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Pilot Wanders into Obama Air Space

Seems some witless pilot nearly flew over Camp David where Obama and family are staying. Nice to see they were able to scramble an F-15 so fast. I do wonder what the plan was if bonehead somehow didn’t get the message.

I drove Friday with my family by Catoctin Mountain in Maryland, where Camp David is located, but no F-15’s were alerted.

From the Associated Press.

A two-seat plane had to be escorted to the ground by an F-15 fighter after straying into a restricted zone around Camp David in Maryland. President Barack Obama is spending most of the Fourth of July weekend with his family there.

Authorities tried to contact the plane via radio Saturday, but it did not respond. It was intercepted about 1:20 p.m. about six miles from Camp David and escorted to Hagerstown, Md., where it landed.

A spokeswoman for the North American Aerospace Defense Command, Capt. Angela Young, said the plane was flying from Salisbury, Md. The pilot was met by local law enforcement after landing in Hagerstown.

Secret Service spokesman Ed Donovan says the pilot was interviewed and authorities determined it was an accident.


21 Responses to Pilot Wanders into Obama Air Space

  1. So how does a F-15 fighter jet plane that flys at a zillion miles an hour escort a small propeller-type plane to the ground?
    The civilian pilot “accidently” flew into a restricted area going where?
    The story doesn’t make sense.

    The MSM never tells the whole story, never seems to question the information they’re given and leaves us to find out on our own what really happened or how any action was resolved.
    When they give us “news” with the “nothing to see here, move along” and think that we’re buying it like it was still 1960, they’re so wrong.

    • It’s just woods and mts…when you get near Camp David, you see fences, wire, etc. I could see some weekend pilot putt-putting around there like an idiot–your idea of how a fighter could “accompany” is interesting… I guess just radio, threaten, make an appearance, and wait until the schlub moved into an approved area or landed.

  2. Will BO get in an early golf game before the Fourth of July festivites? My guess is yes. Or will he helicopter back early today to play? That would look bad. I’m assuming Camp David doesn’t have a course but they do have a driving range and putting green I believe.

    • GJ – there is a driving range near helicopter landing and a single golf hole with several tees. From the looks of his swing on your “Presidental Walk” video, he could use the practice before he shuts down a military course on Independence Day weekend. Let the heroes play.

  3. Right after 9/11, early one morning I heard a jet very low coming right over me. My home just shook. It was dark and all I could see were the bright red circles from the engines. Turned out that a plane entered US space without permission and was forced to land at a small airport. They were bringing in an organ for transplant. The Gov. had to give it permission to fly and it was escorted into Seattle. They just don’t mess around if you are flying where you are not allowed to fly.

  4. I guess he’ll miss his daughter’s 13th birthday. From the comments at his press conference last week he already thinks she’s 13. You know it’s hard to remember medal of honor recipients, you kid’s birthday when you have a mind that’s a steel trap.

    • Did he leave the family at Camp David? If so, I feel so sorry for the young girl who won’t have her Dad with her on her 13th birthday. There is no reason for him to come back ahead of time. When was this Independence Day party planned anyway? You’d think he would have the decency to let the WH employees have the day off to celebrate our independence with their families and spend a little time with his daughter on her big day.

      • Malia’s birthday is tommorrow so she and the rest of the family will be back for the Fourth of July festivities.

        Yes, he did come back by himself to do what? Work? lol

        He did the samething last time he was at Camp David only to play golf.
        I’ll bet he’ll be playing golf tommorrow but tonight he’s having a batchlor party after he reads his ten daily letters from the “folks”.

        • How more irresponsible can this man possibly be? He cares not one whit about the extra expense involved in toting he and his family around separately. We’re all going to hell in a handbasket and he needs his alone time to party like a rock star.

          As much as this fellow lies, he probably doesn’t even read letters at all. Just has his speech writers keep up with them so he has a story to tell the small people.