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Obama Campaign Grabs More Than 475,000 Donors

In an email to me titled “Thank You,” Obama campaign manager Jim Messina let me know that the campaign had racked up more than 475,000 contributors in its first quarter of its existence – the second quarter of 2011. No word yet on the money, which is expected to exceed the $60 million goal.

The are a couple of things to say about this.

First of all, I’m the wrong person to thank, though I do appreciate it.

Second, the campaign set a goal of 450,000 contributors. Usually, when a campaign sets a goal, they make it artificially way low and then come in way above it and exclaim, “Oh my goodness, who could have known??” So, they didn’t eclipse their “goal” by too much.

That said, it’s seems like an impressive number to me. It’s more than donated to the Obama campaign during all of 2007, as Obama Fever began to take hold.

But it is also the result of a relentless grass roots campaign and a tacky raffle of dinner with the president that featured an illegal – as far as I’m concerned, though I’m not a lawyer – pitch from the White House Map Room, which is clearly a place where official work is done. Whether Obama can maintain and increase such enthusiasm before the general election moves into full swing is not clear.

I assume the number would have been a bit higher had Obama not suddenly included Biden in the dinner, which probably drove a significant number of potential raffle participants away. Biden is tough to listen to and seems like the type that might start eating off your plate.

BTW, Obama raised more than $1.2 million at two fundraisers in Philadelphia Thursday night just before the midnight deadline for the quarter.

19 Responses to Obama Campaign Grabs More Than 475,000 Donors

  1. A massive bank of political donations won’t give this candidate anything positive to bring to the electorate. His only campaign theme will be what he can do in the future and Repubs are bad. That won’t work this time.
    We know what this President is all about and we don’t like it, don’t want it and want to erase everything he’s done.

    No matter how slick the campaign ads, how inspiring the speeches, on election day there will be Obama/the other guy and the other guy will win.

  2. I don’t understand the reporting of fundraising efforts. I mean, I know it has to be done quarterly, but just how honest is it? And how honest does it have to be? Does the FEC, or anybody, ever audit the reports or is it all honor system stuff? I mean, the FEC can refer campaign reporting violations to the DOJ, but will the DOJ ever really do anything with it if it makes the sitting president look bad (especially the Holder DOJ)?

  3. Here’s a number that their campaign should be worried about.

    I check the like and dislikes numbers on You Tube for WH videos.

    At what one time the likes were 10 to 1 in favor of the President.

    I haven’t checked his weekly address but for White House Week it’s
    202 likes, 208 dislikes.

    It means there is a quiet ground swell against obama.
    His opposition is extremely motivated.

  4. I’m to assume that this is impressive. As far as buying a ticket for lunch with them, I’ll save that money. I’d pay a whole lot more to have lunch with the likes of yourself, Carl Rove, Ryan Mauro, Rep. Ryan or others that I would actually realize the benefit of at least some worthwhile knowledge. A fool and his money are easily parted. That’s not my quote.

  5. Wonder if the 450K contributors includes those who entered the illegal raffle without making a donation. Bet there were quite a few of those. I agree with srdem. All the money in the world isn’t going to buy him another term in office when he has lost the confidence of the electorate. We don’t like his idea of fundamental transformation.

      • Susan, the video that made you famous has had 18,000 views. It was featured on Fox Nation.

        There have been only a couple of really weak negative responses.
        Someone questioned the accuracy of your lists. lol. I responded to that one. I won’t respond to the most recent negative comment because when I respond to a comment it pushes the comment to the top so why give them that status. I’d love for someone else to respond though.

        I’ve only had to remove a couple of comments out of 93 that used the n word or were vile. That happens frequently. It’s You Tube.

        • Guess it’s about time for me to create a You Tube account ;-)

          That is fantastic that your video is getting so much play. Your talent is what made the video famous, the lists are so boring on their own.

          • That would be great. If you register, please rate it because it must have found its way onto some liberal website where it’s being down rated.. If they down rate it too much I’ll just disable the ratings. It’s used as one of the criteria for You Tube searches as well as views.

          • Granny Jan and Susan, I applaud you both. Great video. Oh, what an empty suit he is. Ridicule is such a magnificent weapon and you use it so well. Do you sense that the media is slowly turning against him ?

          • Created an account, rated the video, and commented but no evidence of it this morning. I’ll figure this out eventually. At least I now have one friend on You Tube :)

            Thank you Swedish lady. My contribution was a pittance. Granny Jan’s choice of music and graphics are what made the video effective.

          • It was there but the crank came back and posted more talking points garbage and said once again that Obama was a workaholic because he went to TWO fundraisers in one night. I blocked and deleted her so in the process I deleted your responses to her, too.

            I don’t let them hijack and waste peoples times if they continually do this. That’s why You Tube gave me the delete button:)

  6. To many lies, spins and attempts at misdirection when he is caught red handed. I to believe the raffle ad was illegal in the filming location. Will the FEC look at it, probably not. He seems to slid on everything else.