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Mexico Wants to Prosecute Obama Officials

And who can blame them? The ATF and the Justice Department sent a whole bunch of cocaine and guns into their country as part of the Fast and Furious sting operation, and the whole thing has added to the death and mayhem South of the Border.

Of course, as Ed Morrissey points out in Hot Air, where I found this one, Mexican officials don’t exactly have a moral high ground to stand on, given the corruption within their government. But for the officials there sincerely trying to prosecute the war on drugs, this has to be a real downer. They deserve better from us.

Of course, they won’t get to hold any Americans accountable. We can only hope that we will.

6 Responses to Mexico Wants to Prosecute Obama Officials

  1. Obama and Holder can try to sweep the deaths of two American border enforcement officers under the rug, but this is a bigger cover-up than Watergate. Wouldn’t be surprised if Hillary was in on it too. I recall her blaming US for gun deaths in Mexico not so long ago. Wouldn’t be surprised if this program played a part in some well planned scheme to force a crisis and impose gun laws. Hard to complete a coup when the populous is armed.

    Since the DOJ is involved in this case, do you know what it takes to get a special investigator appointed to look into Fast and Furious (aka Project Gunrunner)? Everyone involved in the planning and coordination of this heinous program needs to go to jail.

  2. Aww, Mexico is angry because Mexicans bought guns in the US so that they could kill each over in Mexico’s territorial drug wars. We’re supposed to believe that before this illegal gun sale of about 1,500 units of firepower, the drug cartels were forced to hurl insults at each other since they didn’t have access to any weapons.

    Who have we become that we allow a leader of a foreign nation to demand anything from us , that he would be allowed to berate our border security measures and our desire to deport illegal aliens back to their homeland and our leaders say nothing.
    We allow our industries to relocate in Mexico to practically enslave a working class. Our political leaders pretend not to see that employers across our county want, need, to have a tier of low level employees who will work for miniscule wages for backbreaking jobs. The DREAM act supporters and the amnesty rabblerousers are not friends or protectors of the illegal aliens; they are aiming for another class of union dues-payers and voters.
    Mexico can pretend they’re fighting the drug wars or the proliferation of drugs but it’s all a lie; they depend on this money to prop up their lousy economy.
    Our government should insist that Mexico turn over all the drug dealers that are flooding our cities and destroying our people.

  3. what do you mean we won’t hold anyone accountable? First of all, they will blame Bush. Secondly, because of all those illegal guns coming from the USA, it is just further proof we have to ban the sale of dangerous weapons in this country. Finally, the ATF whistleblowers will be held accountable.

  4. Yes, what the Obama administration did is very wrong. But until Mexico takes millions of their ILLEGAL immigrants inside the US back, I have NO sympathy. ILLEGAL Mexicans kill Americans every single day, not to mention all of the expense and chaos they bring.