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The Obama Morning News || July 5, 2011

At the White House Monday, President Obama thanked veterans and pledged to take care of their families.

Businesses big and small aren’t buying President Obama’s claim that he’s reducing the burden of costly federal regulations. Teachers’ union members say they will probably vote for Obama in 2012, but enthusiasm is tepid.

Obama has appointed a career Justice Department lawyer to lead the nation’s counterterrorism center amid questioning over the Justice Department’s proper role in the war on terror.

There’s new speculation, none of it particularly credible,  that Obama could drop Vice President Biden from the ticket.

Supporters are urging Texas Gov. Rick Perry to seek the GOP nomination.

As expected, Mitt Romney is steamrolling all other GOP presidential hopefuls in the dash for cash, according to second-quarter fundraising reports trickling in. Romney has struggled to craft a consistent economic message in recent weeks – first blaming the president for driving the country deeper into recession and then backing off the charge.

Romney and Jon Huntsman met each other at an Independence Day parade in Amherst, N.H., but there were no fireworks.

Michele Bachmann’s husband Marcus is equal parts confidant, body man, image consultant, political strategist and potential liability.

Bill Clinton handicaps the GOP field and calls for a corporate tax rate cut.

7 thoughts on “The Obama Morning News || July 5, 2011”

  1. It boggles my mind that people actually go to Bill Clinton for political advice. The guy is a disgrace to the office of president who was impeached by the House. Why he never served jail time for doing something far worse than Martha Stewart ever did is beyond my comprehension. That the MSM thinks he’s some kind of sage who will determine who the Republican nominee will be is a pretty sad state of affairs. The Democrats and their press corps won’t be choosing our nominee this time around, and I guarantee it won’t be Romney. Doesn’t matter how much money the guy collects from his fellow progressives.

  2. It doesn’t bode too well for the NEA if they only realized that their money and influence should be used on a local and state level.
    At some point, intelligent public service union members must realize that they’re being paid and supported by the sacrifices of their neighbors.

    Thinking about the men who would be our FirstDude should a woman be elected POTUS brings some interesting questions to consider:
    would the FirstDude live in the WH if he had business interests in another state, or
    would our StateDinners turn into steak&potato fests washed down with an assortment of local and imported beer, or
    would SuperBowlSunday be declared a national holiday, or.

    1. The NEA is in trouble when they throw their support behind a candidate so early in the game. No surprise they are supporting Obama, just surprised that they are in the tank so early.

      Wow srdem, that is something I never thought of. Steak and potatoes with a beer chaser will definitely be showing up more often on the WH menu. It doesn’t matter to me if the First Dude runs his private business out of the WH, as long as he doesn’t try to tell me what to eat or how to raise my children, and proves to the rest of DC how economical teleconferences can be.

      Was listening to some Democrat pundit on Fox saying that a Republican woman has no chance of winning the presidency. The guy claims the Democrat party is responsible for women’s rights so the first woman president will be from that party. That is pretty funny considering the women running (or considering running) for president have been very successful in blazing their own trail without any “help” from the nanny state Democrats.

  3. By the way, while POTUS et FLOTUS were whupping it up with the decorated vets, Bushie was on a grueling three-day bike ride with Wounded Warriors in their protheses and other parapphernalia, all laughing and joking. Bret Baier was there and remarked to Bush that HE, Bret, had finished and that Bush had set the bar low…”Yeah, I did,” the former president laughed. It was funny–and genuine.

    1. Thank you for that news Star. Didn’t watch Fox as much as usual because of the Anthony trial coverage. Bush made some mistakes in his presidency, but he does love America and her people. He proves that by keeping involved with our military heroes.

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