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Top Ten Worst Things Done by Other Presidents

Outraged Obama aides have protested to White House Dossier for writing about the president amassing a streak of 13 weekends golfing in a row while unemployment sits at 9 percent, saying it pales in comparison to the inappropriate antics of other presidents. They have sent over a list of bad presidential behavior and insisted White House Dossier run it in the interest of balance.

Okay, they didn’t complain or send a list, but I thought it’s only fair, given how much we focus on Obama’s golf, to put things in a little perspective.

Though he still needs to do less golf.

So here are . . .

The Top Ten Worst Things Presidents Have Done That are Not Obama Golf:

1. Receiving oral sex from an intern while on the phone with a U.S. Congressman.

2. Starting a war to remove weapons of mass destruction from a country that has no weapons of mass destruction.

3. Dying while hanging out with your mistress. (FDR)

4. Sharing a mistress with a Mafia hood. (JFK)

5. Obstructing the investigation of Watergate.

6. Playing golf twice a week instead of once a week. (Eisenhower)

7. Thinking Poland was a free country in 1976. (Ford)

8. Being president while the Great Depression happens and then failing to get the country out of the Great Depression. (Hoover)

9. Declaring “Read my lips, no new taxes” and then raising taxes.

10. Believing that going to war to stop secession is illegal. (James Buchanan)

15 thoughts on “Top Ten Worst Things Done by Other Presidents”

  1. He needs to do less golf because let’s face it–golf is a little boring. As for Bachmann’s hubs–that was a nothingburger story…Her may not have a license to practice mental health–hello, do any of the NYT posters who declare her to be “insane” have one? Does Chris Matthews have one?

  2. I appreciate your attempt at balance. Fair is fair I suppose.

    It would not have surprised me if the WH complained though, it would go alone with their MO.

    I’m not sure if you had these in any order, but #1 should be #1, thats for sure.

    1. #1 would be receiving oral sex with an intern old enough to be your daughter and lying to the entire nation via TV with what seemed like 50 American flags as a back drop.
      #2 lying to our country as a candidate who would bring a non-partial,
      “hope & change” to Washington only to step aside & hand off to the power brokers of his party then cram thru legislation completely excluding the opposing party AND the majority of Americans..(seems like a tie with #1 considering how Obambo screwed the country)

    1. Being a neophyte in American history I may be wrong, but isn’t the Kansas-Nebraska act responsible for the unrest leading up to the Civil War? And wasn’t it Buchanan who furthered the division of the states by admitting Kansas as a pro-slavery state and endorsing the Dred Scott decision?

      How was was your hike over the weekend William?

      1. One hike was awesome, one disappointing (we went so slowly). It was hot, but we saw a lot of cool things (like a bear feasing on berries) so it was overall good.

        You are correct that the Kansas-Nebraska act pretty much made war inevitable. It repealed the Missouri Compromise which, though deeply flawed, was more or less working. It created the Bleeding Kansas crisis which was basically the dress rehearsal for the Civil War. However, it was Franklin Pierce (who I still consider the worst president ever) who did that. Buchanan did nothing to stop Bleeding Kansas and endorsed Dred Scott (which is why I consider him second worst). Lincoln was in office when Kansas was admitted to the union.

  3. #1
    “I have earned every cent. And in all of my years of public life I have never obstructed justice,”
    Richard Nixon maintaining his innocence in the Watergate case.
    Orlando Florida, October 17, 1973

  4. Does this mean Obama’s staff will act fairly?
    I doubt it. The Obama regime wants it all one way….their way.
    Seems like they’re pulling at straws to make him look less weak.

  5. Interesting list.

    #1. was it the sex act or that he could talk to a Congressman during sex?
    #2. Bush should get a pass on that; if you recall, Americans were ready to make the MiddleEast a parking lot because of 911.
    #4. JEdgar made him do it; he was getting intel for the FBI
    #5. JEdgar’s fault again; he wouldn’t tell Nixon what the Dems were doing.
    #6. Eisenhower “won” WWII, so, he could do no wrong.
    #8. Hoover built the HooverDam singlehandedly which allowed Arizonans to drive across the ColoradoRiver on their way to LasVegas..

  6. I noticed that all the references to the Dem Presidents were of a sexual nature, while the majority of GOP references had to do with leading the country. Maybe Obama needs to get himself a lady friend, or in this new age of tolerance, a male friend which ever works. Then he could follow in the foot steps of his Regressive idols.

  7. Ahhh, Sandbox Politics, after being caught out in bad behavior,
    “.He did it first”.
    “He did it too.”
    “He started it.”
    I suppose we could think about a “Time Out”? No, wait…

  8. If Obama’s staff were to have said that, it would have been analogous to the old phrase: “If you think I’m ugly, you ought to see my sister.”

  9. You know, I remember the elder Bush saying ” read my lips, no new taxes.”
    Because I am hearing impaired and that just ticked me off because I knew it was Bush shit.

    Then jr. comes along and I think, oh jeeze, it can’t get any worse than this.
    Boy, was I wrong. So very wrong.

  10. Biologic starter agents were found in Iraq along with weapons grade uranium. Just cause a big ass bomb wasn’t found, does not mean that something WASN’T found.

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