analysis: Hoax. The original April 1, 2009 posting date suggests it may have been intended as an April Fools prank, but given that the text does little else but parrot actual tenets of the so-called “Birther” movement (the folks who claim Barack Obama is ineligible for the presidency due to a forged or invalid birth certificate, etc.), it barely qualifies as satire.

      • Don’t forget Cass Sunstein, Obama’s regulatory czar. He literally wrote the book on conspiracy theories. Their goal is to try to destroy the credibility of conservatives by tying us to their manufactured conspiracy theories. The “birther” movement was hatched by Hillary Clinton during her run for president, so it is hardly a conservative tenet. Nevertheless, you will be labeled as a birther if you question any of his qualifying documentation. No other president in the history of this country has put his background information under lock and key the way Obama has done.

  6. If Obama and his miniature Lap dogs are serious about ” Shared Scarifice” I suggest the following:
    1) Cancel ALL of Bush tax cuts so that even the 41% who do not pay taxes can participate and ” feel the pain” of Obama Lunacy.
    2) Cut All Governmant salaries for at least ONE year .. based on performance that is what they desrve, that goes for all WH Staff, Czars, Occupants,Cabinet mambrs, and Congress.. Except our Military.
    3) Buy Obama a tricycle if he can handle it instead of AF one, helicopters and Limos.
    4) Keep Mochelle home to grow Veggies instead of lavish trips abroad. where she makes enemies… he hubby is already doing that.
    5) cut all foreign aid to China, india, Brazil and stop buying oil from CHavez who uses out Billions to buy Russian Jets and weapons….Just for startres.
    The Get GOP to eliminate Obummercare, Frank-Dudd, and get Geityhner, Holder and Obummer OUT OF THE WAY via Firing Them!